Thursday 27 December 2018

IC301 - Iron Claw Pirates - Part 2

Hi, my latest Oldhammer project is coming along nicely, Bob Olley's 1987 IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates.  I wrote in my last blog post about how much I love these Iron Claw Space Pirates as they are a bizarre mix of characters with mysterious equipment and today's post is covering another two pirates, both interesting miniatures who appear to be aliens or xenos to all you grimdark fans. Let me introduce you to ‘Ooglorg the Cruel’ and 'Col. Vlad'.

Ooglorg the Cruel & Col. Vlad

First up we have ‘Ooglorg the Cruel’ who certainly appears alien in name and appearance with bulging eyes, massive ears and horns on his wrinkly head, I went for a blue skin tone to match the skin colour in the original advert with white hair reminiscent of 2000AD's Rogue Trooper.

Ooglorg wears an armoured gorget/pauldron combination adorned with skulls all appear to be of alien origin, he is armed with one of the strangest and most impractical of all of Olley's weapon sculpts I have no idea what it supposed to represent it looks very top heavy with two barrels and it's trigger appears to be like that of a medieval crossbow, I gave it fiery glows around the barrel area and green glows around the trigger area.  Unpainted his tab identifies him as mercenary.

The resin base might be from Black Cat bases I can't remember and the skull I think was supposed to a horses but with a bit of a purple wash I think it looks like a decent alien skull.

Ooglorg the Cruel - front

Ooglorg the Cruel - front

Ooglorg the Cruel - back

Ooglorg the Cruel - side

Ooglorg the Cruel - side

Ooglorg the Cruel - side
Ooglorg the Cruel - alien skull at his feet

Today's second miniature is 'Col. Vlad' Col. is an abbreviation of colonel so this alien has a rank maybe amongst his space pirate band or maybe from a previous occupation, he reminds me of the alien in the superb 1985 s movie Enemy Mine, I steered away from the original skin colour depicted in the advert for this one as it appears that the painter of this range just painted most of the aliens characters blue although they are clearly of different alien species I would of liked more colours, I went for bright greens and yellows including original Citadel Colour Bilious Green.

Col. Vlad has an armoured vest and shoulder pads that is a reoccuring theme on many of Olley's Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader sculpts and again a strange alien weapon with a weapon butt that looks like Viking design and could tie in nicely with Bob Olley's space viking. Unpainted his tab identifies him as mercenary.

Col. Vlad - front

Col. Vlad - front

Col. Vlad - side

Col. Vlad - back

Col. Vlad - side

Colonel Vlad

Blue Aliens everywhere!

Apologies for ramblings on but I feel there is so much more to discuss about these miniatures and am happy to hear your thoughts on these gems.  Still struggling with photography too so expect these photos to be update in near future.

Another six Iron Claw Space Pirates on the workbench at the moment so stay tuned for more to come.


Monday 17 December 2018

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 10

Borag Thungg Earthlet,
Wow two years I have been working on this Judge Dredd Perps project doing one on one off, each time I finish a batch of these start work on something else just to clear the air then come back to these and I feel am making good progress.  Today I have my latest batch of eleven miniatures completed to show you.

A motley crew

Again all are from the Citadel Miniatures 1985-87 JD3 - Perps & Muties code.

1. 'Bonehead Mcgraw' is a character that I am sure I know from world of Dredd but I couldn't remember her in any prog so she might be a daily star strip character, she did appear on Cliff Robinson 'Justice Is Just Around the Corner' poster in prog 407, I kind wish I had found the poster out before I painted the miniature as I would of tried to match up the colours, she is armed with a shotgun and wears a horned helmet adorned with a skull.

Bonehead Mcgraw

Justice Is Just Around the Corner

2. 'Dib' this one would fit in nicely with the Angel gang or any band of cursed earth deparados, I went for basic colours for this one blue denim and butternut to try and give him that deep south confederate feel, he is a variant of the mutie 'Skink'.


3. 'Spug Splatt' I painted this unfortunately named miniature (Spug is a profanity in Judge Dredd universe) as rastafarian citizen I think his braided hair made the decision easy, I have seen many 'dreads' over the years in JD strips, some in wally squads, I can imagine him now screaming "ahhh! babylon as Dredd nails him with a ricochet bullet", this one is a variant of Citizen Hetfield.

Spug Splatt

4. Here we have a rare Slaughter Margin scenario miniature 'Hoshiwara/Shomenko' or 'Yakusa', I know little about this miniature, don't think I own any variants across my citadel collection but it might still be waiting to be discovered, armed with Katana, swanky suit and tie, he has the obligatory samurai sideburns.

Slaughter Margin - Hoshiwara/Shomenko/Yakusa

5. Next is 'Theobald Wen', it appears he is holding his diary, I tried painting the word in to the sculpting but it was so old and rough it was a struggle. His story is yet to be told, also variant of mutie Brother Gomorrah.

Theobald Wen

6. This one is a 'Scrawler' a Mega City graffiti artist, I like this one as he actually leans forward so would be great perched against walls, I did paint another scrawler 'Bel' so I think I am going to pair them up.


7. Next is 'Solo' who is a variant of 'Security' with the head of 'Citi-Def Attacking' miniature and the Paranoia range 'Guard Officer'.


8. We have here 'Chapman Pincher' not a character name from Judge Dredd but again like many others named after a Mega Block (See Block Mania - Prog 238), I believe he is based on the character 'Faceache' or 'The Ghool' of the Zits gang in the story 'West Side Rumble' see 2000AD prog 434I love this guy he is so fugly and beat up I will be adding him to mob of unarmed perps.

Chapman Pincher

9. Next up is 'Lambreta' there have been other characters named Lambreta with wide gangster hats in progs later than when this miniature was sculpted so I have nothing to tell except he is a Ape gang variant.


10. Perpolito/Unlisted Perp, this miniature is a bit of an enigma as it does not appear on any of the Citadel Miniatures advert pages, Jason Basin is pictured twice under the name Perpolito, as this one is the only unnamed perp I think it is obvious as Jason wears a basin helmet.  The miniature could be a attempt at  Filmore Faro as he has that strange hook or riding crop weapon and the outfit matches so we are only missing the pan on head, the hair could of been a pan that was cast badly? (for more of Filmore see 'The Judge Child' story).


11. Lastly we have 'Flinn Shaver' appears to another member of the Cosmic Punks from Prog 110 'Punks Rule' story, you can see their gang leader Gestapo Bob Harris here. I wish I had gone with the leopard print top in the colour image here.

Flinn Shaver

If you know something I don't about any of these characters please tell me I would love to know more, sculptors, JD stories and especially Daily Star strips.

Here is a progress report, still lots to do

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Thanks for stopping by, Florix Grabundae