Sunday 28 April 2013

Female Warrior Jayne - RT601 - Adventurers - Adeptus Sororitas

Hey, Today's miniature from my Rogue trade collection is Female Warrior Jayne of the Adeptus Sororitas and in running order the first battle sister miniature.

You can see the original advert over here on Solegends RT 601 Adventurers.

Here is my painted miniature armed with a Powersword and holstered Laspistol and non-standard marine design power armour. Now I have mentioned before that I love that the power armour has high heels but when painting this one I noticed another feature on the armour was a power armoured thong!!!

Female Warrior Jayne - front

Female Warrior Jayne - side

Female Warrior Jayne - back

Female Warrior Jayne

Jayne and Gabs together again

Just case in think I am making it up Powered Armoured high heels and thongs

'Nun with a Gun' art from the Rogue Trader rulebook portraying a Adeptus Sororitas,  now I asked you what we thought the ram shoulder device signified and the debate opened up with my readers.
Now the ram shoulder device got completely replaced with the Fleur-de-lis I think because it represents female virtue and spirituality.  The ram device was then recycled and sculpted on later Space Marine Librarians, I think this may have been influenced by the ancient Greeks who used to sacrifice rams before battle and have an Oracle read the entrails to tell the future portents but this is just my interpretation, I am would be happy to hear more of your thoughts on this.

If you missed my post on Female Warrior Gabs, here it is.

Hope u enjoy,

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Warband Progress Part 6

Hi Friends, more Chaos Thugs for my Khornate Warband, you have got to love the versatility of the Chaos Thug miniatures they could be used for lots of roles in cultists, mutants, horrors, post apocalyptic bandits, the list goes on. I love painting these miniatures they are all so different and were sculpted by a throng of different citadel staff of the times.

Chaos Thug Range: 0210, 0211, 0212, 0213, WD82

Korsitt Deathglare
(also listed as Mad Axe Martin on some catalogue pages but he doesn't have an axe?)


WIP - Secret Warband Guests

Chaos Goblins, If I ever warm to their disgustingness (is that a word?), they may end up being conscripted into my warband, well it is for FUN! 

The original advert can be seen here

On another note...
These latest audiobooks I have listened to while painting these last couple of weeks

Thorn and Thorn - - 3 short stories Can't say much about this one without giving the game away. Great naration and sound effects, it quite nice to hear the voices of the characters we know and love to read about.

Thorn and Talon (MP3)

Hyperion Cantos -

Space Opera extraordinaire you will not be disappointed, these are the most engrossing audiobooks I have listened to in years, truely epic.

Hyperion -

Hyperion | [Dan Simmons]

Fall of Hyperion -

The Fall of Hyperion | [Dan Simmons]

Endymion -

Endymion | [Dan Simmons]

The Rise of Endymion -

The Rise of Endymion | [Dan Simmons]


Wednesday 17 April 2013

Remembering those we have lost - R.I.P John Garland

R.I.P John Garland

John questioning the save ability of a Space Hulk Terminator after being shot by one of his Space Orks on the ramparts. Check out the Acid Reign T-Shirt.
This picture is of my best Friend John Garland who passed away aged 39 on 17th April 2012 after a long and brutal battle with cancer.  He used to play Warhammer and 40K with me back in the 1980's before he became really enthusiastic and concentrated his efforts on RPG's, Boardgames and other independent wargaming products.
He owned 100's of RPG's and Boardgames, he was a die-hard RPGer, GameMaster and had one of the best NPC voices ever, he still dipped his toe into wargaming on occasions and I remember him coming second with his Orc team in our 12 man BloodBowl league even though he said he was only making the numbers up.  He loved to paint miniatures although I am sure he had an unhealthy interest with the colours Titillating Pink and Bilious Green as every miniature he painted had one of these two colours somewhere on them..

I hope all you OldHammer fans enjoy this Photo of John in 1988 as we test out the Warhammer Siege 40K rules with my newly acquired Mighty Fortress.

I could talk for hours about John but it is hard to transfer his life to words on a brief blog post.

If any of you out there knew John feel free to let me know and share memories of this great man, he was mental for Thrash Metal and could always be seen down Edwards no8, the Hummingbird or the Barrel Organ Alternative Pub sporting the latest Anthrax T-Shirt. He was quite fond of the computer section in the first Birmingham Games Workshop and would be always checking out the latest text rpg game.

Unfortunately it is a photo of a photo as my scanner is in the loft. 


Monday 15 April 2013

RT601 - Adventurers - Mad Punk, Testbed Slave

Hey,  Today's miniatures are more from the classic RT601 - Adventurers range, we have the Mad Punk and the Testbed Slave. On the slotta mount of the Mad Punk it reads Space Punk.

Here she is the Mad Punk, unfortunately I think miniature was discontinued and not incorporated into any of the later ranges which is a shame as she would of made an excellent RT Guardsman.
Mad Punk (Space Punk) - front
Mad Punk (Space Punk) - side

Mad Punk (Space Punk) - back

Next we have the Testbed Slave, A nice early servitor miniature that also died with the RT601 - Adventurers range, I never saw this miniature relisted under another range.

The story behind this miniature is that it was a 'PRO' painted ebay purchase and I again the 'victim' (idiot) purchased with the intention of dettol stripping it in the near future but because it was 'PRO' painted it would do for now and might see light in some games. Well when it arrived I was not a happy bunny again as only the raised surface detail was painted and all of the under out of camera shot areas were bare metal (this is not the first time this has happened to me) so I used what was painted as a base coat, filled in the bare metal and painted over the top of the miniature.

Testbed Slave

Testbed Slave - back

My RT Cyborg has someone to play with now, more RT servitor to come over the coming year.

BTW before you all cast me out of your circles for being insensitive to the original owners painting ability I shall say that I am a amateur hobbyist too but I believe that if we are going to pay the high prices GW charge us for miniatures they should be properly prepared, undercoated and all the detail the sculptor has worked hard to add should have at least lick of paint. Sorry if I have offended someone out there.


Friday 12 April 2013

Warband Progress Part 5

Hi Friends,

Here are my latest additions to my Khornate chaos warband for the OldHammer Event, I have not finalised my warband yet but you can see that I should have quite a miniature pool to choose from.

My Chaos Champion of Khorne story.

I have named my Champion "Khordred" after the King Arthur's son in John Boorman's movie Excalibur, he was a spiteful little sod who was quite handy with his great spear, played by the late Robert Addie of Robin of Sherwood fame. (Did you know that John's Boorman's son Charlie Boorman played the young Mordred and still owns the golden helmet)

Khordred is the bastard son of the Albion "King Arthur Pundragon" and his Slaanesh worshipping sister "Whorgana", from their sordid union. When he came of age, living in shame, he found there was no place for him at the kings court and eventually was cast out by his father, he spent his time living a animal like existence wondering the chaos wastes, eventually the warping effects of the chaos wastes took it toll on the young Khordred and his face started to mutate into that of a dog.  Observing him the chaos god Khorne could not believe his luck, a son of Slaanesh's perverse union ripe for the picking. Khorne wispered promises of great power and revenge in return for blood of his kinfolk, Khordred was seduced and Khorne gifted him with Brass chaos armour with a helmet fashioned for his disfigured face and a mighty two handed hammer "Hate Bringer". He was last seen leading a chaotic warband across the chaos wastes in the direction of Albion, after infamously slaying Slaaneshi champion "Sir Perv'cervix" all Slaaneshi warbands of the wastes follow in his wake hoping to make contact and have their diabolical revenge.

Khordred in all his glory

'Khordred' chaos champion of Khorne

Messing about with camera, feedback welcome

Original miniature can be seen here.

My inspiration for Khordred, the spiteful boy Mordred.

"You seek what Arthur wants? That thing they call the Grail?"

"He's no good, Mother. Take him to the tree."

Mordred miniatures.

Another Chaos Beastman for my Warband, I cannibalised this miniature for it's sword years ago so I had to drill a hole and insert a spear.

Original miniature can be seen here.

Khornate Beastman

  p.s I have run out of highland tufts for the bases and have to order some more from Warlord games.

Hope you like

Monday 8 April 2013

A sad day indeed - Maggie Orc Banner

Photo of Orc Warbanner immortalising the late Margaret Thatcher taken a minute ago from my Heroes for Wargames book. (link here)

Probably Britain's second greatest ever politician and a force for womankind everywhere.

Painted by Colin Dixon

And here in White Dwarf 81

Please no derogatory remarks or political debates, it's too soon and as a sign of respect for the dead too.

***UPDATE (20:25)*** someone has just PM'ed me pointing out that Zhu done a wonderful article on this banner so here is the link

Sunday 7 April 2013

Guess what came in the post?

Hey Friends,
If you said RT adventurers you guessed wrong, please enjoy this photos of me suffering a hangover after Friday nights Rammstein tribute gig pulling my best chaos thug face, I picked up these two babies for a steal at  RoC StD £39 and RoC tLatD $31 (plus outrageous US import duty), I just had to do it as I sold my tobacco stained pair for £80ish each 5 years ago, I regretted the day I sold my old ones to make a raise for a decorator to come in.

Me pulling a 'camp' chaos thug pose holding my latest loot. (removed original photo as I am being spammed on this post)

Just got replace that hard earned cash now

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Warband Progress Part 4

Back again,
Day off today so while on a roll, I think a second post is in order.

More finished miniatures for my warband for the Oldhammer Event, As I am running out of Realm of Chaos Beastmen I though it would be nice to regenerate some truely old school miniatures and add a couple of pre-slotta Beastmen to my warband.

Here are the latest additions.

Iguana Headed Broo. See Broo range here. For those of you who have no idea what a Broo is, they are the original half man half beast from the Runequest universe that sowed the seeds for all chaos beastmen created ever since. Fine Miniatures for 1983.

Next we have Walrus Man from the C38 - Chaos Beasmen range, I also have the Beastmen Cavalry somewhere in the loft so better get mooching.  Another great sculpt, he has loads of layers of blubber and a really cool skull design on his shield.

I have also recently painted a Chaos Thug, Skull Helm (third from left) and rebased the other the three which I painted up many years ago for the Slaine RPG I was running at the time.  Many more of these to come and I still have to get around to taking a photo of my doubles to trade.

Chaos Thug Range: 0210, 0211, 0212, 0213

Now I am not a big fan of Dwarves (probably because I am rubbish at painting them) but I had a go anyway, heres my attempt at a 'Stunty Sven' the Chaos Dwarf.

Chaos Dwarves

And my attempt at an 80's style citadel shield (see Orlygg's blog for a great guide on 80's citadel style shields), I guess practice makes perfect.

Hope you enjoy

RT601 - Adventurers - Pirate Captain

Hello RT Fans,
Today I treat you to yet another miniature from the classic citadel RT601 - Adventurers range, a Pirate Captain.
To me he looks a bit like Vanilla Ice with a cutlass, gold necklace and all.

Pirate Captain - front

Pirate Captain - back

Pirate Captain

**Update 15/04/2013** Pirate Captain with reworked flesh colour for better photgraphy colour, I felt the old colour was to dull when I posted the shot.

Pirate Captain

I am concentrating on my Oldhammer Event Khornate chaos warband at the moment so Rogue Trader miniatures are coming on slow but steady but more importantly not forgotten, I have a Navigator stripping in Dettol as I painted him in 1988 in enamels and a Mad Punk undercoated and ready to go, lots more to come.

Stay tuned