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Wednesday 17 April 2013

Remembering those we have lost - R.I.P John Garland

R.I.P John Garland

John questioning the save ability of a Space Hulk Terminator after being shot by one of his Space Orks on the ramparts. Check out the Acid Reign T-Shirt.
This picture is of my best Friend John Garland who passed away aged 39 on 17th April 2012 after a long and brutal battle with cancer.  He used to play Warhammer and 40K with me back in the 1980's before he became really enthusiastic and concentrated his efforts on RPG's, Boardgames and other independent wargaming products.
He owned 100's of RPG's and Boardgames, he was a die-hard RPGer, GameMaster and had one of the best NPC voices ever, he still dipped his toe into wargaming on occasions and I remember him coming second with his Orc team in our 12 man BloodBowl league even though he said he was only making the numbers up.  He loved to paint miniatures although I am sure he had an unhealthy interest with the colours Titillating Pink and Bilious Green as every miniature he painted had one of these two colours somewhere on them..

I hope all you OldHammer fans enjoy this Photo of John in 1988 as we test out the Warhammer Siege 40K rules with my newly acquired Mighty Fortress.

I could talk for hours about John but it is hard to transfer his life to words on a brief blog post.

If any of you out there knew John feel free to let me know and share memories of this great man, he was mental for Thrash Metal and could always be seen down Edwards no8, the Hummingbird or the Barrel Organ Alternative Pub sporting the latest Anthrax T-Shirt. He was quite fond of the computer section in the first Birmingham Games Workshop and would be always checking out the latest text rpg game.

Unfortunately it is a photo of a photo as my scanner is in the loft.