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Thursday 29 October 2020

Rogue Trader - Gyrinx

Hello, today we have another one of the more uncommon Rogue Trader miniatures out there the Gyrinx, the Gyrinx along with the Jokaero and Death Ferret were most definitely the quirkiest miniatures of the Rogue Trader era, if only Citadel miniatures had produced more of the fauna that appeared in the rulebook I am sure the game would look very different today. I am sure all you cat lovers out there will certainly have tracked one down to paint.

Not much I can say about the miniature, I don't know who sculpted it, it appeared on the 1989 Easter Sale Flyer.

As for the paint job the miniature is so small you can't do much with it that hasn't already been done, ginger tom, Bagpus, Blue, green, etc so I put the vote out to the Twitter Oldhammer community on what colours I should with and purple won outright so I went with that, I think original ginger came in second. I went with a stack of purple shades and washes on a white undercoat trying to get a dark to light gradient you often see in cats from the paws up then finished it off with a bit of a highlighting, one hour later I was done.


Gyrinx - front

Gyrinx - back

The Gyrinx appeared in the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook on page 213 and here is the illustration and rules.

Gyrinx illustration

Gyrinx rules

Almost 30 years on and Games Workshop revisited the Gyrinx back in 2017 with Yvraine from the Triumvirate of Ynnead (£50!!!), I fondly remember the rumour mill up to this release it was incredible, nice miniatures but they are way too busy miniatures for simple old me.

Gyrinx 2017


Now my Eldar Trader has a pet or is it the other way round, they choose you don't they?

Awww! don't they look sweet together!

There's quite a few blogs out there featuring Gyrinx's so I have couple of plugs, get over to sho3box plenty of cat/gryinx action over there, Goblin Lee has knocked out a great one here, there are others so apologies if I've forgot you I've not seen any Gyrinx fun posted up in ages.

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