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Saturday 15 June 2013

Warband Progress Part 10

Hi Folks,
Today's post is another Champion of Khorne for the pool of chaos miniatures to pick from for the OldHammer RoC Eventthe classic Realm of Chaos Champions of Khorne can be seen here.

This is one of my favourite chaos champion miniatures, gifted with technology which makes this miniature great for use in games of Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy.

So what gifts and attributes doe he have?  I would say apart from is Chaos Armour and Bladed Mace, he has Technology - Combi-Flamer/Bolter grafted on to his biomechanical arm,  a hunchback, horns and a prosthetic peg leg.

This miniature was obviously sculpted from the same dolly as the miniature in my last post.

Champion of Khorne (front)
Photo of the back of the miniature to show the Gigeresque sculpting of the biomechanical arm.
Champion of Khorne (back)

I painted the arm of this champion red for ease and to represent The Hand of Khorne. (see Realm of Chaos, Slaves to Darkness, Page 48)

The Hand of Khorne

As my miniature has a peg leg, I have included the rules for prosthetic limbs and the funny thing is that you champion can only have one if you have Chaos Dwarves in your Warband else your champion may have to hop around the battlefield. (see Realm of Chaos, The Lost and the Damned, Page 74)

Prosthetics for characters
If you are really love your Realm of Chaos champions I would like to point you  wonderful blog, please join in and get following.

Ok, so what have I been listening too while painting miniatures this week?

Waiting Death Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken having one of his adventures.

Waiting Death (Audio drama)

Lucifer's Hammer (Audible) A really enjoyable disaster and post apocalyptic story.

Lucifer's Hammer | [Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle]

Thanks for looking and get joining my crew.

Saturday 8 June 2013

Warband Progress Part 9

Hello Friends of the blog, 
I would like to apologise for the lack posts on my blog lately, with it being holiday season I went away for my annual board gaming weekend with my mates to Wales and finally the weather turned nice so I had to catch up on making the garden look nice.

I have managed to fit in some painting and here are the latest fruits of my labour for my steadily growing pool of chaos miniatures to pick from for the OldHammer Event.

First we have another Champion of Khorne so I now have two to choose from.

He can be seen here, now the catalogue entry lists that he armed with a sword and attributed with horns but I can see a lot more going on here and I am sure he is gifted with the Face of Khorne, horns, a mane of hair, a mark of Khorne on his forehead and of course chaos armour, if you think otherwise I would love to here from you.

I would also like to thank Orlygg for making this miniature possible as he traded it to me.

Champion of Khorne
Close up of my abstract Khorne icon design

Again more Chaos Thugs, I well and truly have the bug for these guys and aim to paint one of each miniature in the range.

The range can be seen here 0210021102120213WD82CH6WD92.

anyone know his name?
I painted Grimface below up about 15 years ago and had to spice him up a little, I was mooching around for more chaos miniatures when I came across a box of unfinished projects and he was one of them, I also found the beastman with skull mask and flail which is lucky as I keep on losing ebay auctions for him.
Grimface the Touchy
Then I got a bit bored and thought I would have a break from Khorne and all his bloodletting for an erotic encounter (ooer!), no this did not involve the missus, I had a mooch around my miniatures and found a few Slaaneshi miniatures and decided to paint a couple of Slaaneshi Chaos Beastmen.  I have to admit it made a nice change although I do have plenty of half finished Rogue Trader miniatures to be getting on with.

These miniatures can be seen here in the 1991 'red' catalogue.

I realised that I may have been getting a bit carried away as this pool of chaos miniatures seems to be developing into a bit of a chaos army as you can see below the ranks of Beastmen and Thugs arrayed that I have painted since the middle of March.

I almost forgot, this week I have been listening to Gaunt's Ghosts in Salvations Reach Audio book, which I really enjoyed, it had just the right balance between character development, intrigue and battles, read with his Scottish twang by James MacPherson which I think makes the characters far more believable. I suggest you give it a go.

Thanks for visiting

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Warband Progress Part 6

Hi Friends, more Chaos Thugs for my Khornate Warband, you have got to love the versatility of the Chaos Thug miniatures they could be used for lots of roles in cultists, mutants, horrors, post apocalyptic bandits, the list goes on. I love painting these miniatures they are all so different and were sculpted by a throng of different citadel staff of the times.

Chaos Thug Range: 0210, 0211, 0212, 0213, WD82

Korsitt Deathglare
(also listed as Mad Axe Martin on some catalogue pages but he doesn't have an axe?)


WIP - Secret Warband Guests

Chaos Goblins, If I ever warm to their disgustingness (is that a word?), they may end up being conscripted into my warband, well it is for FUN! 

The original advert can be seen here

On another note...
These latest audiobooks I have listened to while painting these last couple of weeks

Thorn and Thorn - - 3 short stories Can't say much about this one without giving the game away. Great naration and sound effects, it quite nice to hear the voices of the characters we know and love to read about.

Thorn and Talon (MP3)

Hyperion Cantos -

Space Opera extraordinaire you will not be disappointed, these are the most engrossing audiobooks I have listened to in years, truely epic.

Hyperion -

Hyperion | [Dan Simmons]

Fall of Hyperion -

The Fall of Hyperion | [Dan Simmons]

Endymion -

Endymion | [Dan Simmons]

The Rise of Endymion -

The Rise of Endymion | [Dan Simmons]


Saturday 23 March 2013

RT601 - Adventurers - ExTech, Hero

Hello,  Today's miniatures are more from the classic RT601 - Adventurers range, we have the ExTech and the Hero. On their slotta mounts it reads Tech Adept and Feral Hero why GW didn't put this on the listings is a mystery as both sound better.

I enjoyed painting the ExTech, he carries an early flamer which looks similar to those carried in the Aliens movies so I imagine the miniature designer had Aliens in mind when he/she scuplted the miniature. 
ExTech (Tech Adept) - front

ExTech (Tech Adept) - back

The Hero reminds me of a John Carter of Mars, a Techno Barbarian who cares nothing for armour and relies on agility and dexterity to stay alive, he is wearing a loin cloth showing that he is either quite fashion conscious and accessorizing or that he is covering up his ballet tights.

Hero (Feral Hero) - front

Hero (Feral Hero) - back

Hero (Feral Hero)

I must point out both wear goggles which was a must for RT 1st Edition equipment, watch out for those blind grenades!

I have listened to several audio books this week while painting.

Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy by the BBC Radiophonic workshop with a very well known cast of UK actors playing the characters, I highly recommend this, it was about my 10th listen. You can see where many of the W40k concepts came from here.

Isaac Asimov - The Gods Themselves, this was a weird one not sure I will listen to it again.

Triplanetary by Doc E. E. Smith, I highly recommend this one two, a brilliant Sci-Fi story with plenty of history tied in.

My Realm of Chaos miniatures are coming on and i will have more Beastmen pictures to post hopefully tomorrow.