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Tuesday 23 April 2013

Warband Progress Part 6

Hi Friends, more Chaos Thugs for my Khornate Warband, you have got to love the versatility of the Chaos Thug miniatures they could be used for lots of roles in cultists, mutants, horrors, post apocalyptic bandits, the list goes on. I love painting these miniatures they are all so different and were sculpted by a throng of different citadel staff of the times.

Chaos Thug Range: 0210, 0211, 0212, 0213, WD82

Korsitt Deathglare
(also listed as Mad Axe Martin on some catalogue pages but he doesn't have an axe?)


WIP - Secret Warband Guests

Chaos Goblins, If I ever warm to their disgustingness (is that a word?), they may end up being conscripted into my warband, well it is for FUN! 

The original advert can be seen here

On another note...
These latest audiobooks I have listened to while painting these last couple of weeks

Thorn and Thorn - - 3 short stories Can't say much about this one without giving the game away. Great naration and sound effects, it quite nice to hear the voices of the characters we know and love to read about.

Thorn and Talon (MP3)

Hyperion Cantos -

Space Opera extraordinaire you will not be disappointed, these are the most engrossing audiobooks I have listened to in years, truely epic.

Hyperion -

Hyperion | [Dan Simmons]

Fall of Hyperion -

The Fall of Hyperion | [Dan Simmons]

Endymion -

Endymion | [Dan Simmons]

The Rise of Endymion -

The Rise of Endymion | [Dan Simmons]