Tuesday 7 July 2020

Iron Claw - Squat Hovercar

Hello, quick post today of a rarely seen painted Oldhammer miniature and today it's the Citadel Miniatures Iron Claw Squat Hovercar, this miniature was sculpted by Bob Olley and was a limited edition released back in 1987

I painted this one up back in the day with enamels, solid gun metal car and a colourful Squat so It was nice to revisit it and so I got down to stripping it for a repaint. For the hovercar I went for a Vallejo medium grey which looks like a nice light brown colour this was easy to wash and pick out the details of this tiny miniature, I painted squat bold so he stood out from the car and really enjoyed painting the control panel, it is a beautifully sculpted miniature but a challenge to paint the biggest brush I used was a 0/3.

Squat Dakka Dakka?

Squat Hovercar - side

Squat Hovercar - top

Squat Hovercar - controls

Squat Hovercar - side

The hover car is also used as the cockpit of the Iron Claw Roborg with modifications to fit the gun and arms into, the Iron Claw Megabot shares arms and legs with the Roborg, the modular nature of these miniatures appeals to me and had me daydreaming of building a Squat Roborgtm.

Space Ork Mechs on the loft floor

Space Dwarf Roborg anyone?

I should also mention that I am sure I saw this labelled as a 'Gnome Cloud Car' back in the day which makes sense as the miniature is tiny even for squat standards, I can't remember where though but it was either a blister or a flyer, digging deeper I found evidence that it was actually sold and packaged in blisters as a 'TSF20 - Halfling Cloud Car' see photo below.

TSF20 - Halfling Cloud Car

With the new rumours of Squats making a comeback it makes me happy that squats will some classic flying firepower to support the infantry :D

thanks for reading