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Sunday 19 June 2022

Rogue Trader Medics and Casualties - Part 1

Hello and welcome back, todays post is part one of a Oldhammer project I keep coming back to featuring Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader era medics and the casualty miniatures from the various Imperial ranges that I think marry up nicely with these miniatures.  I am lucky enough to still own all these miniatures from back in the day although I did have to source one rare missing part and have a bit of stripping still to do, read on if you want to know more.

First batch - Rogue Trader Medics and a Squat casualty

A couple of medic miniatures appeared in initial 1987 Space Marine, Imperial Army miniature ranges and plenty of casualty miniatures in the above ranges and Squat ranges then in White Dwarf 102 June 1988 we were treated to a brilliant 'Index Astartes' Medics article on page 71 and a beautiful accompanying RT701 Medics range. The Dave Gallagher's art in the article was awe-inspiring and I think you really feel the gravity of the situation the medics are in and this really sealed the deal for me I was sold.

White Dwarf 102 - Dave Gallagher - Medics in action

The article also gave us Dave Andrew's imperial codex colour schemes for imperial forces, giving plenty of ideas of where we could go with our miniatures, back in the day I did Mentors Legion, Crimson Fists, 1st Regiment and Iron Hands. 
Imperial codex schemes

The miniatures I am aiming to paint in this project are pictured below, there are couple more prone miniatures I have that appear uncatalogued but not rare a common thing for the time. I have purposely omitted all the miniatures with bandages, etc as they are walking wounded who still have some fight in them and will be included in other projects so prone wounded only for this project.

Rogue Trader era Medics and Casualties I aim to paint 

First up we have '04 Marine' from the RT701 Medics range, released in 1988's White Dwarf 102 and I think he may have been sculpted by Mark Copplestone.  

Now when I originally bought these medics I checked all the blister packs on the wall in Games Workshop Birmingham and none had the medics banner present but I was so excited to get hold of these I purchased them anyway.  While trying to finish off my Rogue Trader era collection a years ago I thought I would keep an eye out for this very hard to find item, 7 years later I spotted one and snapped it up. The banner required a lot of restoration and I made it more robust with a steel pole and I kept the off centre placing like the adverts marines banner.

I painted the medic up as a Flesh Tearers to fit in with my other Space Marine project, the colour scheme I made up, not sure what the codex scheme is . I have decided for this project to paint what I felt was medical equipment in a light teal to give it a medical identity similar to what is available in todays medical industry and for the supply packs, pockets, pouches, etc I painted white to stand out.  This ranges miniatures all featured an imperial version of the medical symbol 'caduceus' on their shoulder pads, the banner and on their headgear the Laurus nobilis wreath, a symbol of their gained knowledge.

RT701 Space Marine Medic 04 - front

RT701 Space Marine Medic 04 - back

RT701 Space Marine Medic 04 - Imperial Caduceus

RT701 Space Marine Medic 04 - helmet laurus nobilis wreath symbol

Following on we have 2 Squat Medics again from the RT701 Medics range and this time I believe sculpted by the Perry Twins. 

Here we have 'Squat 07', again I made up my own colour scheme, I gave him a red drinkers nose as copious alcohol consumption is required to cope in his battlefield role and I continued the light teal equipment theme on his cute Squat sized chainsword. He is a member of the 2nd Regiment and the badges number from 2nd Edition Imperial Guard decals which I trimmed the surrounding circle off and placed on a blue and yellow background. One of the details I love about these squats is they have medical backpack with screen and a device that might be a defibrillator or just a microphone.

RT701 Squat Medic 07 - front

RT701 Squat Medic 07 - front

RT701 Squat Medic 07 - Imperial caduceus and laurel wreath detail

And Now we have 'Squat 07', again I have gone for the reddened face and the insignia of the 2nd Regiment, this wears a cap and carries a lasgun, I gave this one white body armour and painted up the backpack the same as Squat 06.

RT701 Squat Medic 06 - front

RT701 Squat Medic 06 - back

RT701 Squat Medic 06 - Imperial caduceus

Next we have an Iron Claw squat casualty, if it is indeed Iron Claw it was of course sculpted by Bob Olley it's certainly his style, I couldn't find this one in the catalogues but I have a couple so I am not saying it's a rarity, he has your typical prone casualty back, flat, blank with a Games Workshop date stamp like the majority of the casualty miniatures.  He appears to have been shot in the shoulder pad and is lying there waiting for medical attention grimacing.  I made some little discarded bandages for his base with tissue paper and pva taking inspiration from photos of Vietnam medics I had seen who in the mayhem littered the battlefield with used medical items.

I might retake this photo, prone miniatures can be difficult.

Iron Claw Squat Casualty

I have included in this project a Rogue Trader style fan sculpt Space Marine Terminator Apothecary as it scales perfectly the Space Marine Terminators of the time, these miniatures were available as part of a 5 man set which included a Chaplain, Apothecary, Heavy Plasma gunner and other cool options and could be acquired through a Facebook group but I think no longer available.  I had to paint this miniature as quick as possible it was lovely and I found the concept of a Terminator Medic interesting.

This miniature is a really clean and highly detailed resin cast and underarm part has the Narthecium with Reductor, a combo drill/chainsaw for puncturing power armour and harvesting a fallen marines Progenoid Gland connecting to vials around his waist and a light on the hood of his armour.  I kept with my Flesh Tearers theme so painted him red and black, I sourced a 3d print Terminator shoulder icon from my usual provider mars_forges on eBay and used a 'The Mighty Brush' Not Flesh Tearers Blood drop buzzsaw decal, I highly recommend these, superb quality.

Space Marine Terminator Apothecary medic - front

Space Marine Terminator Apothecary medic - side

Space Marine Terminator Apothecary medic - back

Space Marine Terminator Apothecary medic - side

Fan Sculpt Rogue Trader style Terminator squad

Fan Sculpt size comparisons

Design Art was by @spevna give him a follow on Twitter

Fan sculpt Terminator Chaplain Art

Fan Sculpt Apothecary Art

Thanks for dropping in, part 2 will be in a while, something different next time.

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Iron Claw - Squat Hovercar

Hello, quick post today of a rarely seen painted Oldhammer miniature and today it's the Citadel Miniatures Iron Claw Squat Hovercar, this miniature was sculpted by Bob Olley and was a limited edition released back in 1987

I painted this one up back in the day with enamels, solid gun metal car and a colourful Squat so It was nice to revisit it and so I got down to stripping it for a repaint. For the hovercar I went for a Vallejo medium grey which looks like a nice light brown colour this was easy to wash and pick out the details of this tiny miniature, I painted squat bold so he stood out from the car and really enjoyed painting the control panel, it is a beautifully sculpted miniature but a challenge to paint the biggest brush I used was a 0/3.

Squat Dakka Dakka?

Squat Hovercar - side

Squat Hovercar - top

Squat Hovercar - controls

Squat Hovercar - side

The hover car is also used as the cockpit of the Iron Claw Roborg with modifications to fit the gun and arms into, the Iron Claw Megabot shares arms and legs with the Roborg, the modular nature of these miniatures appeals to me and had me daydreaming of building a Squat Roborgtm.

Space Ork Mechs on the loft floor

Space Dwarf Roborg anyone?

I should also mention that I am sure I saw this labelled as a 'Gnome Cloud Car' back in the day which makes sense as the miniature is tiny even for squat standards, I can't remember where though but it was either a blister or a flyer, digging deeper I found evidence that it was actually sold and packaged in blisters as a 'TSF20 - Halfling Cloud Car' see photo below.

TSF20 - Halfling Cloud Car

With the new rumours of Squats making a comeback it makes me happy that squats will some classic flying firepower to support the infantry :D

thanks for reading

Thursday 21 September 2017

Rogue Trader - Mercenaries

Hello, with the good wife still away in NYC I am making the most of the painting and blogging time, you will not see this much activity a week from now so lap it up my friends.

As you know I completed my first major project sometime ago, I have still got finish it off some proper photography on this project but it is done, it's sister project was the RT502 - Mercenaries and although I cherry picked and painted 'Old World Jack' and 'Inquisitor Augustus' some time ago, this small code has been nagging me for some paint for a long time, so I am currently 10 miniatures in to a 16 miniature code, easy eh? funnily enough I do have most of these painted already as Catachan jungle fighters for Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition but I couldn't bothered to strip them as they are half decent may need just a spruce up.

All the RT502 Mercenaries were sculpted by Bob Naismith except 'Shorty' and 'Iron Bonce the squat' (not sure when?) and released in White dwarf 95 in 1987 thanks to Axiom's blog post which confirms these are Bob's sculpts, I have used plenty of greys on these guy's to make them look like Imperial Army deserters and added some variations like Desert uniforms. 

Many of these characters appeared in illustrations in the Rogue Trader Warhammer 40,000 rulebook so where possible I have took a snippet shot of them.

The characters like 'Sarge' Rockhard remind me of the cool characters from films like The Dirty Dozen and Cross of Iron, along with the comics the designers would may have grown up with like Warlord, Battle with their Rat Pack story drawn by Carlos Ezquerra of 2000Ad Judge Dredd fame who appears to often base his main character on James Coburn. I think Colonel Schaeffer's last Chancers are direct descendants of these influences.  

Anyway onto the miniatures, enjoy!

First up we have a much loved miniature 'WorldBurner' illustrated in the Rogue Trader Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (and somewhere else I think), appears to have some sort of assault uniform and weapon.

Worldburner - front

Worldburner - back

Worldburner - RT Rulebook page 172

Worldburner - RT Rulebook page 126

Next up we have 'Plundering Pete', same uniform as Worldburner, maybe some sort of ranking on the shoulder of his bandolier, I painted him up as a renegade Tallarn guardsman.
Plundering Pete - front

Plundering Pete - back

Is this Pete - RT Rulebook page 109
More Pete from the RT Rulebook

'Abbadon' is a repurposed miniature and first appeared on 1st Flyer March 1987 as a 'Ground Combat Trooper' but it as this miniature is tagged IPC and dated 1985 so it fairly obvious from appearance that this miniature is a Rogue trooper Souther that never made into the '8' miniature JD10 & 11 code. It's not the best sculpt so I don't know if that was the problem or that the code could not be an odd number for packing purposes, JD10 & 11 are both 4 distinct characters.

Abbadon/Souther - front

Abbadon/Souther - back

Next we have 'Mad Morris' storming ahead with his Lasgun, I had to do this one in Imperial Army colours, dynamic pose, his outfit quite typical of the Imperial Army so definitely a deserter.

Mad Morris - front

Mad Morris - back

'Hacker Harris' really reminds me of Philthy Animal from the heavy metal band Motorhead, with his wild hair and cut off jacket, he appears to have the same head as the Space Marine Captain Huron Grimm the face of this miniature was tough to paint you really need a bendy brush and a dentist mirror to get into the eyes due to the positioning of the head.

Hacker Harris - front

Mad Morris - back

'Space-dout Sam' is a 1st Flyer March 1987 miniature 'Imperial Heavy Infantry' that like the others didn't fit with the direction the Imperial Army was going in so found it's way into the Mercenary code, he has heavy battle armour with side deflector shields and a really great sculpted on flight pack which was a joy to paint.

Space-Dout Sam/Imperial Heavy Infantry - front

Space-Dout Sam/Imperial Heavy Infantry - back

'Sarge Rockhard', who appears to have the same head as 'Plundering Pete', uniform reminds me of the Chainsaw Warrior so I went for a similar colour scheme, I really had to fight the temptation to paint him with a cheesey 'The Sweeney' Robbers mask.

'Sarge' Rockhard - front

'Sarge' Rockhard - back

'Sarge' Rockhard - RT Rulebook page 221

'Iron Bonce' the squat, another 1st Flyer March 1987 miniature first labelled as 'Space Dwarf' encased in a full battle armour together with flight or power pack (whichever you prefer), what's not to love about this miniature, although the first wave of squats are cute, I wish more of these were made, maybe it is proto exo-armour he is wearing?, it's much nicer than the horrid fantasy squat exo-armour of later years. Note he has the 'M' insignia that appears on several Rogue Trader miniatures and may have it roots in 2000AD's Rogue Trooper.

Iron Bonce the Squat - front

Iron Bonce the Squat - back
Iron Bonce - RT Rulebook page 59

Pirate is another 1st Flyer March 1987 miniature but this time the sculptor has removed the sword and scabbard of the C Series Fighter 'Cedric' and replaced it with one of the weapons used on the citadel Judge Dredd ranges, this miniature never got reproduced anywhere else. I went for the glam look of the 1980 Flash Gordon movie, reds and golds complement his camp outfit.

1st Flyer Pirate - side

1st Flyer Pirate - other side

1st Flyer Pirate - front

Thanks for looking I hope you enjoyed, all comments mean a lot to me