Saturday 19 March 2016

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 1

Borag Thungg, Earthlet,
The 2000AD comic has always been close it my heart and most nights I wind down in bed reading one of the collected works books from the likes of Titan or Rebellion books, so this week I went through the myriad of undercoated miniatures I have queued up and dug out some citadel Judge Dredd miniatures. I tried to keep to my  previous cartoony style of painting these miniatures trying to emulate the colour and feel of the comic strips although I did take a little more time on the faces.

Firstly we have Link Angel, a member of the Angel Gang described by Mean as "too dumb to know how bad he is".

Link Angel
Link Angel - front
Link Angel - back

Next up we have his brother crazed cyborg Mean ‘Machine’ Angel, another of the Angel Gang and arch enemy of Judge Dredd, for such a simple character with only one real gimmick the head butt, he has entertained us for years in 2000AD stories. This miniature is based Mean’s first outing in the ‘The Judge Child Quest’ where is left arm is blasted off by Judge Dredd in prog 178.

Mean Machine Angel
Mean Machine Angel - front
Mean Machine Angel - Back

Drew is a NPC from the Judge Dredd RPG adventure supplementSlaughter Margin’, the miniature is a variant of the Perp Rizlo Butty, variant miniatures were a common feature of the Judge Dredd range and many of the miniatures were used as base models for the Rogue Trader Imperial Army range as well as citadel other ranges.

Drew (Slaughter Margin NPC)
Drew - front
Drew - back

Mek, another character from the ‘Slaughter Margin’ adventure, this miniature eventually made it's way into the Rogue Trader Imperial Army blisters and appeared on the second Rogue Trader flyer as an Imperial Assault trooper accompanied by a Robodog another Slaughter Margin NPC.  This one is a real ugly resculpt and it appears to be based on an old C100 Rogue Trader marine which one is still yet to be identified.

Rogue Trader Imperial Assault Trooper (Mek) & Robo-Dog (Mega-Hound)

Mek (Slaughter Margin NPC)

Mek - front
Mek - back

Judge Pike, a variant of the Spit Gun Suzi Perp miniature, She wields a Lawgiver mark 1 which any Dredd fan knows for a Perp that is very unwise so I assume she is a member of the Wally squad, whacky dressed to fit in with the futsies of Mega-city one 

Judge Pike

If anyone has a PDF copy of the Slaughter Margin adventure I would be very happy to hear from you, I don’t fancy tearing the loft apart looking for it.

Florix Grabundae for visiting, enjoy

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  1. Very nice mate - I love the old JD minis... sure, they aren't the greatest sculpts ever, but they have tons of charm and are very much 'of their time'. Lovely job :-)