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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Oldhammer Chaos Beastman and Runequest Broo

Hi Folks welcome back, 
Lately my legions of Chaos Beastmen and Broo have been feeling a little neglected but while I have been getting back to my Rogue Trader and Judge Dredd projects I still managed to flick a bit of paint on a few Beastmen and enter them into my new Beastmen gallery.

First we have Tiger Man a C27 Chaos Beastman from 1985, a really lovely miniature from this range just before miniatures started appearing with plastic slotta shields, coincidentally I am currently rereading Meltdown Man a 2000AD story from 1980 progs 178 to 227 collected into one volume by Rebellion and the main villains Leeshar's chief henchman is Tiger Commander who I think you will agree is almost a perfect clone of Tiger Man, I wonder if this story and the plethora of animal men had any influence on Trish Morrison's Chaos Beastman sculpts which are very different to the Runequest Broo that Citadel had did before.

Tiger Commander from Meltdown Man
I also think Tiger Man might fit nicely into a Frostgrave Pan Tang Warband like this one I recently enjoyed viewing on Axiom's magpieandoldlead blog, go and have a look it's brilliant.

Tiger Man - front

Tiger Man - back

Tiger Man - side

Next up we have Runequest Chaos Broo Runepriest from way back in 1982, a menacing looking creature, he will certainly be performing blood ritual with my blood priest.  I discovered that this miniature was used as the base miniature for the C27 Chaos Beastman Half-Man, I had never noticed until I started thinking I've painted this miniature before which is quite a common experience for the first few ranges of Citadel Beastmen.

Chaos Broo Runepriest - front
Chaos Broo Runepriest - back

Lastly we have a Broo with Spear or pointed stick in my opinion maybe hardened by fire at the point, a pretty basic and early Broo sculpt lacking in details and quite fragile, although it did require careful restoration due to it's thin legs.

Broo with spear- front
Broo Runepriest - back (not much going on I know)

I hope you enjoyed my latest efforts
thanks for visiting

Saturday 22 August 2015

C13 Kaleb Daark and other work

Hi Friends, today I finally got around to finishing Kaleb Daark, I am not going to go into his history as it has been covered in countless blog posts, here and here are two good Oldhammer blog examples. He has been sitting on my paint station for about 6 months and after several disasters during his paint job I almost threw in the towel as this is the third time I have painted this miniature from it's original purchase back in the late 1980's, be warned neat Vallejo game colour Black wash is very dark, I spend hours getting the perfect black following the teachings of an artist I once read saying there is no such colour as black and after several shades of grey (ooer) I was almost finished and then decided to give the miniatures a wash of Vallejo game colour Black wash to add more depth, the miniature turned out like a lump of dusty coal, anyway I put a lot of work in salvaging rather than stripping the miniature and am sort of happy with the end result, I have tried to stay true to the comic strip a homage to the late Brett Ewins with the shield and helmet design but the miniature did deviate from the comic strip in many places which also wasn't always the same in every illustration, I hope you like.

Kaleb Daark on his mutant warsteed
Side view displaying his shield design
Front view with Dreadaxe
Side View 2
Front view 2
Next we have C27 Chaos Beastman 'Kiss of Death', a collection I have now completed :), this miniature I managed to acquire for £2 from a member of the Facebook Oldhammer Trading Group as it had a broken club which I easily replaced with a club from the Warhammer Empire Militia plastics, heresy I know but it looked right to me. 

Kiss of Death - front
Kiss of Death - back
I  always like to do my own research on my miniatures and try to stay clear of others findings as this can be taken as the final answer, I have convinced myself that the 'Kiss of Death' Beastman was not a new sculpt but a modification of another which is very common in early Citadel miniature ranges so after much searching I think the base miniature for this sculpt is from the C32 Slann range either Polo Slave 1 or Slave 2, I think you would agree that the club on Slave 2 is very similar to the 'Kiss of Death' Beastman's original club (if you have him to look at close up), other evidence is that the C27 Chaos Beastman were sculpted by Trish Morrison and the C32 Slann Trish and Ally Morrison are credited as the sculptors.  Not a easy miniature to find painted examples of but I managed to find one by Orlygg on realmofchaos80s, go check it out here.

Next we have some Runequest Broo, the original Chaos Beastmen, it's funny that I acquired these miniatures in a battered none padded envelope in the pub when meeting up with a mate, we were both wrecked and the miniatures were too, originally painted in the early 80's they required a lot of TLC to bring them back from the brink of destruction, not the greatest paint jobs but I had battered painted miniatures with dark grey patches and lead oxidation in places to play with so I was happy with the restorations.

Sometimes charity costs you dearly (well in time anyway)
FF68 Goat-headed Ogre always considered a Broo with the addition of a old, old Citadel Orc axehead

The next 3 are from the Runequest Box 4c: The Broo

Broo with Dagger
Broo with spiked mace
Rhino Headed Broo (I have many more of these to paint up :D)

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Thursday 25 June 2015

More C38 Chaos Beastmen

Hi, for today's post we go back to 'C' series Chaos Beastmen, luckily they vary so much you don't really get bored of them.  I have painted four new additions which all are being drafted into my Morcockian 'true' Beastman regiment.

Four new Chaos Beastmen ready to join their friends
The first Beastman in this post is not actually a Beastman but a Devil from the much loved C18 Night Horror range,  This miniature started life as a Runequest Broo (the original Chaos Beastmen, see Broo previous mention) and he can be seen here but at some time later must have had his arm re-sculpted with the bottle removed replacing it with him making a demonic sign before going into the C18 slottabase molds. His head was available separately too in the Runquest Broo range.  Last thing I would like to say about this miniature is that the original Runequest Broo swigging the bottle appears in the ranks of Byran Ansell's Chaos Beastman regiments here's a photo (thanks Steve), a great pedigree for this miniature indeed.

Devil Night Horror - front
Devil Night Horror - back
Next we have have Sea-horseman from from the C38 Chaos Beastman range, a bizarre creature with armour festooned with all sorts of aquatic creatures and a nicely sculpted chaos star on it's shield, you may have noticed that many of the later Realm of Chaos Slanneshi Chaos Beastmen resemble sea life of some sorts, could Sea-horseman have been inspiration for these miniatures?   I have two more variants of this miniature, Fishman  and Fishman with Slug man's head. (I think Sea-horseman is another miniature I have to thank Steve for)

Seahorse man - front
Seahorse man - back
Next we have another C38 Chaos Beastman simply named again as Beastman who appears to be a variant of the C38 Eagleman, I was not overly keen on this miniature and only painted him for completeness, it's not a great sculpt, he appears to have a grotesque little head grafted onto the side of his head.

Beastman - front
Beastman - back
And finally we have another C38 Chaos Beastman that you don't see around often again simply named Beast man, he was in a terrible condition with lots of brittle metal, the bow just fell off and needed gluing back on, oxidation needed brushing off with a hard brush but the nice thing about this one is that is he is armed with a bow  a rare option for Beastmen, I did not really feel the Beastman vibe with this miniature as it looks more like a Half-Orc or Goblinoid, I wanted to give him an unusual skin colour as I did not want him to be mistaken as a goblinoid so I opted for Vallejo Pale Blue which worked well then I realised the finished miniature looked like a cross between Rogue Trooper and an Avatar Na'vi but I am happy with it and he fits in nicely with the others. This Beastman is a variant of the Horned C38 Beastman (better picture to come) who also has variant not standing on a rock when it was later converted to a slotta base mould.

Beast man with bow - front
Beast man with bow - back
Beast man with bow - side
Here is how my Beastman units are forming up on the Chaos shelf in my display case.

Chaos Beastmen regiments ranked up
The chaos shelf in full.

Chaos Shelf
The display case in full, a recent present from the in-laws.

Showcase with my favourite miniatures displayed
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Sunday 10 May 2015

From The Chaotic Abyss

Hi, my collection of the C38 Beastmen is drawing to close and a only have a few to track down and plenty of doubles to trade to help me acquire them, I absolutely love these first C series Chaos Beastman and although they are not the first ever Chaos Beastmen as there origins lie with the Runequest Broo which I also collect, they are for sure the very stuff of chaos with their wild mutations, individuality and hideousness I like to imagine they would route an opposing lawful army on sight. I think they reflect some of the more crazy art and the chaos attributes of the first Realm of Chaos book Slaves to Darkness, here are my latest painting efforts with the goal of hosting a true Beastman regiment along side my later Realm of Chaos Beastmen.

These miniatures are seriously old released about 1983/4 so they required lots of repairs, the cleaning up of oxidation, corrosion and lead rot now and then as well as 30 year old paint and milliput so if you do decide to collect these lovely miniatures I will advise you now that when you open those trade or ebay packages and are disheartened by their state, don't be and take inspiration from my end results :)
The new recruits Wolfman, Eagle Woman, Snake Demon, Ostrich Man and Camel Man on their way to join the true Beastman regiment.
First we have Ostrich Man, you are lucky to find him with his scythe intact another crazy zoological mutation.
Ostrich Man - front
Ostrich Man - back
Next we have Wolfman, this miniature is tiny and I had to get my 0/5 brush out for this one, he was covered in oxidation and it took about 15 miniatures of brushing with a hard toothbrush and a dip in the acetone to clean him up. I like him and imagine him a Beastman assassin.
Wolfman - front
Wolfman - back
Next we have Camel Man and not the first Camel Man I have painted see this post and it won't be the last as I have another different posed Camel Man a variant of Walrus Man to make three, the sword had completely corroded away and need replacing so in the spirit of the 1980's I repaired it with the sword from a spare sword arm of an Orc from famous Drastik Plastik Orcs (not to be confused with the later Fantasy Regiments Orcs).

I managed to get this image of Drastik Plastik Orcs from Google images, there is so little documented about this lovely early plastic kit.

Camel Man - front
Camel Man - side
Camel Man - other side
Next we have Eagle Woman, the giant belly she sports reminds of the missus when she was pregnant and I am sure she had an axe to grind too, glad that's over :D
Eagle Woman - front
Eagle Woman - back
And finally we have Snake Demon who is a variant of Crab Man (would also has variants of himself), I am not overly keen on these Demon sculpts due to there simplicity and depth of detail but I had it and it needed painting. Why a Demon wears a thong is beyond me :S
Snake Demon - front
Snake Demon - side
Snake Demon - other side
 What's currently on the workbench, I hear you ask?
Yes, more Chaos Beastmen
I hope you enjoyed your visit and now get following this blog.


Saturday 11 April 2015

Chaos Beastmen Latest Work

Hello, sorry about lack of posts life is so busy at the moment and our hobby suffers but I have managed a little output here we have another C38 Beastman 'Fishman', C27 Beastman Half-man and the highly sought after Realm of Chaos Chaos Beastman with two heads, again all miniatures from the 1980's.

C38 Fishman, this miniature is covered in great detail, shell motifs on his leg plates, crab buckles on his feet, starfish on breastplate, fish scale cloak and a cool jellyfish on his shield, I wisj citadel had gone onto make a whole race of these Fishmen.  This is the first of three variants I have of this miniature, the others are Fishman with Slug man's head and Seahorse man, all posed the same and standing on the shell. For the newbies who do not recognise him he is one of the early preslotta beastmen, see more on the pre-slotta beastman miniatures over at the Collecting Citadel miniatures wiki.

C27 Half-man, a unique miniature that I have never seen painted up on the internet before so this may be a first, this is essentially two miniatures in one as you can see on the back he has another head with one of his arms and both legs facing backwards. It was a joy to paint.

And finally we have the two headed realm of Chaos Beastman, I have seen this miniature exchange hands for stupid money, nice and highly sought after but if you bide your time you can pick him up cheap, 1988 release and I think sculpted by Jes Goodwin but correct me if I am wrong. This guy really should have been a chaos thug as he really doesn't sit right with all the other RoC era beastmen.

Two Heads - front
Two Heads - back
**Update** It was recently brought to my attention that an infamous eBay BIN seller has been using my beastmen photos (and others aka Orlygg's) as painted examples of the miniatures he is selling, well I don't know if I should feel violated or honoured but in return I shall borrow the write from his auction to tell you his research on the miniature, it's a bit wordy and his 'theory' but here it is in full.

"From 1988 and the Realm of Chaos, this is, bar none, the rarest of all the Chaos Beastmen of the era.

Being something of an oddity, this Beastman is often thought of as better placed among the Chaos Thugs, for it is so unlike the other Beastmen. It is not bovid, that is to say, like a goat as most Beastmen are, nor is it bovine, like the minotaurs. If anything this horrible abomination is more corrupt man than Beastman, though it is certainly bestial and twisted by the powers of Chaos, with its distinct and Ettin like two heads which are noticeably different from one other; they have different faces and hairstyles and head shapes. Are they in fact two being fused together? It seems they may be, as there is a prominent scar running down the chest of this mutant, though this may just be coincidental, or misleading chest hair.

The two heads have many similarities: They have pointed ears, sharp fangs and the upturned snout of a bat. They both look somewhat vampiric even or ghoulish, they certainly look animalistic and blood mad and the rough loin cloth held up by rope doesn't make them look any more civilised. Ironically, this most unusual, man like of Beastmen ends up looking even more savage than the goat headed mutants that are normally associated with the name. As if the two heads weren't enough, the ruinous powers have seen fit to gift this creature with a snake instead of an arm also, which is sure to be very useful in the Chaos Wastes, just not for picking things up."

I have loads of projects on the go, several C38 Beastmen near completion and mounted Kaleb Daark coming soon so stay tuned.