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Monday 25 March 2024

Rogue Trader - RT01 Space Marines - Flesh Tearers Part 5

Hello, it feels like I haven't post ages so I had to pull my finger out and get this one finished, my Flesh Tearers Space Marines project was back on the workbench while being constantly interrupted by Oldhammer Citadel C-Series miniatures I am knocking out for our D&D games.

Here's my latest batch of 7 Space Marines.

My latest batch of Flesh Tearer Space Marines

First up we have Brother Sawyer who first appeared in the White Dwarf 100 advert (April 1988) designed by Mark Copplestone and Aly Morrison, in my opinion he is the archetypal Space Marine whose pose is based on the cover of the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook, people still debate the weapon type used by the cover art marine today however the later advert lists him as armed with PowerFist and Hand Flamer, I think it fits.  A plastic banner pole from the later backpack sprue when metal backpacks were being phased out was pinned into place for his Flesh Tearer banner.

Space Marine Brother Sawyer - front

Space Marine Brother Sawyer - side

Space Marine Brother Sawyer - back

Next we have Sgt. Burgess armed with Bolt Pistol again from the White Dwarf 100 advert where he is painted as a Mantis Warrior looking splendid in the green power armour.

Space Marine Sgt. Burgess - front

Space Marine Sgt. Burgess - side

Space Marine Sgt. Burgess - back

Next a decided my chapter needed a Chaplin 410602 from White Dwarf 108, really enjoyed this one, nice cyclops skull on the banner pole.

Space Marine Chaplain 410602 - front

Space Marine Chaplain 410602 - back

As usual I tend to paint every part of a miniature only to then cover up lovely detail with a backpack :D

The back before being covered up by backpack

I followed with a Space Marine bodyguard in a nice guard/at ease pose from the RT105 Imperial Commander set, for some reason I have loads of these so I can imagine the are loads of Commanders out there without a bodyguard, I really must revisit this set.

Space Marine bodyguard - front

Space Marine bodyguard - back

Next I did a Death Eagle marine 410612 from White Dwarf 123 March 1990 in Flesh Tearer colours, another Mark Copplestone sculpt, I wasn't going to do the white and purple colour scheme of the original advert, there's been a lot of speculation on the history of these marines over the years, I am sure I remember them getting an official story in the noughties.

Death Eagle Space Marine 410612 - front

Death Eagle Space Marine 410612 - top

Death Eagle Space Marine 410612 - back

Here we have Brother West with Bolter and Combat blade from White Dwarf 99 advert (March 1988), he is in a good dynamic pose and I love this combat blade much better than the RTB01 chain blade.

Space Marine Brother West - front

Space Marine Brother West - back

And the last Flesh Tearer in this post is a RTB01 Plastic Space Marine, this one was a fun project in itself as I did some extra modelling using Troll Soup OOP Rogue Trader style metal parts, a chainsword, bolt gun and backpack with two mars_forges 3d printed decals, one the chapter icon which I have been using on others where possible and a terminator honours icon, I also built the neck up a bit. I tried to do this RTB01 proud giving him a more detailed paint job as these old plastic lacked all the lovely lines that the metal marines had.

RTB01 Space Marine conversion - front

RTB01 Space Marine conversion - back

RTB01 Space Marine conversion - side

RTB01 Space Marine conversion - side

RTB01 Space Marine conversion - side

Lastly we have a Female Astronaut in power armour a one off fan sculpt from based on the C100 Imperial Space Marines, this was a fun miniature to paint, the backpack was a dream to paint.

Female Astronaut / Femme Marine - front

Female Astronaut / Femme Marine - back

Female Astronaut / Femme Marine - top

My Flesh Tearers are now up to 39 miniatures now, I might have enough for a game now.

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