Saturday 16 February 2013

Space Amazon - RT601 - Adventurers

Hey, I am slowly updating the photos of some of my older posts and here is the first updated post, I hope you enjoy.

Here is today's first miniature from the RT601 - Adventurers range, a Space Amazon, see here also Rogue Trader Adventurers, Mercenaries, Pirates - Collectors Guide.

Space Amazon - front

Space Amazon - back

I am sure this model was based on John Blanche's 'Amazon' painting, my picture is taken from my Ratspike book.

John Blanche's 'Amazon'

She makes a great addition to an Inquisitorial warband and reminds me of characters from the Eisenhorn and Ravenor novels.  She is available to use whenever we play the W40K RPG Dark Heresy.

Another similar miniature is the LE15 - Chaos Amazon model another miniature based on another one of John Blanche's paintings, this time 'Amazon Gothique' which was featured on the front cover of White Dwarf 79, it was a limited edition miniature and shared it's blister pack with 'The Warlock' from the cover of the Fighting Fantasy magazine 10.

And here is my painted version of Amazon Gothique or Chaos Amazon (LE15).

LE15 Chaos Amazon - front

LE15 Chaos Amazon - back

John Blanche's 'Amazon Gothique'

Amazons from Ratspike and White Dwarf 82

The evolution of the Amazon miniature produced by Citadel Miniatures and as you can see below the Realm of Chaos era Champion of Slannesh shares many attributes of the original Amazon.

Amazons over the years

** Update September 2017 **

A nice new version of Amazon Gothique for a Necromunda 2017 advert, just artwork at the moment, shame if it ever comes out it will be made in plastic :(

Amazon Gothique for the new age
** Update April 2018 **

And here with have it the new Necromunda Amazon

** Update January 2019 ** my version of Belladonna - Noble Bounty Huntress

Belladonna - Noble Bounty Huntress

This next miniature is also worth a special mention, available at Hasslefree Miniatures sculpted by Kev White, she named 'Jenova' and as you see below definately draws influence from Amazon Gothique.

Last one for now, another Amazon Gothique tribute by Geoff Solomon-Sims of Oakbound Studios.

Other Amazons spotted

Apparently she was coming to AoS once upon a time

There are a couple more painted versions of this miniature here and here.

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  1. Thanks for deciding to share your collection of classic models! I'm also a big fan of the old Rogue Trader and Realms of Chaos games and miniatures, and it's great to see other's take on these great models.