Wednesday 6 March 2013

Genestealer Patriarch

Hey, apologies for the lack of updates but the house is in a right state as I have decorators in sorting out my new hobby room so painting is out of the question, everything is stored in cupboards and I am confined to the kitchen prepping and stripping miniatures. I can't wait to upload some pictures of the finished room which will be dedicated to miniature painting and other hobby related matters and hopefully I will be able to sneak bucket loads of Rogue Trader/Oldhammer stuff out of the loft and passed the missus.

Today's miniature is a running Genestealer Patriarch that I think was released towards the end of the Rogue trader era, I finished it last month. I am not the biggest fan of this miniature but I never purchased the more favoued Genestealer Patriarch on throne as I think it had sold out at the time, another painted version can be seen here on the Lexicanum site which I highly recommend.

The miniature looks like it was scuplted by Bob Olley to me but I am not 100%.

I painted this one up for our Dark Heresy/Deathwatch campaign but our Games Master went and sourced a more modern Broodlord from Ebay so it is now redundant for a while.

I love the Genestealer cult necklace it wears.

Genestealer Patriarch - front
Genestealer Patriarch - side

And here it is running amok around a Space Hulk.

On another note while painting miniatures is not an option for at least two weeks, I have been prepping Realm of Chaos miniatures hoping that I will be able to take part in the Oldhammer Realm of Chaos day at the Foundry.  Here is a picture of some of the Beastmen and Chaos Thugs I am hoping to choose from.

I have the next two days off work while the decorators are in so I am hoping to spray undercoat these miniatures in the greenhouse and on day two dettol strip another thirty chaos thugs and roughly the same number of chaos dwarves, I am hoping to get a good miniature foundation to choose from when it comes to seriously rolling a chaos champions warband, all drunken warband rolling efforts have been terrible so far so I thought I would sort out the miniature pool to choose from first. See Oldhammer and Orlygg's blog for more inspiration.



  1. Looking good...sounds like you have a lot of work in the pipeline. Best of luck with the new work space.

    ...and yes...that patriarch is an Olley sculpt.



    1. Hey Blue, I am glad you like, thanks for the confimation, I will upload some photos when it is done

  2. Nice work! Always great to see an old model like that Patriarch coming to life.

    1. Thanks Tim, I am still working on my photo quality hopefully it will get better :D

  3. You've got a good basis of models to draw from there. Are you intending to go down the purist route like Erny and myself, or branch out?

  4. Hey Orlygg, If I am understanding you correctly I am going down the purist route, I have no modern WFB minitures they are all 1980's releases some preslotta too, I am stripping stuff I painted back then as I have ebayed all the unpainted RoC stuff I had.
    I have boxes and boxes of stuff in the loft so far I have found to be stripped the following
    30+ Chaos Thugs
    30+ Chaos Dwarves
    20+ Chaos Beastmen
    20+ Chaos Marauders
    20+ Chaos Warriors
    Palanquin of Nurgle
    Chaos Dwarf Tenderizer
    Chaos Dwarf Whirlwind
    4 Chaos Centaurs
    various Chaos Cavalry, fiends and stuff
    50+ Skaven
    10 Chaos Goblins
    Ogres, Minotaurs and Chaos Spawn
    Chaos Sorcerors
    Daemonettes and Plaguebearers
    More to be discovered I shall make another sortie after the weekend.

    Not sure what you mean by branch out, if you mean more modern or other manufacturers for the games, not me I will be aiming for a warband in the spirit of the RoC book.

    Once I finish the warband I will then work on tidying up an old RT marine squad or painting a fresh RT renegade squad for Coops game.

  5. I've had that mini sat waiting for paint since....... 1990? I am a bad Genestealer Daddy....

    1. Hi Dai, bow you head in shame, I am calling social services, hehe thanks for viewing