Saturday 9 February 2013

Nurgle Chaos Champion

Something a bit different today, here is a Nurgle chaos champion I painted to be a cult leader, you know the sort of thing something for our Dark Heresy characters to hunt down in game, etc, etc.  A great miniature from the classic Realm of Chaos range, he represents a Nurgle chaos champion with the gift of technology, you needed to be lucky and roll 866-880 on a D1000 for technology on the attribute table while generating a champion to lead your warband (see Orlygg's blog for the attribute table and more, I strongly recommend his RoC site, hours of fun reading) which is funny as citadel made a ton of chaos champions with technology but the roll was so hard.

The citadel 'red' catalogue (1991 Catalogue - section 2) page for this miniature can be see here Champions of Nurgle interestingly it looks like 3 miniatures were made from this base 'dolly' this one 'pistol and sword, another with 'bell staff and sword and the last 'fly mutation and axe', I am a bit miffed as I sold the other two on eBay years ago and wish i hung onto them as the fly mutation is so cool.

Chaos Champion of Nurgle - front

Chaos Champion of Nurgle - back


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