Wednesday 3 April 2013

RT601 - Adventurers - Pirate Captain

Hello RT Fans,
Today I treat you to yet another miniature from the classic citadel RT601 - Adventurers range, a Pirate Captain.
To me he looks a bit like Vanilla Ice with a cutlass, gold necklace and all.

Pirate Captain - front

Pirate Captain - back

Pirate Captain

**Update 15/04/2013** Pirate Captain with reworked flesh colour for better photgraphy colour, I felt the old colour was to dull when I posted the shot.

Pirate Captain

I am concentrating on my Oldhammer Event Khornate chaos warband at the moment so Rogue Trader miniatures are coming on slow but steady but more importantly not forgotten, I have a Navigator stripping in Dettol as I painted him in 1988 in enamels and a Mad Punk undercoated and ready to go, lots more to come.

Stay tuned


  1. Love him, those stripy pants rule (yep I'm English but pants just sounded right.)

    These fun models make RT for me.

  2. Thanks Erny, i amm not too happy with the photo so i brightening up the flesh as we speak, stripey pirate pants are a must.

  3. Nice work, particularly on the stripey pantaloons. Getting a third colour into the stripe seems to have made all the difference to how believable the pattern is. I will definitely be copying that:) I swapped the cutlass for a plasma pistol on that figure back in the nineties but never finished painting it. Some day.

    I dont think that I am familiar with the Mad Punk figure, unless it was renamed in the blue 91 catalogue (like a few of the models were).

  4. Hey Sho, thanks for the compliments, Yes you must get around to finishing it someday, too much Dreadball going on on your blog, ;-)

    Here's the Mad Punk: unfortunately any miniature that was a bit quirky found itself being discontinued


  5. I am making too much headway with it to stop painting DreadBall stuff just yet. That said I will be incorporating some 80s Citadel into the DreadBall project soon, so that might be of more interest around here :)

    My old school 40k stuff isnt forgotten, just put to one side for a while.