Monday 18 April 2022

Orc Hybrid - Knightmare Miniatures

Hello, quick post from the backlog of drafts, a few months ago I finished this Oldhammer style miniature from Knightmare Miniatures Space Raiders range the Orc Hybrid obviously based on the Freebooterz Ork-Genestealer hybrid, I fell in love with this miniature the moment I saw it and think it's a great improvement on the original Ork hybrid miniature which I was never a fan of.

I went for typical Space Ork colours with traditional purple and blue Genestealer body parts and finished it off with a custom resin base, check out the shoulder pad I love it.

Orc Hybrid - front

Orc Hybrid - side with Genestealer cult shoulder pad

Orc Hybrid - side

Orc Hybrid - back

Orc Hybrid - side

Below is a picture of the Ork-Genestealer hybrid Frebooterz mob, I didn't find this mob inspiring, maybe it was the lack of official Ork hybrid miniatures or the flat paint job, in fact I have never been a big fan of this wave of Space Orks with their plastic arms and weapons, I found them goofy compared to first wave. I don't think GW ever revisited Ork hybrids which is probably for the best.

Zodgog's brood

Thanks for dropping in and get yourself over to Knightmare miniatures and bag yourself some real fun sculpts.