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Sunday 30 May 2021

Rogue Trader RT601 Adventurers Space Amazon - Take 2

Hello, for years now I have been mostly painting individual Oldhammer era Citadel miniatures and when I finish a miniature I rarely revisit it let alone paint another copy unless its stripping down one of my awful teenage jobs from the 1980's but today's miniature is one of my all time favourites so I had another go and decided to take my time and put a bit more love into it.

You may of seen my previous attempt back in February 2013 on the Space Amazon - RT601 - Adventurers blog post, I was never happy with this paint job, I had envisioned her as a sci-fi version of Amazon Gothique in an eternal champion type multiverse and not a character in her own right.  Many of you will own the book Ratspike by John Blanche and Ian Miller which was published by Games Workshop in 1989 and will be familiar with John Blanche's painting 'Amazon' that features in the book along with lots other amazing pieces, I have included a picture of the Amazon painting below.  The Amazon in the painting has a real likeness to Siouxsie Sioux of 'Siouxsie and the Banshees' that great British post punk alternative group, I really wanted to try and capture this feel in my latest attempt and pay homage to the painting.  The Space Amazon of the RT601 Adventurers range like Kinky Chaosette/LE15 Chaos Amazon and Lune are other wonderful examples of John Blanche's art in miniature form.

When it came to painting I started by blocking all the colours in very neatly before moving on to multiple washes, some blending then I did some nice highlights and the miniature could passed off as finished but to me it wasn't Blanche's Amazon.  I opened up the Ratspike page and studying it I wondered if I could achieve all that outrageous detail on a miniature, it was time to drop my own painting style and go a bit crazy which I found very technically demanding the characters clothing is so chaotic, embroidered basque, multiple different animal fur types, Zebra, Leopard, Dalmatian, brown/white and black furs, other quirky details like in the painting where she has a stocking on one leg, tights the other, both with different patterns,  it's details like these that really mess my brain up but I got there in the end. 

I hear you say stop waffling and show us the miniature so here go enjoy.

Space Amazon - front

John Blanche's Amazon

Space Amazon - back

Space Amazon - side

New vs old - front

New vs old - back

Thanks for dropping in, I hope you enjoyed this revisit as there are a couple more in the works


Tuesday 17 December 2019

Pilgrimage to Warhammer World 2018

Hello,  none of my work today, wife is out so I always see it as a blogging opportunity and I am looking through my unfinished drafts for any which could be completed and this one is about it all the others require a bit more photography.  Around Christmas time 2018 I went on a pilgrimage to Warhammer World in Nottingham UK with my 4 year old in tow and this was my first visit as I thought it would all be modern stuff that has featured in Warhammer Visions, etc but I was wrong and thoroughly enjoyed the day out and all the good and badly painted Oldhammer on display, I came away with the photos posted below, an empty wallet and Inquisitor Eisenhorn and a few other goodies which will be on this blog over the coming years :)

'The Emperor vs. Horus' diorama by Mike McVey 1993 which was based on artist Adrian Smith and writer Bill King's illustration and description of this pivotal moment in the Horus Heresy. I love how Sanguinius body lies in Lupercal's Court Mike really pulled this one off.

Next up we have C Series a C29 Manticore, a C29 Zoat with Club, a C29 Hydra.

Next we the Limited Edition Zoat, LE14 Tinman and C29 Hunting Dragon

Next a selection of C Series C35 Chaos Warriors, CH2 Chaos Warriors and CH3 Champions of Chaos.

Left to Right, CH3 Haktgore, CH3 Scaathor Two-Blades, CH2 Mighty Zog Arkwright, CH2 Papworth Organgrinder, C35 Daethskar (see WFB 3rd edition cover), CH3 Kane the Mighty, CH3 Kathragore Boarskull, CH3 Vasngard Doomblade.

Next we can see 2 Chaos Familiars at the front, Iron Clad Imp and Imp 1 behind are 4 C Series C34 Elementals, Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. A C18 Night Horrors Vampyre in the background on the perspex block.

Here we have 3 CH5 Chaos Sorcerers (and here) at the front, Left to Right - Hutk-Nke Plague Priest, Quel'Lequek Mad Spell, Sli'ith Iron Lung. Next to them is a C17 Skeleton Head Holder. Behind them we have row of Jes Goodwin Ogres including C23 Ogres Hrothyogg - Ogre Captain and Skrag the Slaughterer - Ogre Renegade and a ADD57 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Ogre Variant C.
Finally at the back another row of CH5 Chaos Sorcerers, Hess Poison Breath, Barakast Hell Rider, Bahl the Faceless.

C Series C25 Minotaurs from the back row left to right we have Bloodcry the Beast, Clubhorn Runesmasher, Abovus Snarlsteam, middle row ADD86 Minotaur and C25 Minotaurs Hornbull Horrorhead, front row C25 Minotaurs Gristlemane Niles and C34 Minotaur Lord Mighty Gore-Strom Mankiller.

Next display: 
Top - C16 Chaos Dwarves Ori Pointed-Beard, Scarsol Smashskull, C06 Imperial Dwarf Grum, C16 Chaos Dwarves Badbreath Blackbeard.
Middle - C01 Barbarians Hawkwing the Slayer,  Ulwen Sword-Mistress of Wonger,  Nigel the Barbarian, Grimbrow the Executioner
Bottom - C01 Fighter Ali, C01 Fighter Arion, C34 Monsters Death ElementalEC06 Melnibonean Cavalry No. 20.

Next we have a mixture of BC 7 Heroic Fighters of the Known World and Fighters.
Top - BC7 The Moon Duke, BC7 Vlad Krakhed, BC7 Sir Brut.
Middle top - BC7 Gladius, BC7 Ulrik Ulrikson, BC7 Manfred.
Middle bottom - ADD24 - Lords of Battle No.3,  F5 Fighter George Eaglehelm, BC7 Lord Aquilla.
Bottom - C29 Monsters CockatriceADD24 - Lords of Battle No.1, BC7 Harald (Harry) the Hammer

Onto some of the bigger miniatures

Top - DG7 Green Dragon
Bottom - a Jes Goodwin C23 Ogres Mutant Ogre

Back to some smaller miniatures

Top - C14 Snotlings Mushling with Snotling stuck on top conversion, Highspy a Snotling 'Doubles', LE11 Giant Orc Bodyguard
Bottom - Kevin Adams Orcs, 1987 Orc4 Champions Dirksod Dwarf Hater, Orc4 Doom Brothers No.1, followed by 3 Orc1 Command Group variants.

Next up we have up front the MD8 Skullchucker and crew and to the right we have a C34 Carrion and rider (I think) and the rest was WFB 4th edition Red Era Undead (not my cup of tea).

More WFB 4th edition Red Era Undead. 

A nice display of PBS5 Skeleton Army plastic miniatures.

I spotted a Jes Goodwin C23 Ogres Warrior Priest and Geri Leman Russ's wolf on a Heroquest diorama.

Another nice miniature spotted was the C29 Large Monsters Cave Dragon coming out of the water.

I finally got to the classic Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader miniatures.

Front - RT01 Treacher Marine, a favourite of mine and I did a post about him here.
Back - RT701 Medics No.8, another very famous painted version of RT01 Space Marine Brother Slater around the launch of Space Marine Epic 1st edition as an Emperor's Children Marine for scale against a Star Wars Scout Walker Titan conversion in White Dwarf 120, and then behind him we have a RT103 Space Marine Heavy Weapons No.2 and over on the far right RT501 Imperial Army Trooper Cottrell with an early Heavy Bolter.

See Brother Slater for scale

Next we have:
Front - RT701 Medics No.2
Far right - BloodBowl Ogre conversion with a RT103 Space Marine Heavy Weapons Heavy Bolter strapped to his arm.
Back - a selection of RT501 Imperial Army and the later 1st edition Imperial Guard.

Following on we have a true Oldhammer miniatures, 

and on the bottom row the LE1 Space Orc.

Nice plastic RTB01 Imperial Space Marines painted up as Ultramarines.

On the next two shots we have a Eldar Banshee Support Dreadnought and a selection of RT401 Space Elves, on the right we have a Bob Olley Iron Claw Roborg.

The classic 1st Chaos Dreadnought.

Here the first ever version of Nurgle Chaos Renegade Marines, and a Traitor Terminator on the right. 

Over to the Space Orks, lots of Rogue Trader era Space Orks mixed in with W40K 2nd Edition Orks, lots to see,  Warphead and minders, Wartrak Scorcher, Death Skull Lootas, gretchin also the famous RTB13 plastic Space Orks box in the background.

Lots of W40K 2nd Edition Orks, Commandos, Shokk Attak gun, Pulsa rocket, bigger Dreadnought, etc

RTB02 Space Ork boxed set 

Dark Angels, 2nd Edition Space Marine Assault squad, Dreadnought, Techmarine, Servitor, Razorback tank and a end of the Rogue Trader Era Medic on bike.

Rogue Trader RTB01 plastic Blood Angels and characters these all appeared in the 2nd Edition rulebooks miniature pages.  On the back row some more Rogue Trader era miniatures, a RT701 Space Marine Medic converted to a standard bearer and an early version of Dante Blood Angel Captain in artificer armour and a Librarian.

RTB9 Terminator Squad and plastic Advanced Space Crusade scouts

Eldar Harlequin Jetbikes at the back with a 'Banshee' Eldar Dreadnought.

Eldar Harlequin dreadnought conversion, the face is from a Harlequin jetbike, a common conversion back in the day and on the right a standard Eldar jetbike and up front a Death Jester squad.

A troupe of Harlequins.  I see a neuro disruptor in there, is that still a thing?

Space Hulk Diorama, the Deathwing Terminators appear to have been ambushed by the Genestealers from all sides, I can't see them surviving this encounter.

John Blanches Undead diorama, if you want to see some better quality photos then this diorama has been featured in many books and magazines including White Dwarf, Heroes for Wargames and Ratspike so I suggest you track these down.

I took a photo of these as I thought they were nice.

The walker below looks like it has part of an old empire steam tank but I might be mistaken.