RT601 - Adventurers Project

In advert order

For completeness the name in brackets() is the name on the miniatures slottabase tag.
  1. Female Warrior Jayne (Sister)
  2. Psyker (Citizen)
  3. Official (Official)
  4. Pirate Captain (Space Pirate)
  5. Imperial Scout (Scout) sculpted by Bob Naismith
  6. Tech-Priest Schlan (Adeptus Mech)
  7. Squat Engineer (Engineer)
  8. Bandit (Spacer)
  9. Squat Miner (Miner)
  10. Space Pirate (Space Pirate) also listed as 'Lan Duval'
  11. Punk (Space Punk) also listed as 'Xaif'
  12. Navigator (Navigator)
  13. Tech-Priest Zon (Tech) also listed as 'Telepath'
  14. Ships Officer (Astronaut)
  15. Testbed Slave (Testbed Slave)
  16. Extech (Ex Tek) sculpted by Bob Naismith
  17. Scum (Space Enuch) sculpted by Bob Naismith
  18. Astropath Korm (Blank tag) sculpted by Bob Naismith
  19. Old Pirate (Bandit)
  20. Astropath Yerl (Astropath) also listed as 'Imperial Psyker'
  21. Halfling Cook (Cook)
  22. Pilot Lorgar (Pilot)
  23. Pilot Rav (Pilot)
  24. Female Warrior Gabs (Sister)
  25. Mad Punk (Space Punk)
  26. Cyborg (Cyborg)
  27. Imperial Assassin (Assassin)
  28. Ventolin Pirate (Blank tag)
  29. Space Amazon (Space Amazon)
  30. Hero (Feral Hero) sculpted by Bob Naismith
  31. Eldar Trader (Trader)
  32. Hive Worlder (Pirate) sculpted by Bob Naismith
++ Mission Accomplished ++

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