Monday 28 December 2020

Space Crusade - Ultramarine Commander

Hello, during lockdown and with the boy at home, home schooling went to pot and out from the loft came the 1990 M&B classic Space Crusade, my son loved it, I saw it as an education activity and we went on to play many scenarios and some homebrew ones of my own, we used some originally painted miniatures from the early 1990's and some unpainted figures.  

When I got the box down from the loft of holding and opened it up I found three sets of the game crammed into one box and the 1991 Mission dreadnought expansion with those awful Tarantula guns.

The box graphics with those photos of garish painted Space Marines gave me the urge to have a go at painting one so in my boys honour I did and here's the result, I might do some more one day maybe during another lockdown.

Space Crusade - Ultramarine Commander - front

Space Crusade - Ultramarine Commander - back

Now go get your Space Crusades out your loft's and treat the kids.



  1. Oh, the memories! Really cool, but you don't need another lockdown to make more like this one! (please!) :D

    1. No fear, I am not doing anymore just yet, painting queue has grown quite a bit over Christmas,