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Monday 25 March 2024

Rogue Trader - RT01 Space Marines - Flesh Tearers Part 5

Hello, it feels like I haven't post ages so I had to pull my finger out and get this one finished, my Flesh Tearers Space Marines project was back on the workbench while being constantly interrupted by Oldhammer Citadel C-Series miniatures I am knocking out for our D&D games.

Here's my latest batch of 7 Space Marines.

My latest batch of Flesh Tearer Space Marines

First up we have Brother Sawyer who first appeared in the White Dwarf 100 advert (April 1988) designed by Mark Copplestone and Aly Morrison, in my opinion he is the archetypal Space Marine whose pose is based on the cover of the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook, people still debate the weapon type used by the cover art marine today however the later advert lists him as armed with PowerFist and Hand Flamer, I think it fits.  A plastic banner pole from the later backpack sprue when metal backpacks were being phased out was pinned into place for his Flesh Tearer banner.

Space Marine Brother Sawyer - front

Space Marine Brother Sawyer - side

Space Marine Brother Sawyer - back

Next we have Sgt. Burgess armed with Bolt Pistol again from the White Dwarf 100 advert where he is painted as a Mantis Warrior looking splendid in the green power armour.

Space Marine Sgt. Burgess - front

Space Marine Sgt. Burgess - side

Space Marine Sgt. Burgess - back

Next a decided my chapter needed a Chaplin 410602 from White Dwarf 108, really enjoyed this one, nice cyclops skull on the banner pole.

Space Marine Chaplain 410602 - front

Space Marine Chaplain 410602 - back

As usual I tend to paint every part of a miniature only to then cover up lovely detail with a backpack :D

The back before being covered up by backpack

I followed with a Space Marine bodyguard in a nice guard/at ease pose from the RT105 Imperial Commander set, for some reason I have loads of these so I can imagine the are loads of Commanders out there without a bodyguard, I really must revisit this set.

Space Marine bodyguard - front

Space Marine bodyguard - back

Next I did a Death Eagle marine 410612 from White Dwarf 123 March 1990 in Flesh Tearer colours, another Mark Copplestone sculpt, I wasn't going to do the white and purple colour scheme of the original advert, there's been a lot of speculation on the history of these marines over the years, I am sure I remember them getting an official story in the noughties.

Death Eagle Space Marine 410612 - front

Death Eagle Space Marine 410612 - top

Death Eagle Space Marine 410612 - back

Here we have Brother West with Bolter and Combat blade from White Dwarf 99 advert (March 1988), he is in a good dynamic pose and I love this combat blade much better than the RTB01 chain blade.

Space Marine Brother West - front

Space Marine Brother West - back

And the last Flesh Tearer in this post is a RTB01 Plastic Space Marine, this one was a fun project in itself as I did some extra modelling using Troll Soup OOP Rogue Trader style metal parts, a chainsword, bolt gun and backpack with two mars_forges 3d printed decals, one the chapter icon which I have been using on others where possible and a terminator honours icon, I also built the neck up a bit. I tried to do this RTB01 proud giving him a more detailed paint job as these old plastic lacked all the lovely lines that the metal marines had.

RTB01 Space Marine conversion - front

RTB01 Space Marine conversion - back

RTB01 Space Marine conversion - side

RTB01 Space Marine conversion - side

RTB01 Space Marine conversion - side

Lastly we have a Female Astronaut in power armour a one off fan sculpt from based on the C100 Imperial Space Marines, this was a fun miniature to paint, the backpack was a dream to paint.

Female Astronaut / Femme Marine - front

Female Astronaut / Femme Marine - back

Female Astronaut / Femme Marine - top

My Flesh Tearers are now up to 39 miniatures now, I might have enough for a game now.

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thanks for stopping by.


Friday 24 February 2023

Rogue Trader - RT01 Space Marines - Flesh Tearers Part 4

Hello, welcome to my latest post, this time I am back on my Flesh Tearers Space Marines project, in previous posts I was mainly concentrating on standard bolt gun armed marines with the goal being able to field some traditional looking squads and with that accomplished I went on to pick out a few more interesting marines, the squads need leaders, special and heavy weapons so it seemed the sensible thing to do.  Here my latest 8 Space Marines.

Latest batch of Imperial Space Marines - group 1

Latest batch of Imperial Space Marines - group 2

First up we have the RT6 Marine Heavy Weapon set which was released in 1988, now I have painted this set several times over the years as Crimson Fists, Iron Hands and Space Wolves and still have them in the loft, this time I wanted to do a assembly and paint job, previously this miniature was always wasted, never used as it looked odd in a 2nd/3rd edition squad.  

The marine and Multi Melta on tripod don't fit together great and my originals also looked odd on the Citadel cavalry bases, this time I went for one of the larger Citadel round bases, a photo below shows the massive gap between hand and weapon and I had to insert a small cube of green stuff into the gap and fashion it into a grip to close the gap. I reversed the tripod base as it allow the weapon to be positioned better. I used the Flesh Tearer 3D printed decals from mars_forges on their shoulder pads again.

The paint job followed my Flesh Tearer scheme and I attempted to bring weapon alive with a bit of colour instead of the gun metal blobs of my youth.

RT6 Marine Heavy Weapon - side
RT6 Marine Heavy Weapon - back

RT6 Marine Heavy Weapon - front

Multi Melta on stand from the White Dwarf 106 page 68 Crater's article

Multi Melta on tripod Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader rule book page 86

You can see on the original RT6 advert below, they haven't even tried to line up the marine hand to the grip position slot.
RT6 Marine Heavy Weapon set Rogue Trader flyer Feb 1988

RT6 Marine Heavy Weapon in build phase see the massive gap between hand and weapon, when the blue tack was removed it was even bigger.

Next up we have Brother Longun (1987) later renamed to Brother Anderton (Feb 1988) sculpted by Bob Naismith, this marine carries a heavy Bolter based on the original illustration in the Warhammer 40000 rulebook page 84, he has some interesting cabling feeding out of the bolter into his shoulder which then come out of his backpack mount and into a pouch or box which may be joined to the back of the bolter.

Variants, I think it obvious they are brothers Froth and Sheer, there are some slight differences here and there like where space has been made for the heavy bolter but Froth miniature is clearly in there.

Brother Longun/Anderton  - front

Brother Longun/Anderton  - back

Brother Longun/Anderton  - side

Brother Longun/Anderton  - side

The original Heavy Bolter Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader rule book page 84

Brothers Froth, Sheer and Longun/Anderton comparison - front

Brothers Froth, Sheer and Longun/Anderton comparison - side

Brother Jacobs (Bolt Pistol) is a marine from the last release of the RT01/RT101 code in White Dwarf 100 1988, hey he is number 18 so I guess he was the last, in the advert he is gloriously painted in the yellow black camouflage of the Badab War Space Sharks.  Variants? well this marine is a bit of a mix of two of the Space Marine Heavy Weapons range with number 01's body and number 05's head with a bolt pistol arm sculpted on however I am not 100% on whether the Space Marine Heavy Weapons were sculpted first as they are quite crude sculpts build upon another marine, brother Jacobs does seem to be a typical Bob chop shop job.

Brother Jacobs - front

Brother Jacobs - back

Marine Heavy Weapons No.1 and Brother Jacobs comparison

Next we have Marine Heavy Weapons No.1 from RT103 Space Marine Heavy Weapons range which appeared in White Dwarf 102 sculpted by either Aly Morrison or Mark Copplestone. I pointed out above that he donated his body to Brother Jacobs.  The miniature is a crude sculpt in a lot of place but there is also loads of lovely detailing around the arm carrying the weapon.  As you can see he has a sculpted backpack like all the marines of the range and they are all individual backpack sculpts although some are very similar.  I went for a grenade launcher heavy weapon as you don't see them much and really went to town on it's paint job.
Marine Heavy Weapons No.1 with Grenade Launcher - front

Marine Heavy Weapons No.1 with Grenade Launcher - back

Marine Heavy Weapons No.1 with Grenade Launcher - side

Marine Heavy Weapons No.1 with Grenade Launcher - centre

They didn't get the grenade launcher mini quite right but the mini does have the dial

Next we have Brother Marine Quiff, later renamed to Brother Lustgarten no idea why they would do this have you seen the hair!! all he needs is a drape and you have space showaddywaddy :D 
Not too much to say about this one which I haven't said about his variant Brother A Skull/Dixon although it does appear that Bob Naismith used the Rogue Trooper Traitor General head again, see Inquisitor Augustus.

Brother Marine Quiff/Lustgarten - front

Brother Marine Quiff/Lustgarten - back

Brother Marines Quiff/Lustgarten and A Skull/Dixon - Comparison

Following on we have Brother Napier, I love this marine with his pony tail, chin beard and studded power fist, he screams White Scars captain to me. He appears to be armed with a cutdown copy of Chainsaw Warriors Blaster as a Bolt Pistol and might even be a Chainsaw Warrior head swap with some additional putty.

Brother Napier - front

Brother Napier - back

Next we have Brother Repp, dynamically posed aiming his Melta-gun, the first special weapon marine painted for my squads, I've painted his one before and didn't remember it being so hard to prep and paint, especially the mould lines over the hard to reach eyes, it was a nightmare.  I loved this release of Space Marines in White Dwarf 99 by Aly Morrison and Mark Copplestone as the marines started to get some nice details like vents under the shoulder pads which we saw on later plastics. A bit of sepia and black on the Melta-gun to give it a scorched effect.
Brother Repp - front

Brother Repp - side

Brother Repp - back

Last in this post we have Brother Holt, a cool looking marine with one arm and shoulder stripped of power armour to show chain bracelet, tube/cable shunts and scars, I couldn't find the golden angle when photographing this miniature.  What I also find interesting about this miniature is it is the only Rogue Trader metal marine armed with a Flamer (hand flamer not included) especially when the Flamer was considered the default marine special weapon.
Brother Holt - front

Brother Holt - front "trying again"

Brother Holt - back

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Thanks for dropping in, these have been a nice diversion but I must get back to my bolter only marines asap.