Friday, 12 April 2013

Warband Progress Part 5

Hi Friends,

Here are my latest additions to my Khornate chaos warband for the OldHammer Event, I have not finalised my warband yet but you can see that I should have quite a miniature pool to choose from.

My Chaos Champion of Khorne story.

I have named my Champion "Khordred" after the King Arthur's son in John Boorman's movie Excalibur, he was a spiteful little sod who was quite handy with his great spear, played by the late Robert Addie of Robin of Sherwood fame. (Did you know that John's Boorman's son Charlie Boorman played the young Mordred and still owns the golden helmet)

Khordred is the bastard son of the Albion "King Arthur Pundragon" and his Slaanesh worshipping sister "Whorgana", from their sordid union. When he came of age, living in shame, he found there was no place for him at the kings court and eventually was cast out by his father, he spent his time living a animal like existence wondering the chaos wastes, eventually the warping effects of the chaos wastes took it toll on the young Khordred and his face started to mutate into that of a dog.  Observing him the chaos god Khorne could not believe his luck, a son of Slaanesh's perverse union ripe for the picking. Khorne wispered promises of great power and revenge in return for blood of his kinfolk, Khordred was seduced and Khorne gifted him with Brass chaos armour with a helmet fashioned for his disfigured face and a mighty two handed hammer "Hate Bringer". He was last seen leading a chaotic warband across the chaos wastes in the direction of Albion, after infamously slaying Slaaneshi champion "Sir Perv'cervix" all Slaaneshi warbands of the wastes follow in his wake hoping to make contact and have their diabolical revenge.

Khordred in all his glory

'Khordred' chaos champion of Khorne

Messing about with camera, feedback welcome

Original miniature can be seen here.

My inspiration for Khordred, the spiteful boy Mordred.

"You seek what Arthur wants? That thing they call the Grail?"

"He's no good, Mother. Take him to the tree."

Mordred miniatures.

Another Chaos Beastman for my Warband, I cannibalised this miniature for it's sword years ago so I had to drill a hole and insert a spear.

Original miniature can be seen here.

Khornate Beastman

  p.s I have run out of highland tufts for the bases and have to order some more from Warlord games.

Hope you like


  1. Nice. Good paint skills, impressive pun names and some provocative banter. Your warband may well be worthy enough for Lord Savage to seek out on the field of battle.

  2. Quality stuff. It's all hopeless, though... Slaanesh will crush them all beneath his purple sequinned boot!

    1. I can't wait to see some outlandish painting from you guys.

  3. P.S. Didn't I say Excalibur was way better Old School fodder than Zardoz!

    1. you did indeed but I still love the Brutal's in Zardoz, they are chaos Thugs to the max but If I remeber right Mordred had quite a chaotic army I better get searching some photos out.

  4. Excalibur film is excellent it always make me think it must've been some inspiration for the mini designers. What are the mordred minis? Great blog!

    1. Hi thanks for visiting, Excalibur definitely influenced the designers it's a classic, I managed to find the miniatures again here



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