Sunday 8 February 2015

C27 And C38 Chaos Beastmen Painting Continues

Hi, today we have more C27 BeastmenC38 Beastmen and  CH4 Chaos Beastmen fantastic old school miniatures from the 1980's, see more on the pre-slotta miniatures over at the Collecting Citadel miniatures wiki. I am really enjoying painting these miniatures with the goal of having a 'true' beastman regiment their variety and concepts are wonderful, some silly but I am hooked and have amassed quite a backlog of these miniatures to paint so keep your eye on this blog for more to come.

C27 Carrion Man, CH4 Lash, C27 Skarrim
C27(?) Sheep/Lamb Man, C38 Beastman, C38 Slug Man

First we have C27 Carrion Man a truly hideous miniature, a variation of an old Runequest Broo miniature, he will be going in  the front rank and I would like to thanks Jason Gill for this trade directly through the blog, a true trader, fair and honest.  While painting this miniature I noticed he is sporting ancient Spanish Celt-Iberian headgear, I know this as I have painted 100's of ancients over the years.  Those Rhea feet look mean too, +1 attack?

Carrion man - front
Carrion Man - back

Next we have 'Skarrim' another C27 Beastman from the Third Citadel compedium, this one is brutally armed with two meat-cleavers, dogged faced drooling for blood definitely a follower of Khorne, Beastman berzerker anyone?  I think this may be another Kevin Adams sculpt.

Skarrim - front
Skarrim - back
Next we have C38 Beastmen Slug man another revolting creature who seems to have his previous head of a man in his chest. There is another slug man in this range.

Slug Man - front
Slug Man - side
Slug Man - side
Now we have a later CH4 Chaos Beastman 'Lash', it's nice to see a bow armed Beastman, I have several of these to mix into my regiment.

Lash - front
Lash - back

Back to C38 Beastmen we have 'Beastman', a very old miniature, I am not sure what sort of beast he was supposed to be mixed with, you decide.  He has a Warhammer tucked in his belt and a very nice shield with a demon head as the boss and screaming faces around the rim. i have seen another variant of this miniature with a different head, which seems to be the case for a lot of this range.

Beastman - front
Beastman - side showing off his shield

Now we have my mystery Beastman, I said on the Oldhammer FB group that I think it is Kevin Adams sculpt as the armour markings are identical to this C27 Boarman's, it also small chaos star on his armour, here is my painted version, I pondered on what animal he could be mixed with and settled on a Sheep. I have not found him in any early catalogue of the age but he did appear later here.

Sheepman or Lambman?
Sheepman - other side

Orlygg's took a photo of some of Chaos Thugs in Bryan Ansell's Miniature Collection and amongst them were lots of miniatures not from the Chaos range one example was the Wood Elf Champion with axe and Orc head, I love this miniature and it never occurred to me that he would make an excellent Chaos Thug so I got him out of storage and painted him for my Thug regiment. Pale skin and pink hair a perfect thug of Slaanesh.

Wood Elf Chaos Thug

Remember If you have any old beastmen doubles contact me and we may be able to trade, a couple of peeps have already. :)

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Friday 6 February 2015

Identity Parade Post 1

Hi Folks,
Fun post today while I am still basing some classic citadel for my next big Chaos Beastman post, I was inspired by the many posts I see on the Facebook wargames trading type groups, you know the sort "can you identify these miniatures for me, oh and tell me their value, oh and now I know what they are worth do you fancy giving me Ebay 'buy it now' prices for them" :D  Anyway joking aside they are not for sale or trade.  My painting time is severely restricted now due to our new baby in the house and I tend to only paint things that warm my heart like classic citadel miniatures from my teenage years.  I started collecting miniatures when I was eleven years old after becoming bored with plastic Airfix, Matchbox, etc and seeing all the exciting D&D stuff that was coming out at the time and over the years I have acquired, traded, inherited and sold a lot of miniatures but I always tend to hang on to interesting miniatures hoping to strip and paint one day, thirty two years on and I was looking through some stored boxes of sci-fi miniatures for some Confrontation miniatures and I thought I wonder who made and sculpted this one and so on and so on.  So if you fancy identifying any of these miniatures be my guest, it's for fun and credits will go photos later to those who do and if it generates some interest another post will follow. I do remember some of the manufacturers but some have got me stumped.  I am sure all these will be heading for the Dettol one day.

A very old miniature, true 25mm

Thanks to Mark Elster on the FB Oldhammer group for identifying the Droids as Denizen miniatures.

Perfect proxies for Piscean Warriors
Thanks to Jonas at deathworldadventures blog for identifying these as Saurian troops from Folio Works High Command sculpted by Bob Olley.

Terminator type robots
Jonas again identifying these nightmarish robots from Legions of Steel boardgame.

Thanks to KayDubstep4 for identifying these as Bobby Jackson Miniatures Thugs

I saved this guy to use as a Commissar
Jonas identifies another Folio Works High Command miniature.

An inhabitant of the wastes
Thanks to Jonas and Colin Murray for identifying this one as an ex-Grenadier minature now EM4 Miniatures Savages sculpted by Mark Copplestone.

I saved these to use as Judge Dredd Perps one day
True 25mm ship crew
Plenty of clues in this photo
Colin  and KayDubstep4 identified the old Citadel Confrontation Hunter gang miniatures but the jury is out on who sculpted them at the moment.

a bit of a mix here
Jonas and KayDubstep4  identified the 2nd mininature and 4th miniature as from as  EM4 Miniatures Future Skirmish range and the pink lady is from Spacelords.

and here
And more EM4 Miniatures Future Skirmish range in here I think not sure which ones though, number 2 is another Bobby Jackson Miniatures ThugKayDubstep4 comes in again with the evil Clown as Mirliton cyberpunk miniatures.

I hope you enjoy

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