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Friday 18 September 2020

IC301 - Iron Claw Pirates Part 7

Hello again, today I proud to announce another of my Oldhammer projects has been completed, if you are a follower you will know this one has been a slow burner, it probably didn't help that I recently traded the Iron Claw Space Pirate 'Venk' away as I thought I had a double so had to track that miniature down again. This post features the last two pirates of the IC301 Space Pirates 'Vaal the Asharian' and 'Venk'.
Iron Claw Space Pirates - Complete

First up is 'Vaal the Asharian', a fierce looking alien miniature, I really enjoyed painting this guy with is ugly features augmented with cybernetics, wires and a bionic eye, it was a fun.
Vaal the Asharian - side

Vaal the Asharian - back

Vaal the Asharian - side

Vaal the Asharian - front

And finally we have the elusive 'Venk', this miniature like others looking like soldiers is tagged as 'Trooper' which got me thinking were they proof of concept candidate for the Imperial Army range which didn't fit, well he is very militaristic in a paratrooper jumpsuit, I have always thought Citadel just crowbarred some of Bob Olley's sculpts into other ranges, the IC2003 Jump Troops tagged as Astronaut spring to mind.  With all that in mind I went for a  military colour scheme

Venk - front

Venk - back

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Thanks for dropping in.

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Iron Claw - Squat Hovercar

Hello, quick post today of a rarely seen painted Oldhammer miniature and today it's the Citadel Miniatures Iron Claw Squat Hovercar, this miniature was sculpted by Bob Olley and was a limited edition released back in 1987

I painted this one up back in the day with enamels, solid gun metal car and a colourful Squat so It was nice to revisit it and so I got down to stripping it for a repaint. For the hovercar I went for a Vallejo medium grey which looks like a nice light brown colour this was easy to wash and pick out the details of this tiny miniature, I painted squat bold so he stood out from the car and really enjoyed painting the control panel, it is a beautifully sculpted miniature but a challenge to paint the biggest brush I used was a 0/3.

Squat Dakka Dakka?

Squat Hovercar - side

Squat Hovercar - top

Squat Hovercar - controls

Squat Hovercar - side

The hover car is also used as the cockpit of the Iron Claw Roborg with modifications to fit the gun and arms into, the Iron Claw Megabot shares arms and legs with the Roborg, the modular nature of these miniatures appeals to me and had me daydreaming of building a Squat Roborgtm.

Space Ork Mechs on the loft floor

Space Dwarf Roborg anyone?

I should also mention that I am sure I saw this labelled as a 'Gnome Cloud Car' back in the day which makes sense as the miniature is tiny even for squat standards, I can't remember where though but it was either a blister or a flyer, digging deeper I found evidence that it was actually sold and packaged in blisters as a 'TSF20 - Halfling Cloud Car' see photo below.

TSF20 - Halfling Cloud Car

With the new rumours of Squats making a comeback it makes me happy that squats will some classic flying firepower to support the infantry :D

thanks for reading

Sunday 29 March 2020

IC301 - Iron Claw Pirates Part 6

Hello, I revisited a stalled oldhammer project this week with the current lockdown in progress I managed to complete Psycho, Nixan and Pop Stewart from the 1987 IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirate range, this was a difficult post to complete as two of miniatures were a struggle to paint, they just didn't bring much to the party for me.

Only one more to finish and that's another range complete so stay tuned for 'Venk' who will be coming soon... when I bloody find him in lead pile, praying I haven't mistakenly traded him.

Psycho, Nixan and Pop Stewart

First up is 'Pop Stewart' who to me is an Amos Brearly lookalike and had me chuckling and muttering "nay, nay Mr Wilks!" while painting him, apart from the face I found this is an unexciting miniature and quite a basic sculpt, I find the eyes on Bob Olley sculpts can be bit all over the place which was the case here. I went for a blue colour scheme and painted the assault rifle with wooden components.
Pop Stewart - side

Pop Stewart - front

Pop Stewart - back

Next up is 'Psycho' armed with a machine gun which I am sure it one of Judge Dredd sculptor aids, this miniature has a nicely sculpted head, facial features and Rambo headband and again apart from the head quite a basic flat sculpt.
Psycho - side

Psycho - front

Psycho - back

Finally we have 'Nixan', I never owned this miniature back in the day and had great difficulty acquiring it and when I did my first impressions were that it was a flat and disappointing sculpt, when looking at the original Iron Claw Space Pirate advert I could never work out what was going on with him but when I finally had in my hands it looked like a sort of space arab, it wasn't until I was well into the paint job it started to appear as a space viking which ties in with a lot of features on some of the other miniatures of this range, more space viking raiders than pirates.  In the end I was really pleased with how this miniature turned out and unlike the other two in this post and will be proud to place in the cabinet with the rest of this range.
Nixan - front
Nixan - back

So that's it for todays post, one more to do for this project. Something special coming soon.

Friday 13 December 2019

IC301 - Iron Claw Pirates Part 5

Greetings, our recent house move is complete and painting projects are recommencing, various boxes of Oldhammer are being raided in loft on a daily basis.

I did eventually manage to finish 3 more of Bob Olley's 1988 IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates miniatures, only 4 miniatures to paint which I might add are half done and that will be another miniature range complete.  

The latest trio

Here's what I have done so far if you have not been following:

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Today's first miniature is Captain Dunbar, this sculpt is really nice, I like the helmet of this miniature and again I have went for a Volgan helmet in the same vein of Attitude Gorman, the weapon is really nice, I went for striped pantaloons in true pirate captain fashion. 

Captain Dunbar - front
Captain Dunbar - side

Captain Dunbar - back

Next we have Zandar, another strange alien, paint job I went for blue skin again being faithful to the original advent in the Book of Astronomican and shades of blue clothing, I love this ones gun and I am sure his weapon is a miniaturised version of Nemesis the Warlock or his living symbiotic vehicle Blitzspear both are very similar depending on which art you look at and both spit fire from their mouth grill, everything 2000ad was very popular with Game Workshop staff at the time and I like to think this was a little nod to it.

Zandar - front

Zandar - back


Nemesis the Warlock

And finally we have Verrington Khosht again an alien, in typical Bob Olley fashion he has sculpted a bizarre wrinkly extra-terrestrial head, nice body armour and a bolter type gun with attached combat blade, a common feature on these space pirates is having a hose attached to a pouch on the characters back leading back to the gun.  I went for a lucid green skill tone, natural tone armour scheme.

Verrington Khosht - front
Verrington Khosht - back

Work in progress pictures #IronClaw plus other wonderful stuff from other #Oldhammer tweeters can be found on my Twitter feed get following.


Wednesday 27 March 2019

IC301 - Iron Claw Pirates Part 4

Hello again, much Oldhammer littering my workstation as well lots of 'Newhammer' (is that even a thing?).  Now I am really loving the miniatures being released for Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress and am slowly working on these in the little spare time I have.  Lots of this modern plastic 'tat' will be shared on this blog soon.

I did eventually manage to finish another 1988 IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates miniature and here he is, still have four more on the go, only one miniature outstanding on the entire range.  Work in progress pictures can be found on my Twitter feed.

Here's what I have done so far if you have not been following:

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Today's miniature is another Bob Olley fan favourite 'Nightwing', one of two human cyborgs in the range, Loritta (Cyber Girl) being the other one.

Nightwing looks like he has been through the wars and these have left him with a cyborg torso, a head with cool eye grills and mechanical left arm. I went for camouflage with squares (multi-scale?) on his lower armour pieces, he is also armed with the same gun as 'Little Rico' a sort of pseudo plasma gun.

The back of the miniature is a pretty basic sculpt with a cloak that has what looks like jester dangly bits, I am sure there a practical reason for them?? I was really excited about painting this miniature but that didn't continue I felt the sculpt was a bit flat. The miniature is tagged as 'trooper'.

I used Games Workshop's Barbed Bracken on base painted in a variety of colours, I have always tried to make my bases as generic as possible, one so not to take the attention off the miniature and two to help the miniature fit in with any game but lately I have been really impressed with the new basing kits so I couldn't resist adding a bit here and there, the box of Games Workshop's Skulls is one of my favourites.

IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates 'Nightwing' - front

IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates 'Nightwing' - side

IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates 'Nightwing' - back
IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates 'Nightwing'

Old photos below.
IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates 'Nightwing' - front

IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates 'Nightwing' - back

Photos trying to get the base in better.
IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates 'Nightwing'

IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates 'Nightwing'

Thanks for stopping by again, I think I'll show you some of my more modern miniatures next time.