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Friday 26 May 2023

Chainsaw Warrior - The Villains

 Hello, this short post today features the villain miniatures produced to compliment the Chainsaw Warrior game released by Games Workshop in 1987, the miniatures were released in Citadel Miniatures January 1988 flyer.

Chainsaw Warrior villains

The late Brett Ewins cleary brought his 2000AD Bad Company 1986 influence to the art in this game, during the comic series War Zombies made appearances on the battle scared planet of Ararat and I think the chainsaw warrior would have fit right in with the Bad Company.

I found tough paint jobs, always out of my depth painting zombies so went for rotting flesh on the normal zombie and a glistening gorey red on the vietnam zombie.  The chaos agent is a trickey miniature to paint as the sculpting makes the eyes very hard to reach and some of the other detail is hard to interpret but I got there in the end, I gave it some checkers around the hood to break up the flatness of the robe.

Chaos Agent - front

Chaos Agent - another angle

Chaos Agent - back

Zombie - front

Zombie - back

Vietnam Zombie - front

Vietnam Zombie - back

It nice that the miniatures match the images on the game cards (pictures borrowed from Talisman Island)

Chaos Agent and War Zombies miniatures advert

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