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Thursday 23 June 2016

RT601 Rogue Trader Adventurers and more

Hi Folks,
Today's post has my latest work four Rogue Trader Adventurers, Tech-Priest Zon, Hive Worlder, Astropath Korm, Pilot Rav, a Space Slann 'Llamas' and a dog!!.

The end is in sight for my Rogue Trader Adventurers project I have last four miniatures prepped and ready for painting, these are Imperial Scout, Old Bandit, Ships Officer and Space Pirate.

First we have 'Pilot Rav', this guy sports biggles attire,  flying jacket and white scarf.

Pilot Rav - front
Pilot Rav - back

Next up we have 'Hive Worlder', this guy's chainsword reminds me of the crude and brutal weapons of the Dark Heresy art work, I wish the weapons were still like this and not the standard designs of today.
Hive Worlder - front

Hive Worlder - back

Here we have 'Astropath Korm', a nice sculpt, if you look carefully you can see he no longer has the use of his eyes they appear scared and fused shut, he must use his psionic powers to see.

Astropath Korm - front

Astropath Korm - back

And the last adventurer today  'Tech-Priest Zon', the bald head and technology mounted on his head are reminiscent of Lobot from Star Wars The Empire Strikes back.

Tech-Priest Zon - front

Tech-Priest Zon - back

Finally I painted an Rogue Trader Space Slann 'Llamas', I really need to get more of these guys and their larger cousins the Space Zoats out of storage and painted. What ever happened to Slann in the Warhammer 40,000 universe? I have read a few articles on this but it's mostly speculation.

Space Slann 'Llamas' - side

Space Slann 'Llamas' - back

Space Slann 'Llamas' - front

An extra treat for all you Oldhammerer's, I have painted the dog the came in the Warrior Maiden's pack from the Citadel Collector Series, it's been on my workbench for about two years, Also found listed as the 'Toy Dog' in the Judge Dredd 'Slaughter Margin' scenario set and 'Barney' in the 'Blood on the Streets' scenario set
Judge Dredd Toy Dog - side

Judge Dredd Toy Dog - side

I hope you enjoyed this post.