Wednesday 2 August 2023

Rogue Trader - Renegade Myron Jubalgunn and a dangerous alien of unknown origin

Hello, something a bit different from me in this post, the Renegade Myron Jubalgunn and a dangerous alien of unknown origin, a 3d printed miniature.

I thought I would have go at a 3D printed miniature!! It's not my first probably my third and I am not won over by this technology yet. I saw this miniature print tweeted on Twitter about a year ago and the author linked me to the STL which I saved and forgot about until recently when one of our D&D group bought a 3D printer, he went absolutely 3d printing mad and printed more miniatures than he could paint in a lifetime, he reckons they cost about 5 pence! a miniature and offered to print us anything we liked. I dug this STL out and he kindly printed it for me.

Renegade Myron Jubalgunn and a dangerous alien of unknown origin

The print came out alright a little damage to the sword tip which I carefully carved a new point to and the gun stock was damaged so I carved a new one out of plastic, the material is a resin of sorts a bit brittle so difficult to work with, I have sourced other 3D prints and noticed that the materials can differ a lot some not so difficult to work with. Myron feels a bit of a flat sculpt but the unknown alien is amazing.

Painting the miniatures, I went for dark colours to hide some of the swirls left by the printing and added spot colours to bring them to life, the level of detail is high so I had lots of little buttons and other tiny things to pick out.

Many of you know these characters illustrated by Jes Goodwin on page 167 of the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook but for those who don't I have included it below.

Nothing is known about these characters other than the text below that accompanied the illustration.


Citizens of Logans World be warned that, during a brief lull in the warp-storm, the renegade Myron Jubalgunn arrived upon your planet in concert with a dangerous alien of unknown origin.  the presence of these criminals upon Logans World constitutes a threat to all its inhabitants and to true men everywhere. Citizens withholding information about these enemies of the Imperium shall suffer the undiminished wrath of the Master of Mankind.

Inquisitor Toulon Hess

Page 167 - Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook 
I forgot to flip this image as I was trying to get the feel of the illustration

As usual a few more images to show the miniatures close up, side and back.

Mryon Jubalgunn looking like a very 1980's vampire in his long black leather coat, armed with a sword, flintloque pistol and a japanese looking knife tucked in his sash, he has what looks like breathing apparatus on his back and he has what appears to be a Eldar Dire Avengers runestone hanging off his belt.

Myron Jubalgunn - front

Myron Jubalgunn - back

Myron Jubalgunn - side

Next we have the dangerous alien of unknown origin, I really love this miniature, it's armed with a Jezail and on it's back it has some sort of breathing apparatus which feeds it's mask and under the (air?) tank is another machine that feeds the Jezail, it is also adorned with plenty of jewelry, ill gotten gains maybe?
Unknown Alien - front

Unknown Alien - back

Unknown Alien - side

The unknown alien is also a great likeness of the 1988-89 Realm of Chaos Champion with Jezail, similar mask and breathing apparatus on the back but it's a bit more armoured but you can clearly see Jez had the illustration in mind when sculpting the miniature.

Realm of Chaos Champion

Bare metal back and front

It has been mentioned by 40k fans out there that the Unknown Alien in the illustration bears a close resemblance to the Space Skaven illustrated in Jes Goodwin's 'Gothic And The Eldrich' (2001)  book.  They might be onto something, I'll let you decide.

Jes Goodwin's Space Skaven

Anyway enough of this I am back off to paint,
thanks dropping in,