Friday, 18 September 2020

IC301 - Iron Claw Pirates Part 7

Hello again, today I proud to announce another of my Oldhammer projects has been completed, if you are a follower you will know this one has been a slow burner, it probably didn't help that I recently traded the Iron Claw Space Pirate 'Venk' away as I thought I had a double so had to track that miniature down again. This post features the last two pirates of the IC301 Space Pirates 'Vaal the Asharian' and 'Venk'.
Iron Claw Space Pirates - Complete

First up is 'Vaal the Asharian', a fierce looking alien miniature, I really enjoyed painting this guy with is ugly features augmented with cybernetics, wires and a bionic eye, it was a fun.
Vaal the Asharian - side

Vaal the Asharian - back

Vaal the Asharian - side

Vaal the Asharian - front

And finally we have the elusive 'Venk', this miniature like others looking like soldiers is tagged as 'Trooper' which got me thinking were they proof of concept candidate for the Imperial Army range which didn't fit, well he is very militaristic in a paratrooper jumpsuit, I have always thought Citadel just crowbarred some of Bob Olley's sculpts into other ranges, the IC2003 Jump Troops tagged as Astronaut spring to mind.  With all that in mind I went for a  military colour scheme

Venk - front

Venk - back

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  1. Bravo! There's few sights better than a fantastically-painted complete set of Bob Olley sculpts. I really like the exotically patterned and coloured skin on Vaal, not to mention his discrete little pirate badge!

  2. Hmm, these are tasty, and clearly have 'something' more than meets the eye. Pretty enjoyable, I love them!

  3. I have Vaal the Asharian, he came in a blister of "Human Adventurers" at the tail end of the rogue trader era. We used him as a Necromunda hired gun, but I think he may become a chaos cultist soon. I have at least one more model from that blister, he had kinda a cone head.

  4. I found my Vaal, I primed him, Wraithbone along with his four blister mates. I'm going to try some heresy I mean contrast paints because I got to speed up my painting. He has a lot of texture they all do, it might work well. I knew someone else had painted them recently, I think you did all the ones I have, I'll try to update my blog today or tomorrow.