Monday 28 December 2020

Space Crusade - Ultramarine Commander

Hello, during lockdown and with the boy at home, home schooling went to pot and out from the loft came the 1990 M&B classic Space Crusade, my son loved it, I saw it as an education activity and we went on to play many scenarios and some homebrew ones of my own, we used some originally painted miniatures from the early 1990's and some unpainted figures.  

When I got the box down from the loft of holding and opened it up I found three sets of the game crammed into one box and the 1991 Mission dreadnought expansion with those awful Tarantula guns.

The box graphics with those photos of garish painted Space Marines gave me the urge to have a go at painting one so in my boys honour I did and here's the result, I might do some more one day maybe during another lockdown.

Space Crusade - Ultramarine Commander - front

Space Crusade - Ultramarine Commander - back

Now go get your Space Crusades out your loft's and treat the kids.


Sunday 27 December 2020

Fantasy Oldhammer distractions

Hey, another little post today as you can see from my blog posts I mainly paint sci-fi miniatures related to Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader or 2000ad but I often get distracted and start a classic Oldhammer fantasy miniature on the side, I find them exciting and fun as it catapults me straight back to my teenage years, many of the fantasy miniatures I paint are ones I have painted back then and have stripped them of their original enamel paints to have another go. I have some cracking fantasy on the go which you will see soon but in the meantime have a look below at some of the fantasy miniatures I have finished in the last few months, it's a bit of a dump blog post, enjoy.

First up is a C Series 1985 C02 Wizards female sorceress 'Samantha Phox' sculpted by Aly Morrison, I was dying to give this miniature an update from it's blocked in bronze flesh enamel original, there's lots of lovely tiny little details like rings and garter that make this miniature so sweet to paint, I think she would be at home in any 1980's fantasy painting.

C02 Wizard Samantha Phox - front

C02 Wizard Samantha Phox - back

Next is a C Series 1986 C25 Minotaurs 'Bhovus' sculpted by Bob Naismith, This was the second Minotaur I ever owned and used it for AD&D originally painted in human flesh colours, I went for a Yeti feel with this one, a snow Minotaur from the frozen chaos wastes if you like, I just love the absolutely massive muscles with a realistic sized bulls head.

C25 Minotaur Bhovus - front

C25 Minotaur Bhovus - back

I still have my 'finish every Oldhammer Beastman ever created' project on the back-boiler so occasionally get one out to do and this time I chose a 1988 Realm of Chaos Beastmen of Khorne sculpted by Jes Goodwin, he is a bit of a mini minotaur, it was a joy to paint, my original paint job was dreadful as I had painted him for my whacky Genestealer cult army.

Realm of Chaos Beastman of Khorne - front

Realm of Chaos Beastman of Khorne - back

Realm of Chaos Beastman of Khorne - side

Finally we have 1988 Realm of Chaos Champion of Khorne with technology sculpted by Jes Goodwin, not too pleased with this paint job the red feels a bit flat and bright but it's better than my original version that was painted as a Champion of Nurgle!!! so I'll take it as I am not stripping it again.

Realm of Chaos Champion of Khorne with technology - front

Realm of Chaos Champion of Khorne with technology - front

Well I hope you have enjoyed these odd paint jobs now back to my space pirates I go.


Saturday 26 December 2020

Forces of the Imperium - Inquisitor with power weapon

Hello, todays Oldhammer miniature blog post features the 1989 Inquisitor with power weapon which made it's appearance in White Dwarf 118 October 1989 as part of the Forces of the Imperium range, I think it might have been sculpted by Jes Goodwin, the range mainly consisted of inquisitors but also featured assassins and a Rogue Trader who I have previously blogged here

The miniature like other Inquisitors of the range has really interesting armour, personalised, baroque styling, is he wearing foot clamps for zero gravity fighting or are they bionic feet? What is going on with the powersword it is so phallic was the sculptor having a laugh here?  My favourite feature is his unique backpack with cloak that you don't see used on any other Rogue Trader era miniature, the downside of this backpack is that it completely obscures the back of the miniature (photo below).

Now you don't see many painted examples of this miniature out on the web for inspiration so I just went a bit crazy, I put away the usual reds and golds I would lean towards for an Imperial Inquisitor and dug out some more radical base colours, citadel colour hawk turquoise for his main suit then for the main plates vallejo game color plague brown which is more of a mustard colour and a vallejo royal purple cloak, the power weapon and power fist I painted with a blue green iridescent paint.  I think his colour scheme gives him an aquatic feel, maybe he's off cleansing xenos Saharduin on the ocean planet of Piscea or having some other underwater adventure.

Inquisitor with power weapon
Inquisitor with power weapon - front

Inquisitor with power weapon - side

Inquisitor with power weapon - back

Inquisitor with power weapon - side

Not long after the photo below all this lovely detail was covered up forever by is backpack and cloak.

Inquisitor with power weapon - work in progress

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Friday 30 October 2020

Rogue Trader RT601 - Pirates - Part 1

Hello, welcome as another new oldhammer project begins, the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader RT601 Pirates, over the last 30+ years I have painted up most of these and stashed them away in various boxes in the loft, some painted as jungle fighters of Catachan, Imperial Army and even renegades and I've always had the urge to revisit them but didn't want to go sorting through the loft and the ensuing 'strippathon' so I sorted through my doubles and traded a few I was missing and committed to having another go. 

This project is part of a wider goal of mine to complete all the non imperial humans of the Rogue Trader era.  The RT601 Pirates range consists of 24 miniatures sculpted by Bob Naismith and Michael Perry and released July 1988, I think the majority of the range are Naismith's as they reflect his chop shop approach of the time or maybe Perry sculpted the first 12 miniatures and then Bob chopped them up for the other 12, who knows?  whilst prepping the first 20 minis I noticed that some of this miniatures are badly executed sculpts, either the anatomy a bit off or some cases pieces are missing, maybe this was why they weren't available that long, this quirkiness is probably what makes them so appealing to me. Most of the range carry modifications of the same pre cast autogun and bolter and I will be focussing on miniatures carry these first, the rank and file before moving onto the more characterful sculpts.

Spaceway scum, autoguns blazing

As the Citadel Miniatures moved away from individually naming each miniature and slowly moving towards unified catalogue codes, this change makes it a bit more difficult to identify and collect these ranges years on so for my own sanity I have numbered the original advert and will use these numbers as their identities.  The slightly later catalogue numbers had discrepancies especially the later catalogues.  When blogging this project I am going to pair up the pirates based on the bodies they share, some have donor heads from other pirates and some completely fresh sculpts.

Original Advert that appeared in White Dwarf 103

Enough rambling let's move to the miniatures, first up we have pirates 13 and 5.  Pirate 5 is a fun miniature typical bicorn pirate hand, I have 5 copies of this miniature and all have a funny cast hand with a missing thumb.

RT601 Pirates 13 and 5

RT601 Pirate 13 - front
RT601 Pirate 13 - back

RT601 Pirate 5 - front

RT601 Pirate 5 - back

Next we have pirates 12 and 22, 22 has some really nice disc armour plates on his shirt, 12's head is used on another pirate 14 who will appear on my next pirate blog post, I thought the scar on the face was a mould line at first until I inspected pirate 14's face and there it was under the eye patch.

RT601 Pirates 12 and 22
RT601 Pirate 12 - front
RT601 Pirate 12 - back

RT601 Pirate 22 - front

RT601 Pirate 22 - back

Next we have pirates 21 and 15, on my other version of 21 I painted the neck as flabby fat similar to the original advert and I started to do that again on this one but it didn't look right so I repainted it as a scrim neck scarf, I think it looks ok.

RT601 Pirates 21 and 15

RT601 Pirate 21 - front

RT601 Pirate 21 - back

RT601 Pirate 15 - front

RT601 Pirate 15 - back

And finally for this post we have pirates 23 and 18. Pirate 23 has pirate 2's head and 18's head is a bit of a mash up, they have slightly different autoguns, I really like this advancing pose not as bent over as some of the mercenaries or imperial army miniatures.

RT601 Pirates 23 and 18

RT601 Pirate 23 - front

RT601 Pirate 23 - back

RT601 Pirate 18 - front

RT601 Pirate 18 - back

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Thursday 29 October 2020

Rogue Trader - Gyrinx

Hello, today we have another one of the more uncommon Rogue Trader miniatures out there the Gyrinx, the Gyrinx along with the Jokaero and Death Ferret were most definitely the quirkiest miniatures of the Rogue Trader era, if only Citadel miniatures had produced more of the fauna that appeared in the rulebook I am sure the game would look very different today. I am sure all you cat lovers out there will certainly have tracked one down to paint.

Not much I can say about the miniature, I don't know who sculpted it, it appeared on the 1989 Easter Sale Flyer.

As for the paint job the miniature is so small you can't do much with it that hasn't already been done, ginger tom, Bagpus, Blue, green, etc so I put the vote out to the Twitter Oldhammer community on what colours I should with and purple won outright so I went with that, I think original ginger came in second. I went with a stack of purple shades and washes on a white undercoat trying to get a dark to light gradient you often see in cats from the paws up then finished it off with a bit of a highlighting, one hour later I was done.


Gyrinx - front

Gyrinx - back

The Gyrinx appeared in the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook on page 213 and here is the illustration and rules.

Gyrinx illustration

Gyrinx rules

Almost 30 years on and Games Workshop revisited the Gyrinx back in 2017 with Yvraine from the Triumvirate of Ynnead (£50!!!), I fondly remember the rumour mill up to this release it was incredible, nice miniatures but they are way too busy miniatures for simple old me.

Gyrinx 2017


Now my Eldar Trader has a pet or is it the other way round, they choose you don't they?

Awww! don't they look sweet together!

There's quite a few blogs out there featuring Gyrinx's so I have couple of plugs, get over to sho3box plenty of cat/gryinx action over there, Goblin Lee has knocked out a great one here, there are others so apologies if I've forgot you I've not seen any Gyrinx fun posted up in ages.

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Tuesday 27 October 2020

Rogue Trader - RT01 Space Marine Field Police

Welcome back, I am currently working my way through last RT601 Space Pirate range of the Rogue Trader era and with 10 of 24 miniatures complete so far it's going well but it's hard work batch painting so I'm having a quick break from them to play with a few single pieces and some revisit old ideas while waiting for the enthusiaum for them to come back.  

One of these old ideas that really got me stoked was the Adeptus Astartes Space Marine Field Police and after a bit of a conversation on Twitter I popped up into the loft and dug out my first attempt to show the Oldhammer crowd, after rooting through the myriad of boxes I finally found him. This 1987 RTB01 plastic Space Marine was converted to hold 2 bolt pistols and painted in Humbrol black enamel gloss with the helmet painted in the first Citadel Colour blood red, you remember the one? it was more like light carmine or pink, I have included pictures of him below for a laugh.

Weeks after I was thinking surely I could do this bygone concept more justice so I went through my collection of RT01 Space Marines miniatures looking for what I thought would make the best Field Police Marine, there were several candidates but in the end I settled for Brother Leanman (also listed as Brother Lestrade later on).

The Field Police rank appeared on the beautifully illustrated page 168 of the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook but was forgotten in the background descriptions and rules which was a shame but it didn't stop us painting them.  There has been modern revisits to the concepts including by Forgeworld but that's all too new for me.

During my paint job I tried best to capture the feel of the Rogue Trader illustration, I always find black extremely hard to get right but I think it works, he carries an interesting style of carbine bolter which seems well suited to his rank, the helmet came out a bit cartoony which I like and I tied him to my Flesh Tearers with the chapters icon on his shoulder pads badge plate.

Space Marine Field Police Brother Leanman - front

Space Marine Field Police Brother Leanman - side

Space Marine Field Police Brother Leanman - back

The original Adeptus Astartes Field Police illustrations from page 168 of the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook, this style of drawing went on to define how the different Space Marine chapters would be displayed in future codices to come.

Field Police carries a bolt pistol unlike his brethren
Field Police rank marking

The things you did back in 1987 that Humbol black gloss will ensure that this miniature survives into the 41st Millennium

1987 RTB01 Field Police - side

1987 RTB01 Field Police - front

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane, thanks for dropping in.