Sunday, 28 April 2013

Female Warrior Jayne - RT601 - Adventurers - Adeptus Sororitas

Hey, Today's miniature from my Rogue trade collection is Female Warrior Jayne of the Adeptus Sororitas and in running order the first battle sister miniature.

You can see the original advert over here on Solegends RT 601 Adventurers.

Here is my painted miniature armed with a Powersword and holstered Laspistol and non-standard marine design power armour. Now I have mentioned before that I love that the power armour has high heels but when painting this one I noticed another feature on the armour was a power armoured thong!!!

Female Warrior Jayne - front

Female Warrior Jayne - side

Female Warrior Jayne - back

Female Warrior Jayne

Jayne and Gabs together again

Just case in think I am making it up Powered Armoured high heels and thongs

'Nun with a Gun' art from the Rogue Trader rulebook portraying a Adeptus Sororitas,  now I asked you what we thought the ram shoulder device signified and the debate opened up with my readers.
Now the ram shoulder device got completely replaced with the Fleur-de-lis I think because it represents female virtue and spirituality.  The ram device was then recycled and sculpted on later Space Marine Librarians, I think this may have been influenced by the ancient Greeks who used to sacrifice rams before battle and have an Oracle read the entrails to tell the future portents but this is just my interpretation, I am would be happy to hear more of your thoughts on this.

If you missed my post on Female Warrior Gabs, here it is.

Hope u enjoy,


  1. Crazy ugly gals.... But deadly, o so deadly.

  2. The models are great, but the sculpting of the faces...oh dear :-/

    I like the Inquisition icons on their leg armour.

  3. thanks dude, very true about the faces, many of the Adventurers range have real bad faces but some are great quality I think there may have been different scuplters producing the miniatures, the female warrior have big round heads.



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