Thursday, 18 February 2016

Paint Pot Restoration - Citadel Colour & Wargames Foundry Paints

Hi Friends, while I am still finishing off a whole bunch of miniatures for this blog and I thought I should share this easy paint pot restoration technique with you.

Now If you been painting Citadel miniatures like I have since the early 1980's you may have amassed quite a number of paints, I myself am probably nearing the 200 mark and although I mainly use Vallejo Model Color nowadays but on occasions I still go back to my Golden Age (pre 1992) Citadel Colour ranges and much has been blogged about these superb paints

I still own all the Citadel Colour paints sets and 95% of the paints are still close to full and in good working order the only problem is the many of the lids are broken and on ones that I have not opened for 20 years the plastic can be a bit brittle and snap forcing me to then prise the lid open with a screwdriver.

All the abuse during painting can lead to the ugly pots of beloved paint and the possibly of air drying your paints up so I went looking for a solution.

Now everybody knows that the original Citadel Colour range is still available now as the Coat D'Arms colour range but I didn't want to replace my original paints I wanted to revive them so I went looking for replacement pots, originally I wanted to transfer all my Citadel Colour into pipette type bottle like Vallejo paints but this was going to a lot of hard work and I am limited to about 4 hours a week painting time at the moment.

Anyway did a bit of Googling for a replacement pot solution and first came across these...

Coat D'Arms Empty Paint Pot Deal for £6.00 for 10

Coat D'Arms Paint Pot Lid for 0.15p each

Now the above solution looked a bit expensive once I had added the £3.50 P&P and when I have about 100 Citadel Colour paints with the white lids and then I came across these on eBay from a craft supplies seller...

Ebay 20 Empty Paint Pots for £7.55 (Buy it now) with Free P&P

I ordered 20 and tested them and they were perfect, in most cases I only have only needed to rip the old battered lid of and firmly push new lid on then I was left with a fully restored citadel colour pot.

Big bag of empty pots arrives at my workstation

Classic Citadel Hawk Turquoise was the first to get a make over as the lid shattered on me the other night and it was in danger of drying out.
Some of my Citadel Colour in retirement
And a few more waiting for a make over
This technique also works great with Wargames Foundry paints which surprisingly all the lids on mine were terribly broken and cracked now these are great paints which I use often so it probably just wear and tear rather than a fault with the product.

Wargames Foundry paints really did need saving and are now restored good as new

thanks for visiting now get painting... and following this blog 


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