Friday 18 September 2020

IC301 - Iron Claw Pirates Part 7

Hello again, today I proud to announce another of my Oldhammer projects has been completed, if you are a follower you will know this one has been a slow burner, it probably didn't help that I recently traded the Iron Claw Space Pirate 'Venk' away as I thought I had a double so had to track that miniature down again. This post features the last two pirates of the IC301 Space Pirates 'Vaal the Asharian' and 'Venk'.
Iron Claw Space Pirates - Complete

First up is 'Vaal the Asharian', a fierce looking alien miniature, I really enjoyed painting this guy with is ugly features augmented with cybernetics, wires and a bionic eye, it was a fun.
Vaal the Asharian - side

Vaal the Asharian - back

Vaal the Asharian - side

Vaal the Asharian - front

And finally we have the elusive 'Venk', this miniature like others looking like soldiers is tagged as 'Trooper' which got me thinking were they proof of concept candidate for the Imperial Army range which didn't fit, well he is very militaristic in a paratrooper jumpsuit, I have always thought Citadel just crowbarred some of Bob Olley's sculpts into other ranges, the IC2003 Jump Troops tagged as Astronaut spring to mind.  With all that in mind I went for a  military colour scheme

Venk - front

Venk - back

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Thursday 17 September 2020

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 14

 Borag Thungg Earthlets, today we have two more scrotnig miniatures from the 1985 citadel Judge Dredd miniatures range, as usual these miniatures are from the JD3 Perps and Muties code. I really enjoyed restoring and painting these two.

Jaxon Prince and Shojan

First up is 'Jaxon Prince' a character who appeared in 2000AD Prog 513 (14/03/1987) in the Judge Dredd story 'The Comeback', obviously you can tell from the name and the miniature who is it supposed to be a parody of, in the story they revive Jaxon from his cryogenic tank where he is little more than a mindless zombie and that's all I am going to tell you, you can read the full story here, if you are like me and got rid of all your ancient 2000AD comics you can pick the story in the Judge Dredd Complete Case Files 10. 

I got this miniature from a solid seller and believed it to be mint condition until I had undercoated it and was well into the basecoat there I discovered a massive hole in his face and body after a close inspection and looking at someone else's copy I came to the conclusion that the mold for this miniature must of had problems, it's not the first or last time I'll come across this type of thing anyway the miniature required some restoration on the face and body, using greenstuff I was able to rebuild the face, tongue, cheek and fill the body adding new buttons to his tunic now I am no sculptor but I think the results are pretty good take a closer look. As for paint job I went for full on Thriller zombie skin tones. Also this miniature does have a variant in the 1985 Citadel Miniatures Dr Who range DW9 Time Lord 5, there are a few crossovers between these ranges that I have previously discussed here.

Jaxon prince - front

Jaxon Prince - back

The Comeback 2000AD Prog 513

Lastly we have a fan favourite 'Shojan' from the story 'The Warlord' 2000ad Prog 451-455, this miniature also appeared as 'Aritomo'  a Slaughter Margin campaign miniature, Shojan lets his magic giant samurai wreak havoc on Mega City 1 until the Mega City Judges deal with him, I was going to get some 54mm Del Prado samurai figures and recreate the scene with Shojan leading against some Judges but the painting queue is building up so this idea is on the back burner.  Paint job Shojan appeared in several colours depending on who coloured the covers, etc I went for red and yellow as he appeared in the centrespread of the comic.

Shojan - front

Shojan - back

Shojan the Warlord of Ji

Shojan in his red and yellow garb which influenced my choice of colours

I'll probably do the last of the perps in a couple of months time so stay tuned