Monday, 25 February 2013

JD11 - Rogue Trooper

Hello, I am bit busy over the coming weeks decorating the house and reclaiming my old hobby room but I have managed to sneak onto the PC and post another classic miniature, today we have Rogue Trooper the GI (Genetic Infantryman), a staple of 2000AD's 1980's comic, I just had to give him a lick of paint.

The original 2000AD licensed range can be seen here: 2000AD Miniatures

I did notice that GW painted several of the Rogue Trooper miniatures as plain old humans in flesh tones in various publications and you can see Major Magnum painted as a human in the picture from the Rogue Trader rulebook in my Old World Jack post.

Here is my interpretation of Rogue.

Some of you may remember the Rogue Trooper Boardgame made when GW were still cool, I played it back day but have completely forgot how it played and sadly this is one I do not own.

The Rogue game counters, nice sculpts.

I hope you enjoy

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