Sunday 18 September 2022

Confrontation 40K Diorama & Scavvies - Fan Sculpt

Hello, in today's Oldhammer post I show you my completed diorama based on the 'Confrontation 40K' painting by Les Edwards. You may remember I completed the Necromunda Blood Drinker Space Marine back in March 2021 and since then the accompanying Scavvy gangers have been sitting around my workbench getting the odd flick of paint here and there.

The Scavvy gang miniatures were again sculpted by Drew Day Williams of Satyr Art Studio, please visit the website for some great limited edition Oldhammer inspired miniatures. 

As you might remember from my previous post on this subject, I planned to build a diorama of the painting and faithfully recreate the paint schemes of the characters involved on the miniatures, well today the gangers are finished and I knocked up a quick diorama based out of plumbing supplies, I feel the base is a little small but that was the only piece of mdf I could find lying around the house, my original plan was to integrate the bases in drilled recesses but I ended up just placing the miniatures on it, time is always my enemy.

Anyway here's the photos, they quite didn't come out as I wished but hey ho, enjoy.

My take on Confrontation 40K
From above
"kill him you scavvies!"
Scavvy Gang line up

Scavvy Gang line other angles
Enemies of the Imperium receive swift justice

Here's a couple of shots of the original painting for reference.

Confrontation 40K - Les Edwards

Confrontation 40K image from the 1989 Blood and Iron book

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