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Friday 31 October 2014

Citadel Collectors Series - 1204 Chaos Wizards

Hi Friends, This weeks classic Citadel miniatures are two 1204 Chaos Wizards (Chaos Sorcerers to some of you) from the Citadel Collectors Series and two of my favourite Chaos Familiars, I pulled these out of storage as I was getting bored and needed a change from painting Rogue Trader Adventurers and Chaos Beastmen, it was a nice change to use some colours I rarely use.

Ank'tokh Daemon Claw, Lune, Slargash the Defiler and Daemonet 1

First we have 'Slargash the Defiler', I love his pose it screams "alas poor yorick" as he holds a demons skull definitely a demonologist me thinks.

Slargash the Defiler 
Next we have 'Ank'tokh Daemon Claw' who I am envisaging as a blood priest of Khorne, cult leader with gifts of technology, his mechanical arm and technological staff, Khorne dislikes magic and favours technology so it makes sense.  A suitable miniature for W40k and Dark Heresy too.

Ank'tokh Daemon Claw
Here we have 'Daemonet 1' cute little miniature, not particularly challenging but still fun all the same.

Daemonet 1

And lastly we have 'Lune' this miniature was a real joy to paint as it is so leftfield and unique based on the creature featured in the John Blanche painting 'mona and the Moonman', it looks like he is holding a giant can opener which he intends on using to strip knights of their armour although the can opner is a lot smaller in the painting (see below), probably the best Chaos Familiar of all.

Lune featured in John Blanche's painting 'Mona and the Moonman'
Lots of the Chaos Familiars are still available to buy from Games Workshop, buy now as I don't know how long they will be for sale and show Games Workshop that we still want old miniatures, here are the links to them and other golden oldies on the games Workshop website :)

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