Sunday 8 June 2014

Imperial Assassin - RT601 - Adventurers

 The latest Rogue Trader Adventurers miniature to roll off my painting desk the Imperial Assassin.  This female assassin is the epitome of what Imperial Assassins should be like, light weight, small, synthskin, armed with Jokaero digital weapons and poisonous shurikens, just enough to get the job done and looking sexy while doing it, she would make a perfect 'Meh'Lindi from the Inquisition War TrilogyNone of the nonsense off later years when Imperial Assassins Eversor, CallidusVindicare and Culexus were one man armies in Warhammer 40K 2nd edition. There was also two more Rogue Trader assassins made slightly later, a male assassin which awaits a lick of paint in my ToDo box and another female assassin which I do not own yet.

Imperial Assassin - front

Imperial Assassin - back

Imperial Assassin and friends from the future w40k 2nd edition

Rogue Trader Assassins and Jokaero digital weapons

RT601 - Adventurers project progress so far

The united colours of Rogue Trader..whoops the Imperial Bodyguard managed to sneak into this photo

Anyone who is a fan of Rogue Trader miniatures will surely know of the classic citadel Judge Dredd range these miniatures were great for use in Rogue Trader games, get over to Chicos blog and learn more about these goodies.

Here some of my Judge Dredd miniatures I found out to inspire him, more to come when I actually find them....

Mega City Judges


I hope you like :)

Punk - RT601 - Adventurers

Here is my latest Rogue Trader Adventurer to receive a paint job, the Punk.

The Punk's miniature tag reads 'Space Punk' but I think he looks more like a feral warrior to me as he is dressed in furs and festooned with rat skulls, feathers and arm torcs, he would not be out of place in my Necromunda Rat Skin gang and could easily be a henchman to the excellent unreleased Feral Shaman posted on Steve's blog or my Feral Hero. He also carries an Eldar Las-pistol which he must have captured in a battle with the local Eldar pirates and sports the obligatory 1980's citadel designers favourite a mohican hair style, just like my Mad Punk he is another miniature obviously influenced by Mad Max and going by my unofficial mohican count in the Rogue Trader rulebook I think the designers and artists saw this as the official hair style of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Punk - front

Punk - back

Feral warrior of the 41st millenium

Punk from White Dwarf 99

Feral Warrior sporting mohican from the Rogue Trader rulebook

Everyone's favourite mohican wearing Punk from Mad Max 2

The complete Rogue Trader Adventurers range from White Dwarf 99.

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