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Rogue Trader - RT01 Space Marines - Flesh Tearers Part 3

Welcome to my latest post continuing the Oldhammer Flesh Tearers Space Marines project I started back in November 2018, previous posts can be seen here Part 1, Part 2.  I now have enough bolter armed marines to play a scenario like the Battle at the Farm and for part 4 I plan to move on to more exotic marines with special and heavy weapons. In this post you will also see that my marines get a reinforcement, a fan sculpt Colossus Imperial Robot.

Latest batch of Imperial Space Marines with robot support.

Another 6 Flesh Tearer Space Marines finished

First up we have Brother Slater, I spotted the original Brother Slater on my first visit to Warhammer World, a well known painted version as an Emperor's Children Marine from around the launch of Space Marine Epic 1st edition used for scale against a Star Wars Scout Walker Titan conversion in White Dwarf 120 (see below). 

As with all the marines in this post I continued to use the Flesh Tearer 3D printed decals from mars_forges on their shoulder pads.  As this marine holds a technical device he might make a good controller for the Imperial  robot.

Space Marine Brother Slater - front

Space Marine Brother Slater - side

Space Marine Brother Slater - back

Brother Slater - White Dwarf 120
The original Brother Slater from WD120 at WHW

Next we have Brother A Skull or renamed later as Brother Dixon, his interesting helmet gives rise to his name and he appears to been awarded the iron cross before the days of Terminator honours, he is armed with a bolter and power glove,  I've seen this odd looking marine used several times as an Inquisitor back in the day. As variants go Brother Marine Quiff from the same range shares all but the head.

Space Marine Brother A Skull - front

Space Marine Brother A Skull - another angle

Space Marine Brother A Skull - back

Following on we have Battle Brother Dedmole later renamed to Brother Taylor, who knows why was he the only marine named 'Battle Brother'?  In original advert he had a different backpack which I go into further on down, this marine is quite different compared to most of the marines of the range, armour pieces and helm are smaller, eyes more together, I feel he fits in with the marines of Rogue Trader rulebook illustrations much better.

Space Marine Battle Brother Dedmole - front

Space Marine Battle Brother Dedmole - side

Space Marine Battle Brother Dedmole - back

Space Marine Battle Brother Dedmole - side

I'm a big fan of painting Space Marine backpacks and when I used to pore over the original Space Marine adverts I spotted a strange looking backpack on Brother Dedmole in White Dwarf 93 it really excited me as it was clearly different to the backpacks on all others, I had to know more.

Brother Dedmole, what strange backpack is this?

Analysing the few photos of Dedmole that existed I was convinced that it wasn't a conversion and some lost backpack exists and after a lot of research I identified the backpack as the one included with the Rogue Trader unreleased metal multi part marine, which I'll probably never own as the price tag would be way too high to reunite it with Brother Dedmole.  I am also starting to think that other pieces of this multi part kit were used when sculpting Dedmole.

Rogue Trader unreleased metal multi part Imperial Space Marine

Next Brother Meredith, I have painted this marine so many times over the years and still have them in the loft but I had another go for this project, originally I was going to include him in my medics post but he is walking wounded so I didn't as he still has some fight in him, I painted him as if he had taken a blast on the one side, the sooty face might appear a bit comedic but it can really happen like this.  He'll need some serious work when he gets back to the tech adepts in the chapter monastery.

Space Marine Brother Meredith - front

Space Marine Brother Meredith - side

Space Marine Brother Meredith - back

In part 2 of this project I painted Brother Sheer and mentioned that he was a variant of the first wave of Imperial Space Marines Brother Froth who we have below, I always like to point out variants and the variation in Brother Sheer is so subtle the uninformed may trade him off thinking him a double (I've done similar, a costly mistake :D).  In the last post I suspected that the gap between bolter and shoulder pad was filled with a gun light due to problems with the casting process with the Brother Froth miniature and hence Sheer was born.

Space Marine Brother Froth - front

Space Marine Brother Froth - side

Space Marine Brother Froth - back

Space Marine Brother Froth vs Brother Sheer - 1

Space Marine Brother Froth vs Brother Sheer - 2

Space Marine Brother Froth vs Brother Sheer - 3

Space Marine Brother Froth vs Brother Sheer - 4

Next we have Brother Harris, I love this marine, the facial scars and metal plates holding his head together, he looks like he has been through the wars. His armour has some extra armour plates and his bolter has a different configuration to others, it's longer with an extended back and barrel and he appears to be either opening the top of it to clear a jam or have a custom grip on the top, it also has a vicious looking combat blade, this is my ideal boarding marine.

Space Marine Brother Harris - front

Space Marine Brother Harris - side

Space Marine Brother Harris - back

Lastly we have a fan sculpt Colossus Imperial Robot, this miniature is huge and I feel a great improvement on the original, it was available at TrollSoup for a very short period of time and I managed to snap them all up before being discontinued. It was sculpted by Drew over at Satyr Art Studio. It has the classic configuration of Bolter, Melta and Siege Hammer.  I used the Mighty Brush decals on this one, they are out of this world!!.

Fan Sculpt - Imperial Colossus Robot - front

Fan Sculpt - Imperial Colossus Robot - side

Fan Sculpt - Imperial Colossus Robot - back

Fan Sculpt - Imperial Colossus Robot - side

Fan Sculpt - Imperial Colossus Robot - side

I just have to share the great packaging art

Robots packaging art

Comparison shot with the originals

Anyway I think I have rambled on long enough in that way I do but i hope you enjoyed the post and will be back for more in the near future, get following this blog and on twitter: @fuljason



Sunday, 19 June 2022

Rogue Trader Medics and Casualties - Part 1

Hello and welcome back, todays post is part one of a Oldhammer project I keep coming back to featuring Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader era medics and the casualty miniatures from the various Imperial ranges that I think marry up nicely with these miniatures.  I am lucky enough to still own all these miniatures from back in the day although I did have to source one rare missing part and have a bit of stripping still to do, read on if you want to know more.

First batch - Rogue Trader Medics and a Squat casualty

A couple of medic miniatures appeared in initial 1987 Space Marine, Imperial Army miniature ranges and plenty of casualty miniatures in the above ranges and Squat ranges then in White Dwarf 102 June 1988 we were treated to a brilliant 'Index Astartes' Medics article on page 71 and a beautiful accompanying RT701 Medics range. The Dave Gallagher's art in the article was awe-inspiring and I think you really feel the gravity of the situation the medics are in and this really sealed the deal for me I was sold.

White Dwarf 102 - Dave Gallagher - Medics in action

The article also gave us Dave Andrew's imperial codex colour schemes for imperial forces, giving plenty of ideas of where we could go with our miniatures, back in the day I did Mentors Legion, Crimson Fists, 1st Regiment and Iron Hands. 
Imperial codex schemes

The miniatures I am aiming to paint in this project are pictured below, there are couple more prone miniatures I have that appear uncatalogued but not rare a common thing for the time. I have purposely omitted all the miniatures with bandages, etc as they are walking wounded who still have some fight in them and will be included in other projects so prone wounded only for this project.

Rogue Trader era Medics and Casualties I aim to paint 

First up we have '04 Marine' from the RT701 Medics range, released in 1988's White Dwarf 102 and I think he may have been sculpted by Mark Copplestone.  

Now when I originally bought these medics I checked all the blister packs on the wall in Games Workshop Birmingham and none had the medics banner present but I was so excited to get hold of these I purchased them anyway.  While trying to finish off my Rogue Trader era collection a years ago I thought I would keep an eye out for this very hard to find item, 7 years later I spotted one and snapped it up. The banner required a lot of restoration and I made it more robust with a steel pole and I kept the off centre placing like the adverts marines banner.

I painted the medic up as a Flesh Tearers to fit in with my other Space Marine project, the colour scheme I made up, not sure what the codex scheme is . I have decided for this project to paint what I felt was medical equipment in a light teal to give it a medical identity similar to what is available in todays medical industry and for the supply packs, pockets, pouches, etc I painted white to stand out.  This ranges miniatures all featured an imperial version of the medical symbol 'caduceus' on their shoulder pads, the banner and on their headgear the Laurus nobilis wreath, a symbol of their gained knowledge.

RT701 Space Marine Medic 04 - front

RT701 Space Marine Medic 04 - back

RT701 Space Marine Medic 04 - Imperial Caduceus

RT701 Space Marine Medic 04 - helmet laurus nobilis wreath symbol

Following on we have 2 Squat Medics again from the RT701 Medics range and this time I believe sculpted by the Perry Twins. 

Here we have 'Squat 07', again I made up my own colour scheme, I gave him a red drinkers nose as copious alcohol consumption is required to cope in his battlefield role and I continued the light teal equipment theme on his cute Squat sized chainsword. He is a member of the 2nd Regiment and the badges number from 2nd Edition Imperial Guard decals which I trimmed the surrounding circle off and placed on a blue and yellow background. One of the details I love about these squats is they have medical backpack with screen and a device that might be a defibrillator or just a microphone.

RT701 Squat Medic 07 - front

RT701 Squat Medic 07 - front

RT701 Squat Medic 07 - Imperial caduceus and laurel wreath detail

And Now we have 'Squat 07', again I have gone for the reddened face and the insignia of the 2nd Regiment, this wears a cap and carries a lasgun, I gave this one white body armour and painted up the backpack the same as Squat 06.

RT701 Squat Medic 06 - front

RT701 Squat Medic 06 - back

RT701 Squat Medic 06 - Imperial caduceus

Next we have an Iron Claw squat casualty, if it is indeed Iron Claw it was of course sculpted by Bob Olley it's certainly his style, I couldn't find this one in the catalogues but I have a couple so I am not saying it's a rarity, he has your typical prone casualty back, flat, blank with a Games Workshop date stamp like the majority of the casualty miniatures.  He appears to have been shot in the shoulder pad and is lying there waiting for medical attention grimacing.  I made some little discarded bandages for his base with tissue paper and pva taking inspiration from photos of Vietnam medics I had seen who in the mayhem littered the battlefield with used medical items.

I might retake this photo, prone miniatures can be difficult.

Iron Claw Squat Casualty

I have included in this project a Rogue Trader style fan sculpt Space Marine Terminator Apothecary as it scales perfectly the Space Marine Terminators of the time, these miniatures were available as part of a 5 man set which included a Chaplain, Apothecary, Heavy Plasma gunner and other cool options and could be acquired through a Facebook group but I think no longer available.  I had to paint this miniature as quick as possible it was lovely and I found the concept of a Terminator Medic interesting.

This miniature is a really clean and highly detailed resin cast and underarm part has the Narthecium with Reductor, a combo drill/chainsaw for puncturing power armour and harvesting a fallen marines Progenoid Gland connecting to vials around his waist and a light on the hood of his armour.  I kept with my Flesh Tearers theme so painted him red and black, I sourced a 3d print Terminator shoulder icon from my usual provider mars_forges on eBay and used a 'The Mighty Brush' Not Flesh Tearers Blood drop buzzsaw decal, I highly recommend these, superb quality.

Space Marine Terminator Apothecary medic - front

Space Marine Terminator Apothecary medic - side

Space Marine Terminator Apothecary medic - back

Space Marine Terminator Apothecary medic - side

Fan Sculpt Rogue Trader style Terminator squad

Fan Sculpt size comparisons

Design Art was by @spevna give him a follow on Twitter

Fan sculpt Terminator Chaplain Art

Fan Sculpt Apothecary Art

Thanks for dropping in, part 2 will be in a while, something different next time.


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