Tuesday 27 September 2016

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 3

Borag Thungg Earthlet,

I am back working on my citadel Judge Dredd miniatures as I absolutely love these 1985 sculpts, scale and being a hardcore 2000ad fan trying to identify which characters the each miniature is based on.

Today's work all from the JD3 Perps and Muties range.

Up first is 'Mutie in Dress' was a member of the mutant band lead by Morgair and appeared in the Cursed Earth saga progs 65-66 plus the superb star pinups below by Brian Bolland. She is armed with a spit carbine and sports a ballerinas tutu and tights.

Mutie in Dress - side

Mutie in Dress - front

Mutie in Dress - back

Next up we have 'Brother Gomorrah' who is also one of Morgair's cursed earth muties and also appeared in progs 65-66 and the star pinups below, I do have the rest of the miniatures that make up the mutant band to paint up.  I should also mention like most of the miniatures in the Judge Dredd range this one has a variant of sorts 'Theobald Wen'.

Brother Gomorrah - front

Brother Gomorrah - back
2000AD Star pinups below by Brian Bolland featuring Morgair's cursed earth mutants.

Mutie in Dress is in the shopping trolley top left and Brother Gomorrah top right

Mutie in Dress is standing left of Morgair and Brother Gomorrah on the right

Here we have another Mutie 'Three Eyes', again the name says it all, armed with a large rusty chopper and revolving spit pistol.  This this mutie appeared in the story 'The Fear That Made Milwaukee Famous' which featured in the Judge Dredd Annual 1981.

Three Eyes - front

Three Eyes - side
Three Eyes - back

This next one has the appearance of a Mutie but I believe he is a Perp, 'Fettuchini' he appears to be mix of several sculpts which is very common in this range, he also has three eyes so makes a great mutie. I don't recall him being a in Dredd story but that doesn't mean that he wasn't. I got a bit carried away with this one and opted for stars and stripes muscle pants and vest :D


Next we have a mutie called 'Mr Fields' a variant of the 'Link Angel' sculpt, I am sure I remember this character but when I put asked for help from the 2000ad twitter community nobody could recall him so I am stumped at the moment. He is armed with a M15 rifle a 20th centuary artifact.

Mr Fields - front
Mr Fields - back

Lastly we have the 'Citi-Def attacking' miniature at the time of painting I only had one copy of this miniature at the time of painting (and now have 4 so there may be a future squad project in the works) and he was in a real bad state, he was badly stripped, very dark grey and covered in oxidation that made the miniature appear like the Michelin man, most of the detail was obscured so I had to rely my experience in cleaning up very old preslotta Chaos Beastman and I dropped it in a bath of white vinegar for a couple of hours, there was some furious fizzy and the oxidation and paint flecks crumbled away, by the miracle of chemistry the miniature came back to life and the majority of the detail was restored. I then had to thoroughly rinse the miniature and dry it before sealing with a good undercoat, paint job and varnish. I know that other miniature restorers neutralize the white vinegar first with bicarbonate of soda first and then rinse in distilled water but I think that's a bit of a faff and just give a good blast of cold water for a few minutes.

Restored Citi-Def attacking - front
Restored Citi-Def attacking - back

A quick observation on the Judge Dredd miniatures weapons, I see many of the same weapons reoccuring all through the range also on the Rogue Trader Fishmen and in the Paranoia range which makes me think that all these weapons were cast up on mass and used by the sculptors when required.

I have recently acquired a massive lot of Judge Dredd the miniatures game Rulebooks and about 50 miniatures so I am hoping to find out some of same characters from the citadel range and do some comparison painting.

Most important is that Prog 2000 of 2000AD is out tomorrow featuring some of our most loved characters return so go buy and enjoy we need to keep british comics alive!

I hope you enjoyed, Florix Grabundae


  1. Brilliant mate! Love the old 2000ad range, and these look spot on. Nice work on saving that poor mini btw!

  2. fantastic, I think your painting style really captures the oldschool comics look perfectly, vibrant and yet very easy to read. That's a killer combo.

  3. Bit late to this but I love the paint job on 'Mutie in Dress'. Great colour choices there Jase. Well done mate. More Beastmen next time tho!!! I need my fix ;)

  4. Wonderful old figures and your terrific paint jobs really bring them to life. I like this range a lot, and numerous JD mutants have crept into my Rogue Trader collection over the past few years. I keep discovering new ones, too. I can't remember ever seeing the fish faced girl before.