Tuesday 19 February 2013

Astropath Yerl - RT601 - Adventurers

Hi, my miniature for today is Astropath Yerl another miniature from RT601 Adventurers set, you can see this miniature depicted in one of the illustrations for the Imperial Bodyguard miniature, see post below.  If you look at some of the more modern citadel/gw scupts i.e Imperial Guard Regimental Advisors you will notice that the newer Astropaths haven't really strayed away from the original concept unlike nearly all the other W40K designs.

My painted version .

Astropath Yerl - front

Astropath Yerl - back

Astropath Yerl onboard a mysterious space hulk searching for arcane psychic artifacts.

Hope you like


  1. The Space Crusade background is a great idea. I will be stealing that. Nice Astropath by the way.

  2. Hey Paul, Well spotted, I am still struggling with the photographic elements of running a blog but I guess with practice I will get better, I shall be having a mooch in the loft for more terrain for photos.