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Sunday 5 October 2014

Orctober Fest

Hi Folks,
Now I don't usually get involved in these themed occasions due to time limitations on my hobby but when I was over at Erny's Place (the foremost place to visit for Oldhammer Orc miniatures) it had me thinking back to my youth, back in the early 1980's I was a lean green fighting machine, nothing else mattered it was Orcs or nothing. We were playing Warhammer 2nd Edition and whatever you could carry down to my late mates house you could field as you can imagine we had some massive games, it usually took a 2-3 hours to setup, 4-5 hours to play and then 2-3 hours to pack away, our 6 week summer holidays were ace.

I fell out of love with the Orcs in the late 80's when they were starting to turn generic and green, Harboth and the black mountain boysEeza Ugezod's Mother Crusher's and Mighty Ugezod's Death Commandos, the C Series and Chronicles miniatures I owned just did not sit right with all the new stuff that came out, the were noticeably smaller and severely lacked character or uniqueness.

Anyway most my citadel Orcs went on eBay over 10 years ago but I kept lots of favourites for D&D so I dug a few Orcs and Goblinoids out today and thought I would share them with you :)

Here we have from left to right:

C14 Snotling (1987), C36 Hobgoblin (1985), C15 Orc (1985), N16 Cave Goblin (1985), C12 Goblin (1985)

and here we have from left to right:

C10 Half-Orc's (1985), 3 ME43 Half Orc's of Saruman (1985)

A paltry contribution to Orctober Fest I know but I hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane

One last word there was only one colour to paint your Orcs back in my day... Citadel Colour Orc Brown! :D