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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 7

Borag Thungg Earthlets,
Today we have more scrotnig miniatures from the 1985 citadel Judge Dredd miniatures range, as usual these miniatures are mostly from the JD3 Perps and Muties code with the occasional ugly and Slaughter Margin campaign miniature, I was really trying to discipline myself to get the Perps and Muties painted before moving on but have already become distracted by the Dark Judges.  I hope you enjoy my latest work as there are some really cool miniatures here, any photos with a blue background were taken in my office by my mate Andy who is a wildlife photography nut, we have been trying to apply his skills to miniature photography, let us know what you think.

First up we have 'Rhode Island Redfrom the JD3 Muties code, this miniature is the holy grail to many a JD miniature collector, I am lucky enough to own two, I have seen these go for £25 each on eBay such is the demand, this hideous mutie appeared in the story 'The Fear That Made Milwaukee Famous' which featured in the Judge Dredd Annual 1981 so hunt that one down if you want to know more about him. I painted him in the colours of the comic strip,  lots of good paint jobs of this miniature about, like this one here on Sho3box.

Rhode Island Red - front
Rhode Island Red - back
Rhode Island Red

Second up we have 'Two-Heads' another miniature from the JD3 Muties code a 1985 sculpt and also appeared in the story 'The Fear That Made Milwaukee Famous' which featured in the Judge Dredd Annual 1981.

Mutie Two-Heads - front
Mutie Two-Heads - back


Next we have 'Citizen 1' from the Slaughter Margin range sometimes referred to as 'Citizen Hetfield' probably as he bears some resemblance to Mettalica's James Hetfield with his late 1980's haircut, another great addition to my non-combatant miniatures, I ended up going full goth on this one and think it works.
Citizen 1/Citizen Hetfield - front

Citizen 1/Citizen Hetfield - back

Citizen Hetfield

Next we have the last of the three Wreckers in the range, 'Wrecker' from the story 'The Wreckers' in Progs 374-375. Here are his mates.

Wrecker - front

Wrecker - back


Here we have 'Kneepad Jones'  a JD3 Perp, the name is really familar I am sure he was in a story but can't find anything on it so i guess I am mistaken although he could of been in a daily star strip, this miniatures in made up of a lot of bits and pieces of others, which came first who knows? I love his outfit totally Mega-City One.

Kneepad Jones - front

Kneepad Jones - back

Kneepad Jones

Next is 'Jason Basin' sometimes mistaken for 'Perpolito' due to the grainy images of the original adverts, I am quite familar with his name has this was one of the names my mate would scream at me in the playground as children :D
I took a lot of photos of this miniature to show off his amazing outfit and appears to have a problem remembering is left, right, up and down as both kneepads and boots are labelled with 'L' and 'R', his helmet has 'UP' on it and arms have up and down arrows, bizarre there must be story in there.

Jason Basin - front

Jason Basin - back

Jason Basin - front

Jason Basin - side

Jason Basin - side

Jason Basin - back

Jason Basin - front

Jason Basin

Here we have a Ugly 10 one of the many Uglies variants (I nearly have them all) which I painted up in the early 1990's, rebased him to my current favourite scheme and jazzed him up a little.  Sculpting/Moulding around his outreached hand was a bit rough so I filed it and painted it up as a Mega-city Cred.

Ugly 10 - side

Ugly 10 - front
Ugly 10 - back

And lastly we have another miniature from the Slaughter Margin range and another miniature which I painted up in the early 1990's, rebased and tidied up, it's quite tough work painting over gloss varnish, this one is 'Vid Crew Camera', a later sculpt/variant he has the body of an Ugly with the head of Kneepad Jones, I am still looking for 'Vid Crew Sound' to complete my collection if anyone out there has him.

Vid Crew Camera - front
Vid Crew Camera - back

Thanks for stopping, Florix Grabundae

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Thursday 27 April 2017

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 6

Borag Thungg Earthlet,

Here's my latest batch of 1985 citadel Judge Dredd miniatures, I have tried to discipline myself and do more weaponless citizens, the hoi polloi of Mega-City One's streets.

Again these miniatures are mostly from the JD3 Perps and Muties range with the occasional Slaughter Margin campaign miniature.

First up we have 'Bel' from the Slaughter Margin range a later 1987 sculpt, looks a bit like Richard Beckinsale, this Perp is a Scrawler and carries a couple of spray cans, an excellent addition to my non-combatant miniatures.

Bel the Scrawler from Slaughter Margin - front

Bel the Scrawler from Slaughter Margin - back

Next up is another inhabitant of Big Meg, nameless 'Citizen' who carries a very goblinoid looking mutie a baby, I took a few photos of this one to show you the baby too.

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - side

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - front

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - back

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - side

Next we have 'Squid Face' of the 'Mutie Brotherhoodin the Cursed Earth saga progs 65-66. I have already painted several members of his gang, Morgar the leader, Brother JobeeBrother GomorrahMutie with BazookaMutie in Dress, Brother Obee is the final Brotherhood member to complete and he'll be finished soon.

Squid Face - side

Squid Face - back

Squid Face - front

Continuing with have another Mutie 'Skink' I don't recall this one from any Dredd stories but I will be keeping my eye out for him as I read old progs at bedtime, he'll make a excellent Cursed Earth desperado and he is a variant of the Perp miniature 'Dib', I aim to do a post comparing all the Judge Dredd variants and how they were used to seed other ranges one day.
Skink - front

Skink - back

Here we have Captain Ravioli a miniature I painted back in the early 1990's and tidied up a little, he has Link Angels head and Rhode Island Red's body.

Captain Ravioli - front

Captain Ravioli - back

The next two miniatures are Judge Dredd Uglies, there were about 16 variants of 3 poses, the two below I also painted back in the early 1990's, I have loads of these Uglies and hope to paint enough for an Ugly Mug Ball (Prog 447) one day. We have Pig face and Flat Face below.

Pig Face Ugly - front

Pig Face Ugly - back

Flat face Ugly - front

Flat Face - back
Thanks for popping by, Florix Grabundae