Saturday, 16 February 2013

Genestealer Magus

Hello friends of the blog, Today's miniature is a Genestealer Magus, see the Genestealer guide over on Collecting Citadel Minatures wiki, now I have got to admit White Dwarf magazines 114-116 sent me Genestealer mental, the illustrations, background and painted cult army were the coolest thing going at the time, I had to have them so I purchased loads of them, built a cult army added Cultist Imperial Guard, Chaos Beastmen and I even converted Genestealers holding Daemon weapons.  A few months ago I got ten Genestealer Hybrid miniatures out the loft stripped with Dettol not my usual method but I am not using Nitromors in my lovely new sink, prepped and had a go at painting them, here is the first one. I have loads finshed to show you soon but I am hoping to do a whole blog post on these guy's.

Here is one of my Hybrid/traitor guard conversions to wet your appetite.

I hope you like


  1. Awesome! These guys are fearsome opponents. I have only seen a genestealer cult in a game once, in a cult vs imperial guard battle I took part in during the mid 90s. I was impressed by their combination of firepower and hand to hand units. Will you ever field these guys in 40k?

  2. Hey Ork Lord, I did battle a Genestealer cult army back in the early 90's but not since, I don't think I will ever paint enough to field an Army nowadays I have painted 7 of 10 and am bored already, I have 3 more half done to finsh, although I have just finished painted a running Patriarch and a RT Tyranid too but I really want to concentrate on finishing the adventurers set.

  3. The conversion looks great. I last used my Hybrids as a Psyker battle squad from the Imperial Guard codex and a converted Magos as a Primaris Psyker back in 2009. pictures of the hybrids and the Magos are here on my blog

    1. Thanks for posting dude, you some really nice miniatures there, they look fairly complete, I do remember the cracking citadel journal article, I think the cult army will 'officially' be back soon.



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