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Thursday 17 September 2020

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 14

 Borag Thungg Earthlets, today we have two more scrotnig miniatures from the 1985 citadel Judge Dredd miniatures range, as usual these miniatures are from the JD3 Perps and Muties code. I really enjoyed restoring and painting these two.

Jaxon Prince and Shojan

First up is 'Jaxon Prince' a character who appeared in 2000AD Prog 513 (14/03/1987) in the Judge Dredd story 'The Comeback', obviously you can tell from the name and the miniature who is it supposed to be a parody of, in the story they revive Jaxon from his cryogenic tank where he is little more than a mindless zombie and that's all I am going to tell you, you can read the full story here, if you are like me and got rid of all your ancient 2000AD comics you can pick the story in the Judge Dredd Complete Case Files 10. 

I got this miniature from a solid seller and believed it to be mint condition until I had undercoated it and was well into the basecoat there I discovered a massive hole in his face and body after a close inspection and looking at someone else's copy I came to the conclusion that the mold for this miniature must of had problems, it's not the first or last time I'll come across this type of thing anyway the miniature required some restoration on the face and body, using greenstuff I was able to rebuild the face, tongue, cheek and fill the body adding new buttons to his tunic now I am no sculptor but I think the results are pretty good take a closer look. As for paint job I went for full on Thriller zombie skin tones. Also this miniature does have a variant in the 1985 Citadel Miniatures Dr Who range DW9 Time Lord 5, there are a few crossovers between these ranges that I have previously discussed here.

Jaxon prince - front

Jaxon Prince - back

The Comeback 2000AD Prog 513

Lastly we have a fan favourite 'Shojan' from the story 'The Warlord' 2000ad Prog 451-455, this miniature also appeared as 'Aritomo'  a Slaughter Margin campaign miniature, Shojan lets his magic giant samurai wreak havoc on Mega City 1 until the Mega City Judges deal with him, I was going to get some 54mm Del Prado samurai figures and recreate the scene with Shojan leading against some Judges but the painting queue is building up so this idea is on the back burner.  Paint job Shojan appeared in several colours depending on who coloured the covers, etc I went for red and yellow as he appeared in the centrespread of the comic.

Shojan - front

Shojan - back

Shojan the Warlord of Ji

Shojan in his red and yellow garb which influenced my choice of colours

I'll probably do the last of the perps in a couple of months time so stay tuned

Saturday 8 August 2020

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 13 or Once Upon a Time in the Oldworld

Howdy, today I bring you Oldhammer Cowboy and Indians, this post started off as lets paint some more Judge Dredd perps and developed into a look into some of the early Citadel Miniatures influenced by the western film genre.

Cowboy and Indians

First up we have 'Running Sore' this miniature was tagged as Medicine Man and is a 1987 Slaughter Margin Judge Dredd RPG campaign miniature, a variant or revisit of the C Series 1985 C07 Ranger 'Scout', this miniature confused me as the slotta tag looked original and not your usual Citadel recycle, revisited miniatures tags tended to have a small lead plate on top of the old name, this had me thinking was it resculpted as a potential 1986 C03 Cleric a year later, Scout was released in 1985 and the later 'Medicine Man' now has loads of feathers about his person, has lost his bow, tomahawk axe and now carries a big mace the weapon of a cleric but not a weapon of a plains indians that I know of, I thought I would chuck that out there as I do.

Running Sore or Medicine Man

Running Sore - front

Running Sore or Medicine Man - back

Next we have 'Snake in the Grass' another 1987 Slaughter Margin miniature, a cool looking Indian chieftain wearing a headdress and with what I can only describe as a tomahawk on steroids, I did a lot of searching on this one as I did not believe he was an original sculpt, I think the base miniatures were either F3 Barbarian 'Blood' or F3 Barbarian ' Freca Foulbreath'.
Snake in the Grass - front
Snake in the Grass - back
Snake in the Grass - side

Next is 'Brave' also another 1987 Slaughter Margin miniature and the last Judge Dredd perp of this post, you got 6 of this miniature on the original offer sheet, a simple miniature, the jury is out on whether I think it is a resculpt or not.  **Update** Mystery solved, thanks to Axiom of the illustrious magpieandoldlead blog who pointed out on the comments below that the Brave is a resculpt of Zuggy Spotz/Crazy Joseph, he is in my cabinet and starring me in the face so I took a couple of comparison shots and uploaded them below, I have a spare of Zuggy so he may be getting the western treatment very soon. 
Brave - front

Brave - back

Brave and Zuggy Spotz/Crazy Joseph - front comparison

Brave and Zuggy Spotz/Crazy Joseph - back comparison

Following on we have 'Sacred Bull' a C Series 1986 C03 Cleric, while I was painting the Slaughter Margin perp miniatures it got me thinking which other Citadel miniatures might fit this group so I climbed into the loft for a mooch and came out with several western themed miniatures.  He appears to be a medicine man adorned with strange ornamental armour and a big stone club, no pointy weapons for a cleric and all that, he was fun to paint.

Sacred Bull - front
Sacred Bull - back

Next we have 'Hawkeye the Scout' a C Series 1985 C07 Ranger listed and tagged as Scout and appeared as a named character in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Second Edition campaign pack 'Blood on the Streets' or as know to many 'The Riding', we played this campaign to death over the six weeks school holiday as kids, it was loose and benefited from a Games Master as it was so RPG, the stats say he is skilled in the use of the longbow but the bow on the miniature is clearly a short bow, I still have John the Trapper too, the C07 Ranger range was full of character.
Hawkeye the Scout
Hawkeye the Scout - front
Hawkeye the Scout - side
Hawkeye the Scout - back

C Series Rangers about to be liberated from their HOTT Lurkers base 
Running Sore and Hawkeye Scout - front comparison
Running Sore and Hawkeye Scout - back comparison
Hawkeye the Scout character stats

Finally we come to 'Bounty Hunter' another C Series 1985 C07 Ranger, well this one needs no introduction, the 'Uomo senza nome' or the 'Man with No Name' a homage to Clint Eastward in all those great spaghetti westerns we know and love. I am not the greatest painter but I did do my homework and put the effort into his poncho using references from my favourite appearance of his. The Handbow is a nice touch and I am sure he is quick at drawing it.

Bounty Hunter - front

Bounty Hunter - back

The man with no name

A repo of the original poncho but as you can see from the photo above there is a lot more going on

I have identified a few more 1980's Citadel Miniatures that would fit with this group nicely so in a couple of months I may dig them out and add them to the group.

I do recall seeing other America Indian influenced Citadel Miniatures made 5-10 years after the miniatures above like the Deathwing, Necromunda Ratskins and Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers 'Shiv' so maybe it was a theme that someone on the Games workshop design team enjoyed at the time.

The 1980's and early 90's was a wonderful time for us thrash metaller's, you had the hair rockers with their Bon Jovi 'Wanted', Young Gun's movies and dream catcher tattoos but we had Joey Belladonna's Anthrax to tell us America Indian history, War Dance!!!!! enjoy!

If I have offended anyone by my use of the word Indians instead of 'Native America', it's the Warhammer world peeps I have no idea where America might be in the Oldworld it should be above Lustria but that looks like Outer Mongolia to me, many indigenous people or first nations of the world still refer to themselves as Indians especially the American Indian Peoples, I omitted the word 'Red' before Indians as I now understand it can be seen as derogatory as I would never wish to insult anyone I recognize them.

thanks for visiting hope you enjoyed this post.

Monday 22 June 2020

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 12

Borag Thungg, Earthlet, Today we have more citadel Judge Dredd miniatures many of which actually featured in the 2000AD comic's golden age Judge Dredd strips. A lot of today's miniatures are during Bob Naismith's head swap era some worked others not so much. 

My latest perp paint jobs all together

The first miniature today is 'Chimichunga' and I am really pleased how this one turned out, her variant is the JD10/11 Rogue Trooper 'Venus Bluegenes', I really enjoyed painting this one and twitter followers pointed out her likeness to Madonna although I was going for Gaga :D She makes an excellent generic Sci-Fi character and could appear as ships crew think Nostromo, deep south Nazi post apocalyptic renegade or Imperial Army female squad leader, I could roll with this for hours all of the scenarios I could use her in.

Chimichunga - front

Chimichunga - back

'Belcharo' was the name on the original advert but I think that was a typo or typeface problem but if you examine the tag on this miniature it reveals the true name and character 'Belchard' this character appeared in the Judge Dredd story 'The Witness' Prog 500 .

**Spoiler Alert - stop reading now!** 

...the character was a mentally disturbed perp with a split personality disorder know as 'Prunella Belchard' or 'Keef' when murdering, a super strong amazon masseuse Grace Jones lookalike and at the time when she was massively infamous for beating up tv presenters which the popular media found fascinating and in true 2000AD fashion they did some sort of parody of her which found it way into miniature.  Now in my opinion the miniature really doesn't do this lady justice, and the comic drawings echo that, many paint jobs of this miniature I have seen are as a fat white bloke with a crowbar which is a shame as this one appears in Judge Dredd lore.

I also must bring to your attention that the LE6 Space Santa released on February 1986 and sculpted by Bob Naismith is a variant of this miniature, it could be possible Santa came first but Belchard tag date is older but I am still undecided as I know casting and release does not mean when was it sculpted and there are lots of examples of this across my blog.

Belchard - front

Belchard - back

Belchard and LE6 Space Santa

Mad Jack, a variant made up of Pa Angel's body, One Eye Schumaen the organ legger's head, this is a cracking little miniature, very characterful and would make an excellent cursed earth desperado.

Mad Jack - front

Mad Jack - back

Head and body swaps are common in the Judge Dredd range, this line up could extend a lot further

Ratex is a odd miniature anatomically his arms would probably reach the floor, he makes a decent regular perp though, he is another head swap and has Pa Angels head with Blaster Bellamy's body.

Ratex - front

Ratex - back

Chester Zermal, I had a good time painting this miniature, he looks like he is out for a run so I went for garish running leggings and a vest although there is no way he'll outrun Dredd's heatseeker round. His variant is the 'Dead Perp' which is in my paint queue but really lacklustre as it's just Chester cut of his tab with no gun.

Chester Zermal - front

Chester Zermal- back

Next up is 'Spit Gun Suzi', I own two different versions of this miniature one with a short nozzle on the gun pictured and the other long one, I think the may have been lost in the blister pack process even the original advert leaves it open to debate as it has a short one, it may have eventually failed in the molds and was filled in by the caster. I painted the variant 'Judge Pike' a long time ago.

Spit Gun Suzi - front

Spit Gun Suzi - back

Spit Gun Suzi and Judge Pike

Next up we have a character who is up there in Judge Dredd infamy 'Gestapo Bob Harris' originally drawn by the legendary Brian Bolland, he first appeared in the Judge Dredd story 'Punks Rule' Prog 110, Bob lead the Cosmic Punks, after Dredd deals with him and his gang they reappear as members of the Doomsday Dogs in Father Earth Prog 122, no more spoilers to be told here.

Bob also appeared in the appeared in the 1982 Judge Dredd board game which we played to death as teenagers, the art and quality of the game was a major factor here.

As for variants his head was used on the Judge Dredd miniature 'Zodiac' and his body on 'Squid' who are painted below.

Gestapo Bob Harris - front

Gestapo Bob Harris - back

Gestapo Bob Harris and Squid

Pepe, this one reminds of the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's lead singer Anthony Kiedis that is all, a simple head swap of his variant the Mutie Squid face.

Pepe - front

Pepe - back

Squid Face and Pepe

Zodiac, hate this miniature, poorly executed head swap and I can't place the really odd body at the moment but I will.

Zodiac - front

Zodiac - back

Bellamy, a head swap of mutie 'Monkey Face' body and 'Two Heads' head

Bellamy - front

Bellamy - back

Bellamy and Monkey Face

Lepuka, this one was ok to paint but again it's a simple head swap with three eyes with Jason basin head, the head is class sculpt influenced by Ron Smiths art.

Lepuka - front
Lepuka - back

Jason Basin, Lepuka and Three Eyes

Squid a variant of Gestapo Bob Harris with a hideously sculpted head, I did not enjoy painting this miniature but had to for completeness, he might have Belchard's face in cut and paste fashion.

Squid - front

Squid - back

Not many more perps to do and then that's the range hopefully have them all finished by the close of 2020.

Next post some more classic Rogue Trader stuff.

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