Thursday 14 January 2016

Rogue Trader - Space Dark Elf Trooper

Hello Friends,
My latest painted miniature is the Space Dark Elf Trooper who was released on the Warhammer 40,00 Rogue Trader March 1987 mail order flyer along with other famous rarities like the Piscean (Saharduin) warrior and the Imperial Bodyguard. A good example of the original miniature can be seen here.

It was an enjoyable miniature to paint and I went with a purple/violet scheme as I done with previous Dark Eldar projects, I think it brings out their malevolence, it is certainly an interesting miniature covered in intricate pipes, tubes and bands which required lots of concentration to paint neatly. His weapon resembles a Flamer but could also be some sort of Shuriken Catapult if that's what you like, his armour is mesh (chainmail) and carapace plates and he is equipped with a power pack for his armour/weapon or some sort of flight pack.

I would probably say the detailing on the sculpt was probably the reason the Space Dark Eldar did not get it's own range, all that tubing must have been tough to cast and must off lead to lots of failed miniatures, I think all examples of miniature I have seen the tubing has small breaks and missing bits in random areas.

Space Dark Elf Trooper - sideview
Space Dark Elf Trooper - front
Space Dark Elf Trooper - sideview
Space Dark Elf Trooper - back

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