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Wednesday 16 March 2016

PARA3 Bots - Paranoia Robots

++ The Computer is your friend, all hail The Computer! Zzzzt! ++

I recently started some work on my recently Dettol and acetone stripped Paranoia Robots, many of you may remember during Golden Age of Citadel miniatures 1979-92, around 1986 Games Workshop held the licence to produce the Paranoia RPG game and accompanying miniatures, well I am lucky enough to own nearly all of these miniatures stashed well away with my citadel Judge Dredd miniatures.  Apart from the High Programmer the robots were the highlight of the range and it’s fair to say all the miniatures were perfect for the Games Workshop Judge Dredd RPG and could supplement other Sci-Fi games that swamped the oversubscribed market at the time.

Game wise If you were lucky enough to stay alive for more than 15 minutes and make it through the briefing, passed R&D pickup and out into a corridor you were likely to encounter one of the insane marauding robots that populated Alpha Complex attacking any unexpecting troubleshooter coming into sensory range. (my clones would rarely make it passed the briefing and during one campaign the GM had to increase our clones from 5 to 10, I was not grovelling to The Computer enough apparently)

There are 8 robots in the Citadel Paranoia range, these were supplied as two part models with an upper torso and lower section, the latter being the mode of transport, Hover Base, Robot Legs, Tracked Base and a Wheeled Base.  Adding one of the upper torso sections to your lower mode of transport gave you many configurations.

Funbot Sm-i-ly
Combot RR-7
Docbot 674-9

Here are the first 3 I have completed and there will be more following soon, Jackobot with wheeled base, Scrubot with robot legs and Docbot with robot leg, the are not the greatest of sculpts but they do have a lot of character.

Over the years I have picked up many robot miniatures for games like Paranoia from SFD/Slocombe warbots to Robo Rally board game robots, hoping that one day I would be able to play a robot rebellion game of Rogue Trader.

I am thinking of digging out my metal and plastic citadel Dr Who range Daleks, K9 and Davros for the legendary Rogue Trader vs Paranoia crossover scenario that appeared in White Dwarf 112 entitled "Vulture Warriors from Dimension X Meet Plenty of Cheerful Orks with Plasma Cannon" (VWDXMPCOPC).

Well enough rambling on, please enjoy my painting efforts, the miniatures with the white background are new test shots using my new portable photo studio, any feedback is welcome :)

Docbot - front
Docbot - back
Scrubot - front
Scrubot - back
Jackobot - front
Jackobot - back

I hope you enjoyed this post, plenty more to come so get following :)

Thursday 3 March 2016

New Rogue Trader Gallery

Hi Folks,
Please enjoy my new Rogue Trader Gallery a one stop page for all my painted Rogue Trader Miniatures, more miniatures will be uploaded and added soon :)