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Tuesday 8 March 2016

Chainsword Warrior

Hello Friends, I dropped by my local Games Workshop Birmingham UK the other day to take a look at the new Deathwatch Overkill miniatures as I found the Chaos Cultists sculpts in the Warhammer 40K Dark Vengeance were a bit of a let down so once bitten twice shy, I am happy to say that although not perfect they are much better, I then asked the duty manager of the shop to indulge me and  take a photo of yours truly holding the gigantic Chainsword displayed in the shop window, I was surprised that he said he had never handled the Chainsword before as if I worked there I would be swinging it around all the time. You cannot knock the customer service you get at Games Workshop stores and this post is a thumbs up to those people (although they have no clue about the Oldhammer miniatures I talk about when asked what I am working on). It is a great shame the footfall is falling but I blame the product, super overpriced and well out of pocket money range, sadly miniature collecting is no longer where the teenage paperboy can afford to spend his hard earned money.

Please enjoy this photo of me before I go about shredding the heresy littering the walls, I came out with some new brushes at an extortionate cost so it works out about even. :D


Monday 29 July 2013

Moving House or not

Hi Friends,
I must apologise for the recent lack of posts on my blog but I was completely snowed under packing all my belongings for my house move next month, I have been a fan of miniature gaming since the age eleven so as you can imagine I have had thirty years to acquire a lot of stuff, I shuddered when I first inspected my loft and realised it would take weeks to clear. 

*Update* The house moved never happened I sold it then cancelled, the pressure of the whole event lead to me breaking up with my long term partner so I am sitting here in a painting room stacked to the ceiling of boxes of classic gaming stuff, I still aiming to attend the Oldhammer event as I am fully booked for everything and only have one more miniature to paint for the RoC warband event and a squad of marines or renegades for the RT event.

I did want to show the throng of boxes packed with all sorts of goodness inside before the move but now the are stacked up neatly and are definitely not going back up the loft to be forgotten again.

No condolences please I am in doing OK and in a good place can't wait to meet all the guys I do not know in person this August, I shall try and post something worthy soon just having a brief hiatus, don't write me off sometimes real life gets in the way.


Sunday 7 April 2013

Guess what came in the post?

Hey Friends,
If you said RT adventurers you guessed wrong, please enjoy this photos of me suffering a hangover after Friday nights Rammstein tribute gig pulling my best chaos thug face, I picked up these two babies for a steal at  RoC StD £39 and RoC tLatD $31 (plus outrageous US import duty), I just had to do it as I sold my tobacco stained pair for £80ish each 5 years ago, I regretted the day I sold my old ones to make a raise for a decorator to come in.

Me pulling a 'camp' chaos thug pose holding my latest loot. (removed original photo as I am being spammed on this post)

Just got replace that hard earned cash now