Sunday 10 May 2015

From The Chaotic Abyss

Hi, my collection of the C38 Beastmen is drawing to close and a only have a few to track down and plenty of doubles to trade to help me acquire them, I absolutely love these first C series Chaos Beastman and although they are not the first ever Chaos Beastmen as there origins lie with the Runequest Broo which I also collect, they are for sure the very stuff of chaos with their wild mutations, individuality and hideousness I like to imagine they would route an opposing lawful army on sight. I think they reflect some of the more crazy art and the chaos attributes of the first Realm of Chaos book Slaves to Darkness, here are my latest painting efforts with the goal of hosting a true Beastman regiment along side my later Realm of Chaos Beastmen.

These miniatures are seriously old released about 1983/4 so they required lots of repairs, the cleaning up of oxidation, corrosion and lead rot now and then as well as 30 year old paint and milliput so if you do decide to collect these lovely miniatures I will advise you now that when you open those trade or ebay packages and are disheartened by their state, don't be and take inspiration from my end results :)
The new recruits Wolfman, Eagle Woman, Snake Demon, Ostrich Man and Camel Man on their way to join the true Beastman regiment.
First we have Ostrich Man, you are lucky to find him with his scythe intact another crazy zoological mutation.
Ostrich Man - front
Ostrich Man - back
Next we have Wolfman, this miniature is tiny and I had to get my 0/5 brush out for this one, he was covered in oxidation and it took about 15 miniatures of brushing with a hard toothbrush and a dip in the acetone to clean him up. I like him and imagine him a Beastman assassin.
Wolfman - front
Wolfman - back
Next we have Camel Man and not the first Camel Man I have painted see this post and it won't be the last as I have another different posed Camel Man a variant of Walrus Man to make three, the sword had completely corroded away and need replacing so in the spirit of the 1980's I repaired it with the sword from a spare sword arm of an Orc from famous Drastik Plastik Orcs (not to be confused with the later Fantasy Regiments Orcs).

I managed to get this image of Drastik Plastik Orcs from Google images, there is so little documented about this lovely early plastic kit.

Camel Man - front
Camel Man - side
Camel Man - other side
Next we have Eagle Woman, the giant belly she sports reminds of the missus when she was pregnant and I am sure she had an axe to grind too, glad that's over :D
Eagle Woman - front
Eagle Woman - back
And finally we have Snake Demon who is a variant of Crab Man (would also has variants of himself), I am not overly keen on these Demon sculpts due to there simplicity and depth of detail but I had it and it needed painting. Why a Demon wears a thong is beyond me :S
Snake Demon - front
Snake Demon - side
Snake Demon - other side
 What's currently on the workbench, I hear you ask?
Yes, more Chaos Beastmen
I hope you enjoyed your visit and now get following this blog.