Oldhammer Trades

Oldhammer miniatures I have for trade.  

** Last updated 04/09/2017 **

Chaos Miniature Trades

Chaos Beastmen
Chaos Thugs, Warriors and Champions

Bob Olley Harpies (Grenadier), slightly smaller than the ones he sculpted for Citadel but they are very similar (the one kicking has been pinned for strength which needs a bit of filler)

C25 Fimir - very uncommon and sought after in my opinion, only big trades for these guys.

Judge Dredd Miniatures Trades

Rogue Trader Miniature Trades  


Imperial Space Marines miniature Trades 

Space Wolves Rune Priest Njal Stormcaller 2nd edition

Odds and Ends

Early Citadel and others

Citadel Marauder Skeletons and Nightmare Legion Skeletons

C Series Imperial Dwarf Crossbow Men x8 (6 with plastic crossbows)

C Series Dwarf Engineers

C Series Norse Dwarves (Jugo, new Axe head pinned on)

C Series Imperial Dwarves

Citadel Marauder Miniatures Giant and Troll Slayers

Citadel Marauder Miniatures MM10/6 Dwarf Standard

Lots more to follow, when stripped and photographed


Always Citadel

Rogue Trader Hit List

Judge Dredd Minatures:






UGLIES: http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Judge_Dredd_-_Uglies
Ugly #02 - big lips
Ugly #04 - big mouth
Ugly #06 - stetch face
Ugly #07 - giant ears
Ugly #08
Ugly #12 - no neck
Ugly #14 big lips and nose
Ugly #15 - one eye

Paranoia PARA2 Troubleshooters: http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Paranoia


Realm of Chaos 
or 'C' series Chaos Thugs and F5 Marauders: various

Realm of Chaos or 'C' series Beastmen: various

C38 Chaos Beastmen

C27 Chaos Beastmen

CH4 Chaos Beastmen

Realm of Chaos Beastmen 
(Not overly keen on the Olley beastmen so will place those trades on hold for now)
(I will always consider ones I already own of this range)

Realm of Chaos or 'C' series Chaos Champions and Warriors: various

CH2 Chaos Warriors (especially the warrior with the bell)

Rogue Trader Pirates: various

Rogue Trader Bob Olley Pirates: various

Imperial Space Marine Wants:

C series Dark Elf wants

(These are a low priority as I have 100's :D)

This is not my definitive 'wants' list at the moment I am filling in gaps in my Rogue Trader, Judge Dredd 2000ad, Jes Goodwin Ogres, Oriental Heroes and Paranoia ranges so am happy to hear what you have and I am also building up sizeable Chaos Ratman (Skaven) army but like the Dark Elves these are a low priority as I have 100's (as I have picked up massive lots of these for about £1 per miniature)

If you have none of the above, let me know what you have, I might actually want it, fancy painting it and do a trade but please do not be offended if I decline your offer as my painting time is short and precious.

I always aim to swap one miniature for one miniature unless we have an established trading relationship and then we will negotiate. 

I do understand if a miniature is limited edition, special, large, vintage, etc and you may value it more than what is on offer and vice versa just get in touch and we can usually sort something out after a quick email exchange, trading sometimes requires a bit of negotiation so don't be offended.

All items posted to UK will be sent via Royal Mail '2nd Class signed for'

All items posted to international locations will be sent tracked, it can be very costly.

No cash deals it defeats the object. 

Do not send eBay comparisons to me or I will stop negotiating the swap.



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