Rogue Trader Gallery

Miniatures marked with the 'Chapter Approved' stamp are coming soon (Work in Progress)

RT601 - Adventurers

Female Warrior Jayne (Sister)

Psyker (Citizen)

Official (Official)

Pirate Captain (Space Pirate)

Imperial Scout (Scout)

Tech-Priest Schlan (Adeptus Mech)

Squat Engineer (Engineer)

Bandit (Spacer)

Squat Miner (Miner)

Space Pirate (Space Pirate, Lan Duval)

Punk(Space Punk, Xaif)

Navigator (Navigator)

Tech-Priest Zon (Tech)

Ships Officer (Astronaut)

Testbed Slave (Testbed Slave)

Extech (Ex Tek)

Scum (Space Enuch)

Astropath Korm (Blank tag)

Old Pirate (Bandit)

Astropath Yerl (Astropath)

Halfling Cook (Cook)

Pilot Lorgar (Pilot)

Pilot Rav (Pilot)

Female Warrior Gabs (Sister)

Punk (Space Punk)

Cyborg (Cyborg)

Imperial Assassin (Assassin)

Ventolin Pirate (Blank tag)

Space Amazon (Space Amazon)

Hero (Feral Hero)

Eldar Trader (Trader)

Hive Worlder (Pirate)

RT7 Mercenaries

Kylla Condotti

Hacker Harris

'Sarge' Rockhard



Mad Morris

Irn/Iron-Bonce the Squat

Old World Jack

Catachan Luke

No-Face Fargo

Inquisitor Augustus

Fast/East-Star John

Plundering Pete

Space-Dout Sam

Breakout Con


IC301 - Iron Claw Space Pirates

Banzai Jones


Ooglorg the Cruel

Col. Vlad

Star Raven

Dambo Kweltz

Little Rico

Attitude Gorman


Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon

Other Rogue Trader Miniatures

Ordo Malleus Daemonhunter

Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator Armour

Ordo Malleus Daemon Hunter in Terminator Armour

Imperial Bodyguard 'Adeptus Custodes'


Adeptus Arbites

Imperial Army - Trpr. Davey



LE10 - Power Armoured Marine

LE6 - Space Santa

Coming soon

Imperial Space Marines - Adeptus Astartes

LE2 - Imperial Space Marine
Space marine in Mark 1 Thunder Armour
Space Marine in Mark 1 Thunder Armour

Space Marine - Captain Dozier

Brother Ward

Communication Officer Orinoco

Brother Craven

Space Marine - Brother Potter

Treacher Marine

Coming soon

Rogue Trader Aliens & Mutants

Space Dark Elf Trooper

Space Minotaur

Piscean Warrior

Space Goblin (Gretchin)

Space Orc with Blaster (Ork)

Space Slann 'Llamas'

Fishman - Sl'Harsh

Fishman - Pl'Lodor

LE1 - Space Orc

LE9 - Space Skeleton

RT602 - Ambull

Space Zoat

Beastman Trooper Gaxt

Rogue Trader Robots

Slocombe's Warbot's: 'Deathblow' Class Heavy Droid

Slocombe's Warbot's: 'Sam' Type Light Wardroid

SFD Giant Robot 'Scavenger'

SFD Giant Robot 'Scout'

SFD Giant Robot 'Imperial'


Genestealer Magus 1

Genestealer Magus 2

Genestealer Hybrid 1

Genestealer Hybrid 2

Genestealer Patriarch

Modern Warhammer 40,000 miniatures


Belladonna' the Noble Bounty Huntress

Coming soon

Coming soon

Non Citadel Rogue Trader inspired miniatures

Piscean Warrior

Space Minotaur

Coming soon

Coming soon

Citadel Judge Dredd 2000AD miniatures

The Angel Gang

The Fink

The Dark Judges

Judge Death

Judge Fear

Judge Mortis

Judge Fire


Klegg 1


Captain Ravioli



Citi-Def Attacking

Citi-Def with Machine Gun


Citi-Def with Spug Gun

Sky Surfer Yogi

Mad Ma Mahaffy

Citizen (with Mutie baby)

Citizen (Citizen Hetfield)

Wrecker Charging

Wrecker Advancing


Don Helmut

Kneepad Jones

Jason Basin

Lorien Speck (Big Frank Zit)

Zuggy Spotz (Crazy Joseph)

One Eye Schumaen

Fuzz Gun

Bonehead Mcgraw


Spug Splatt

Theobald Wen



Chapman Pincher



Flinn Shaver

Slaughter Margin Scenario Miniatures

Bel (Slaughter Margin)

Vid Crew Camera (Slaughter Margin)

Vid Crew Sound (Slaughter Margin)

Yakusa (Slaughter Margin)

Mega Hound (Slaughter Margin)


Mutie in Dress

Brother Gomorrah

Three Eyes

Mr Fields


Mutie with Bazooka

Brother Jobee

Monkey Face

Two Heads

Squid Face


Rhode Island Red

Brother Obee

Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon


Pig Face Ugly

Flat Face Ugly

Ugly 10

Coming soon

Rogue Trooper

JD10 - Traitor General

Coming soon

Coming soon

Citadel Paranoia miniatures

Docbot with robot legs

Scrubot with robot legs

Jackobot with wheeled base

Coming soon

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