Tuesday 2 May 2017

LE9 Space Skeleton

Hello, today we a fun little miniature, another of the 'not so' Limited Edition's that Citadel Miniatures churned out, the Space Skeleton, released in 1986 and sculpted by Bob Naismith, I don't think there's anything else to really tell about this miniature.  The only undead I remember from the Warhammer 40,00 Rogue Trader rulebook were Vampires (Page 205) and Zombies (Page 207) so I guess you could use the rules for the latter to cover 'Space Skeletons' (I love saying that :D).  I was trying out the new Citadel Technical gemstone 'Soulstone Blue' paints on it's helmet visor and I think it worked quite well simply paint the area bright silver and wash the glossy thin colour over the top for effect.

There's other great painted examples over on Solegends, another here at Sho3box and on JB's blog Leadplague so get visiting them and show the guy's some love :)

Tim Prow's Diehard miniatures Kickstarter has a brilliant tribute to this miniature, it's a must see here on twitter which reminds me there is a thriving Oldhammer and old school miniatures/games following over on twitter that is worth checking out, it's really cool and tends to be a bit more mature than the Facebook carnage.

Space Skeleton - front

Space Skeleton - back

He gets about a bit

Next up we have 'Rambones' a Oldhammer miniature from the classic Citadel Miniatures C Series days, a 1987 C17 Skeleton sculpted I think by Aly Morrison. I painted this one up at the same time as my Space Skeleton and decided to include it here as it needed a home. Another play on the 1980's movie character Rambo which the citadel sculptors were quite keen on, I have a few citadel Rambo parodies so I may do a post on this subject one day.
Rambones - side

Rambones - side

Rambones - front

Rambones - back

White Dwarf 91 - C17 Skeletons, Rambones is on the top row

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