Tuesday 13 May 2014

Navigator - RT601 - Adventurers

Hey friends, well I finally did it, I finished the Rogue Trader Adventurers Navigator which I started painting about a year ago.  I was tempted to drill a hole in his forehead and insert a ball of green stuff for his third eye but I thought such vandalism to a classic miniature would be heresy, here is my interpretation of him dressed in his Imperial navy uniform and armed with a laspistol. I gave his flesh a base of classic citadel Rotting Flesh paint to give the feel that he spends all his time in the void and gets no sunlight. I think he makes a perfect addition to any Imperial Inquisitors retinue, he reminds me of the navigator Vitali Googol in Ian Watson's Inquisition War Trilogy and as I have painted up the miniature I think resembles Draco he will make a perfect Vitali or maybe Azul Petrov another navigator character from the Harlequin novel (part 2).   

In the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook (1st Edition) and accompanying supplements many of the miniatures from the early RT ranges appeared in black and white illustrations, I had a brief look but could not find him, if you see this miniature illustrated anywhere please let me know.

You can read more Warhammer 40K fluff about Navigators here and here.

You can find him on the original White Dwarf advert over at Solegends RT 601 Adventurers.

Navigator - front

Navigator - back

I recommend you also visit Sho3box's great blog for his fantastic painted version of this miniature and lots of other Rogue Trader goodness. 

I also thought I would share some other miniatures from my collection, these characters I painted for use in the Dark Heresy RPG, some of these are more modern but I needed NPCs so had to sell out.

An Imperial Witch Hunter and his Retinue
Lex Mechanic Sage, Sister Hospitaller Chirurgeon, Scribe
Servo Skulls, Witch Hunter, Cherubim

Titan Crew - Princeps Seniores, Space Santa, Talisman Timescape Scientist (the titan crewman was painted in the late 80's hence the different style)
RT601 - Pirate (Sensei), Commissar (Pirate Captain), Sanctioned Psyker (Sensei and Commissar were painted in the late 80's hence the different style)
Necromunda Bounty Hunter

What's next I hear you ask, here is what is currently on the painting table

Chaos Champion of Khorne, Chaos Beastman 'Hesh', Imperial Assassin and Punk

Hope you enjoyed :)